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Announcing Lightning Terminal: Your Home for Lightning Liquidity

> Today we’re releasing a new browser-based, self-hosted dashboard for Lightning Labs products: Lightning Terminal. Initially, Lightning Terminal is focused on making it easier to manage channels using Lightning Loop.

Coldcard Firmware v3.1.8 released

- Speedier Input
- Delete PSBTs
- Current XFP fingerprint on "Ready To Sign"
- File names on SD Card now sorted
- Can now show SHA256 for SD files
- BIP85 support on Mk2
- PSBT improved error msgs

Cash App generated $875 million of bitcoin revenue and $17 million of bitcoin gross profit during the second quarter of 2020, up 600% and 711% year over year, respectively.

Specter v0.6.0 released

- one-click executables
- batch transactions
- full backup and restore
- dynamic Tor hidden service management
- wallet overview page
Wasabi Wallet v1.1.12 released

- connectivity improvements
- PayJoin support
- Hardware wallet compatibility updates
- Bitcoin Knots v0.20.0
Bitcoin Optech #109

- new Minsc policy language
- transcribed talks and conversations
- C-Lightning v0.9.0, Bitcoin Core v0.20.1, LND v0.11.0-beta.rc1
- notable changes to popular Bitcoin infrastructure projects
BTCPay Server v1.0.5.4 released

- Wallet UX improvements
- Manage store UX improvements
- Seed creation UX improvements
- Add filtering to payment requests
- Notification for new updates
- Can sort apps list by store name, name or app type

Ledger: Updating the Bitcoin App to Enhance Security – Response to Monokh’s Disclosure

> Today, we are releasing a new version of the Bitcoin app, as well as its derivatives. Version 1.4.6 is now available for the Ledger Nano X and the Ledger Nano S to implement countermeasures against a specific vulnerability, which we’d like to give more information on.

RaspiBlitz v1.6 released

- IP2TOR & LetsEncrypt Subscriptions
- JoininBox
- Thunderhub
- Fraday
- Balance of Satoshis

Introducing Marco Falke: OKCoin’s Fourth Developer Grant Recipient

> As a Bitcoin maintainer and the most active contributor to the Bitcoin code since 2017, Marco is presently dedicated to the improvement of Bitcoin’s test infrastructure, which ensures the reliability and security of the decentralized network.

BlueWallet Desktop Alpha Wallet released for Mac
Casa has added the ability to buy bitcoin in their iphone app through a partnership with Wyre

- Deposited directly into non-custodial casa wallet
- $.30 per transaction + 2.9% for US cards (or 3.9% for international cards)
- Each purchase also includes a mining fee, since this is a real on-chain transaction
- Current purchase limits:
- $250/day
- $1,500 total before additional KYC is required

Spark Lightning Wallet v0.2.15 released

- Compatibility with c-lightning v0.9.0
- Multi-part payments
- Display of destination & description for outgoing payments
Bisq v1.3.7 released

- Clean up TOR status icon
- Fix popup window ordering problem
- Tweak popup text and trade rules for USPMO payment method
- Improve input validation of delayed deposit tx
- Fix NullPointerException in transactions csv report
- Change IP for local node connection to Loopback address
- Warn that seed phrase is not a data backup
Whirlpool + Postmix Spending FAQ

- What is Whirlpool
- Brief description of how it works and the different implementations
- Fees, SCODES + Whirlbot
- Common WP questions
- Postmix tool explainers and tips