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Compact Block Filters Deep Dive (BIP 158)

- A technical explanation of the workings of compact block filters and Golomb-Rice Coding
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Bitcoin rewards provider, Fold, partners with the AR firm behind the popular Pokemon Go app, Niantic Labs, to offer a new AR sats seeking experience

- "Every 10 minutes a new block will spawn around you, accumulate as much bitcoin as possible"
Gemini Sponsors Bitcoin Core Maintainer Michael Ford (Fanquake)
LND v.0.14.0 is incompatible with eclair and c-lightning

- channel openings between lnd and other implementations fail
- fix planned for lnd v0.14.1
The Liberland Aid Foundation donated over an entire bitcoin to the Benjamin Bloom National Children's Hospital in El Salvador
Ledger adds support for PSBTs, Taproot, and Multisig
MicroStrategy has purchased an additional 7002 bitcoin for $414.4M at an average price of $59187 per bitcoin. As of 11/29/21 they hold 121044 bitcoin acquired for $3.57B at an average price of $29,534 per bitcoin.
Silent Link privacy focused eSIM provider adds support for US numbers

- easy prepaid burner phone numbers
- no identity information required
- pay with bitcoin
This Month In Bitcoin Privacy: October 2021

- FATF Travel Rule Updates
- The State of Lightning
- A Future Under Central Bank Digital Currency
- Privacy Tools Adds Bitcoin Wallets
- Financial Sovereignty Through Mining
Bitcoin Optech #177

- recently fixed interoperability issue between different LN software
- LND v0.14.1-beta release
Bitcoin Node Maker nodl Launches Lightning-Only Product with a focus on developing countries

- Merchants using nodl light will have full control over a dedicated Lightning node while benefiting from shared Bitcoin Core and payment processing resources hosted by nodl in their cloud infrastructure
Square Changes Name to Block, Days After CEO Jack Dorsey Leaves Twitter

- new name for financial-services company aligns with its chief’s interest in bitcoin
Square Crypto has rebranded to Spiral

- "this rebrand reflects their focus on bitcoin as it continues to grow like a spiral from a single point, encompassing more and more space until it touches everything"