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SMS Service Provider Twilio Compromised

- Twilio handles communications for 150k+ corporate clients including Facebook and Uber
- Data collected by Twilio includes addresses, payment details, IP addresses, and in some cases proof of identity
CoinCenter: U.S. Treasury Sanction of Privacy Tools Places Sweeping Restrictions on All Americans

- sanctioned Tornado Cash smart contract is a tool, not a person
Tornado Cash Github Repo Taken Down, Lead Dev's Account Frozen

- the move follows the ethereum privacy tool being added to the US sanctions list earlier today
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Tropic Square Begins Production on Prototype For Open Source Chip to be Used In Bitcoin Hardware Wallets

- funded and led by the Trezor team
Motiv Inc. Launches 16 Circular Bitcoin Economies In Peru

- Motiv provides educational resources teaching underdeveloped communities how to use bitcoin to create their own economies
- The region has 80% smartphone penetration, making room for bitcoin adoption
A Joint Proposal by the SEC and the CFTC Would Require Large Hedge Funds to Report Cryptocurrency Exposure Through a Confidential Filing Known as Form PF

- applies to funds with more than $500M of net assets
Bitcoin Optech #212

- lowering the default tx relay feerate
- "Decouple validation cache initialization from ArgsManager" Review Club
BlackRock Launches Bitcoin Private Trust

- offers customers 'direct bitcoin exposure'
- blackrock is the largest asset manager in the world with over $10 trillion under management
Forwarded from Citadel Dispatch
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CD72: Privacy in Adversarial Environments with Tony and @sethforprivacy

BLOCK: 748880
PRICE: 4242 sats per dollar
TOPICS: sanctions on ethereum privacy tool Tornado Cash, lessons learned, moving forward
Block Hardware Wallet Team: Losing Your Keys Without Losing Your Coins

- "As we continue building our bitcoin wallet, we’re excited about ways we can make self-custody more accessible to a wider audience, especially by finding easy ways to recover when something goes wrong."
Data Breach at Email Communication Provider Klaviyo Exposes Customer Details of 44 Companies, Including Swan

- first name, email, IP-based geolocation data of customers stolen
Casa Discloses Data Breach of the Casa Store

- leaked data includes names, emails, phone numbers, shipping and billing addresses, and product(s) ordered
Announcing Vinteum: Supporting Bitcoin Development in Brazil

- will train and fund open source developers to work on Bitcoin and the Lightning Network
Tornado Cash Activity: $62 million has been withdrawn post-sanctions, corresponding to around 15% of the value locked in Tornado Cash.
CoinCenter: What is and what is not a sanctionable entity in the Tornado Cash case

- by treating autonomous code as a “person” OFAC exceeds its statutory authority
Bitmain and Antpool Partner with Antalpha to Offer Low Cost Loans for Equipment and Resource Costs

- Bitmain and Antpool will provide proprietary data to the lender in order to evaluate risk
US Bans Export of Tech Used in 3nm Chip Production

- rule will ban the export of two ultra-wide bandgap semiconductor materials, as well as some types of electronic computer-aided design (ECAD) technology and pressure gain combustion (PGC) technology
New US Privacy Law May Give Telecoms Free Pass on $200 Million Fines

- wiping out $200 million worth of fines from a major location-data selling scandal