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Trezor Suite v23.9.3: Simplified Bitcoin-only Firmware UI
Fedimint v0.1.0: First Official Fedimint Release
Alby Extension v3.2.1: Onchain Swaps, Bug Fixes, UI Improvements
BTCPay Server v1.11.5: Minor Features and Bug Fixes
ZapThreads: Threaded Comments Component Built on Nostr
Legends of Lightning Vol. 2 To Take Place on October 5 - December 17
Block 809000: Important News of the Week
Gossip v0.8.0: Zaps, DMs, New Relay UX & More
SimpleX Chat v5.3: Desktop App, Local File Encryption and Improved Groups
Gigsats v0.2.0: Bitcoin Marketplace for Freelance Services
MicroStrategy Acquired 5445 BTC for ~$147M By Issuing More Common Stock
Bitcoin Minecraft Server Satlantis Ordered to Shut Down Bitcoin Rewards Functionality After Distributing 1 BTC
eNuts v0.0.4-beta: Smoother, More Reliable Experience
NDK v1.3.0: Massive User Profile Speedup, Zap Slits & More
EXIT: Port Your X Data into Nostr