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Amid Confusion About Rules, Indian Crypto Community Pushes for Regulatory Sandbox

> The proposed interface would pool information from exchanges and providers, and funnel it to regulators and governing councils via an application programming interface, or API.
Five Eyes governments, India, and Japan make new call for encryption backdoor

> The Five Eyes alliance, comprised of the US, the UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, have made similar calls to tech giants in 2018 and 2019
International Statement: End-To-End Encryption and Public Safety

> consultation with governments and other stakeholders to facilitate legal access in a way that is substantive and genuinely influences design decisions
Call me Ishmael

> This report examines the concept of brainwallets and in which contexts they may be useful. As an experiment eight Bitcoin private keys were created, using passphrases from popular works of fiction and other media. All the funds were swept away in a short amount of time and in one case, remarkably, the funds were taken in around 0.67 seconds. The report concludes by arguing that brainwallets may not be a safe way to store coins, certainly not by using popular phrases in published works.
RTL v0.9.1-beta released

- UTXOs list [LND]
- Active HTLCs list on the Channels page [LND]
- LOOP v0.9.0 support
- Force channel close support [C-Lightning]
Spain plans bill to force disclosure of crypto-currency holdings

> The new regulations will form part of a broader package of legislation aimed at cracking down on tax fraud, she said after the weekly cabinet meeting
Stone Ridge Reveals $115 Million Bitcoin Investment As Part Of Billion-Dollar Spin-Off

> Stone Ridge Holdings Group revealed NYDIG is custodying 10,000 of the parent company’s bitcoin, valued at $115 million at today’s price.
Marathon Patent Group Announces Joint Venture with Beowulf Energy for 105-Megawatt Bitcoin Mining Data Center

> Marathon will deploy the 11,500 next generation S19 Pro Antminers (110 TH/s) it previously acquired through its partnership with Bitmain Inc. at the Data Center. These miners will generate 1.265 EH/s when fully deployed, with full deployment anticipated through Q2 2021. Currently, 500 of the S19 Pro Antminers have been delivered and deployed at the Data Center. The Data Center has the capacity to deploy up to 30,000 S19 Pro Miners that will generate 3.320 EH/s, providing Marathon with substantial opportunity for future expansion.

> The Data Center will lower Marathon’s aggregate mining cost for electricity and data center management to $0.034/kWh, which is 38% below the Company’s current cost of mining. This low-cost electricity reduces Marathon’s breakeven costs to produce Bitcoin from approximately $7,500 per Bitcoin today to $4,600 per Bitcoin...
Eclair v0.4.2 released

- keysend
- anchor outputs
- better plugin support
- bug fixes
DLC Private Key Management Part 1

> Discreet Log Contracts enable non-custodial speculation directly on top of the bitcoin blockchain. When protocols are non-custodial, it’s important for users to understand how private keys are handled in the protocol. With DLCs, there is the potential for millions of dollars to be sent to the winner. This blog post takes a rigorous look at the private keys involved in a Discreet Log Contract.
WORDS Bitcoin Journal September 2020

- Once Inflation Starts, It Won’t Be Contained
- Bitcoin as a Tool for Secession
- Different bitcoins different prices
- Tweet Thread: What is an xpub?
- Bitcoin is One for All
- The Patoshi Mining Machine
- Tweet Thread: PUELL’S 21 LAWS OF BITCOIN
- Map of the Bitcoin Network
- MPPs & Wumbo Channels: Optimizing Liquidity on the Lightning Network
- The Alchemy of Hashpower, Part II.
- Tweet Thread on the Lightning Network User Experience
- Bitcoin In The Institutional Investment Portfolio
- Things Bitcoiners Don’t Want To Hear
- Tweet Thread: Chad Money
- Why we may fail Lightning

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Fidelity - Bitcoin Investment Thesis: Bitcoin's Role As An Alternative Investment

> In the second part of our "Bitcoin Investment Thesis" series...we examine bitcoin's ability to provide optimization benefits in a portfolio.
Media is too big
Fidelity Crypto Privacy Conference 2020: Why Financial Privacy Matters for Human Rights

> Alex Gladstein | Chief Strategy Officer, Human Rights Foundation

Media is too big
Fidelity Crypto Privacy Conference 2020: Blockchain Surveillance

> Jonathan Levin | Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer, Chainalysis

Media is too big
Fidelity Crypto Privacy Conference 2020: Optimizing Bitcoin: Schnorr/Taproot

> Andrew Poelstra | Director of Research, Blockstream

Media is too big
Fidelity Crypto Privacy Conference 2020: Privacy In Cryptocurrencies Panel

> Moderator:

Sam Abbassi | Director, Blockchain Products | Fidelity Center for Applied Technology

> Panelists:

Matt Odell | Bitcoin & Privacy Advocate

Riccardo Spagni | Co-Founder, Tari Labs and maintainer of the Monero project

Tom Robinson | Co-Founder & Chief Scientist, Elliptic

JoinMarket v0.7.1 released

- BIP78 (Payjoin) receiver
- Transaction broadcast via peers
- Bug fixes
Bitcoin Optech #119

- LND security warning
- LN upfront payments discussion
- taproot bech32 addresses thread
- proposal for alternate way to secure LN payments
- signet PR Review Club
Introducing Trezor Suite Public Beta

- New desktop and web wallet that will eventually replace existing Trezor web wallet
Unchained Capital adds Coldcard support

> One of the principal benefits of Coldcard is its air-gapped functionality, which is why our integration with Coldcard only supports air-gapped signing.
MuSig2-Simple Two-Round Schnorr Multi-Signatures.pdf
837.1 KB
MuSig2: Simple Two-Round Schnorr Multi-Signatures

> we propose MuSig2, a novel and simple two-round multi-signature scheme variant of the MuSig scheme. Our scheme is the first multi-signature scheme that simultaneously i) is secure under concurrent signing sessions, ii) supports key aggregation, iii) outputs ordinary Schnorr signatures, iv) needs only two communication rounds, and v) has similar signer complexity as regular Schnorr signatures. Furthermore, our scheme is the first multi-signature scheme in the DL setting that supports preprocessing of all but one rounds, effectively enabling a non-interactive signing process, without forgoing security under concurrent sessions.