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Wladimir J. van der Laan: The widening gyre

> Recent events have made me reflect on a few things in my life I was already thinking about for a while. Also, responses on social media have made me realize that people have strange expectations from me, and what my role in the Bitcoin Core project is.
BitMEX's bitcoin balance has dropped more than 60% since March 2020

> Those holdings were 117,510 BTC (~$3.8 billion) as of January 17, 2021, according to available data.
Was there a Bitcoin double-spend on Jan 20, 2021?

> Since the media is quick to pick up on terms like “double-spend”, I think we should be careful not to use it when none of the heuristics point toward a double spend in the harmful sense having taken place. Instead, I would suggest saying “a transaction has been invalidated”, which has a much broader meaning and includes the many ways a user might deliberately cancel a transaction.
OKCoin To Integrate Lightning Network

> It expects the integration to be complete in three to four weeks.
SLP245 - helping Bitcoin migrate to a multi-layer ecosystem

> Wiz and Simon of the project join me to talk about how Bitcoin is evolving over time into a multi layered system. is a block visualizer and explorer that helps users target their fee levels and more.
MicroStrategy and Bitcoin: the Mother of All Fat Tails?

- Bill Miller's Income Strategy 4Q 2020 Letter
At Least One Key Huobi Executive Is In Custody in China: Sources

> The two people, including COO Jiawei Zhu, were taken by the police in November and December 2020, respectively. Trading on the exchange is not affected because the police are investigating a case related to the Huobi’s separate OTC trading business, said these sources, which include former employees close to Huobi’s core team members and industry executives with direct knowledge about the matter.
Bitcoin Core 0.21.0 — NADO 24

> In this episode of “The Van Wirdum Sjorsnado,” hosts Aaron van Wirdum and Sjors Provoost discuss the newly released Bitcoin Core 0.21.0. Bitcoin Core 0.21.0 is the 21st and latest major release of the Bitcoin Core software, the oldest and most important Bitcoin node implementation, which is often also regarded as the reference implementation for the Bitcoin protocol.
Registration statement filed for new bitcoin exchange-traded fund from Valkyrie

> The registration statement represents the latest effort in a years-long push to create and list a bitcoin ETF in the United States. In the final days of December, asset manager VanEck renewed its efforts to launch such a product, as previously reported.
Rabbit Hole Recap: Bitcoin Week of 2021.01.18

- Bitcoin week in review with Marty Bent and Matt Odell.
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An Empirical Analysis of Privacy in the Lightning Network

> This paper presents a thorough analysis of the privacy offered by the Lightning Network, by presenting several attacks that exploit publicly available information about the network in order to learn information that is designed to be kept secret, such as how many coins a node has available or who the sender and recipient are in a payment routed through the network.
Bitstamp implements tighter KYC measures for crypto withdrawals in the Netherlands

> "Before you can withdraw crypto from Bitstamp to an outside address, you have to add that address to your whitelist and provide a photo that proves it really is your address," Bitstamp recently told Dutch users.
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Nasdaq-listed Marathon Patent Group buys $150 million worth of bitcoin as part of the company's treasury reserves

> Nasdaq-listed Marathon Patent Group announced Monday that it has purchased around 4,813 bitcoin for about $150 million in total.
SLP246 Mandrik - Earning Bitcoin Will Change Your Life

> Have you wondered whether you should work in the Bitcoin industry or otherwise earn Bitcoin? Listen to this episode where Mandrik, OG Bitcoiner from 2011 joins me to share his stories of earlier days in Bitcoin.
Grayscale is matching donations to Coin Center up to $1 million

> Grayscale Investments, the world’s largest digital currency asset manager, has made an incredibly generous donation of $1 million to support Coin Center’s policy advocacy mission. In addition to that, Grayscale has offered to match any donations made through February, up to an additional $1 million.
Vietnamese bitcoin exchange VBTC adds lightning & batched segwit withdrawals

> VBTC allows its users to deposit/withdraw money from any domestic bank account in Vietnam while also offering deposit/withdrawal services in various major cities across the country in order to serve the unbanked clientele which has to rely on cash for survival.
Bitcoin Donations to Navalny Surge After Russian Opposition Leader Is Jailed

> almost 3.7 BTC, worth about $119,600 at press time, which is nearly three times as much as for the first two weeks of January.
Blockstream Green Bitcoin Wallets Now Using CheckSequenceVerify Timelocks

> If you already use a Bitcoin 2-of-2 account (the default account used by most users), your funds will be secured by a mixture of nLocktime and CSV for a while. Any new funds you receive will be on CSV, and existing funds will be migrated from nLockTime to CSV as you spend them.