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Lightning Network focused startup Bottlepay has raised $15.5M in seed round. The company is now valued at over $70M.
Stephan Livera Podcast - SLP254 Dario Sneidermanis Muun Wallet

- Muun as a single unified bitcoin + lightning balance
- A different approach with mnemonics and backups
- Lightning and channel management
- Splicing
- Use in Argentina and elsewhere around the world
Blockstream Green adds end to end encryption to protect wallet metadata

> Since your data is encrypted with your recovery phrase, the Blockstream Green servers cannot know what’s inside it. Our implementation goes further, also preventing the service from maliciously modifying or presenting an old version of the blob without your wallet detecting it and warning you.
World's first bitcoin ETF, BTCC, is now holding 8288 bitcoin with 2251 bitcoin added yesterday.
Square Quarterly Q42020 Earnings

- CashApp users bought $4.57 billion bitcoin this year
- Square also bought 3318 bitcoin for its own reserves at a cost of $170M
- Combined with their previous purchase of 4709 bitcoin they now have roughly 5% of their total cash in bitcoin
MicroStrategy has purchased an additional ~19,452 bitcoin for ~$1.026 billion in cash at an average price of ~$52,765 per bitcoin. As of 2/24/2021, they hold ~90,531 bitcoin acquired for ~$2.171 billion at an average price of ~$23,985 per bitcoin.
Bitcoin Optech #137

- discussion about choosing activation parameters for a taproot
- questions & answers from the Bitcoin StackExchange
- changes to Bitcoin infrastructure software
LOT=true Or LOT=false? This Is The Last Hurdle Before Taproot Activation

> The code for Taproot, a proposed Bitcoin protocol upgrade for compact and privacy-preserving smart contracts, has been included in the most recent version of Bitcoin Core, currently the de-facto reference implementation for the Bitcoin protocol. The only remaining step is for the upgrade to activate on the Bitcoin network.
Forwarded from Citadel Dispatch
Media is too big
Citadel Dispatch e0.1.0 - Bitcoin Self Custody, Security, and Privacy with craigraw and econoalchemist

EPISODE: 0.1.0
BLOCK: 671870
PRICE: 2085 sats per dollar
TOPICS: Bitcoin Self Custody, Security, and Privacy
Hexa Wallet v1.4.5 released

- Buy Bitcoin with Apple Pay, Debit/Credit Cards, and Bank Transfer
- Smart Auto Sync for all accounts
Samourai Dojo v1.9.0 released

- UX Improvements to Dojo Maintenance Tool
- Delete XPUBs tracked by your Dojo
- Improvements to authentication system
MyNode v0.2.27 released

- JoininBox v0.2.0
- Bitcoin whitepaper download (via blockchain)
- Mempool v2.1.2
- Loop v0.11.4
- RTL v0.10.1
- Specter v1.2.2
- LND v0.12.1
Coinbase files to go public on the Nasdaq via direct listing. Discloses $1.28B in 2020 revenue with 43 million active users.
BitMEX Parent Company 100x Group Provides Third Grant To Bitcoin Maintainer Michael Ford

> We’re proud to announce a third grant to Michael, of US$100,000, bringing our total financial support to US$250,000 over three years.

> This grant was provided in conjunction with Independent Reserve, who will be providing Michael with an additional US$18,500, bringing Michael’s total grant support up to US$118,500 this year.
Sparrow Wallet v1.2.0 released

- Provide a list of preconfigured public servers to connect to
- Update welcome dialog to explain risks and the privacy journey
- Export transactions to CSV
- Add signet support
- Improve script type descriptions
- Ensure PSBT files always save with the correct extension
- Fix tooltips not showing in some situations
- Fix importing some old Electrum wallets without derivation paths
Blitz: Secure Multi-Hop Payments Without Two-Phase Commits.pdf
430.5 KB
Blitz: Secure Multi-Hop Payments Without Two-Phase Commits

> We present Blitz, a novel MHP protocol that demonstrates for the first time that we can achieve the best of the two worlds: a single round MHP where no malicious intermediary can steal coins. Moreover, Blitz provides privacy for sender and receiver, it is not prone to the wormhole attack and it requires only constant collateral. Additionally, we construct MHP using only digital signatures and a timelock functionality, both available at the core of virtually every cryptocurrency today. We provide the cryptographic details of Blitz and we formally prove its security.
Gemini is providing a $1 million dollar gift to the Digital Currency Initiative (DCI) at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's (MIT) Media Lab. This gift will be made in $250,000 installments over four years.The DCI will use the funds to support open-source development and advance the security of the Bitcoin protocol.
Canadian Bitcoin ETF BTCC Adds Additional 417 Bitcoin, Now Holds More Than 10000 Bitcoin
Tales from the Crypt Podcast - Rabbit Hole Recap: Bitcoin Week of 2021.02.22

- Bitcoin week in review
Umbrel v0.3.6 released

- Performance improvements to the Mempool app, updates LND to v0.12.1, and includes some other small bug fixes.