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Forwarded from Ryan Waldron
I fear that for many of us, "accomplishments" (all of which stay behind after we die) seem to rank higher than "living well and being happy" (which, if anything goes with us, this would). People like James help show the lie to material measurements of what a good life is. RIP and my sympathies to your family.
fuckers who drone blast children get the rope
Forwarded from FREESPEECH Mafia † (comply or die edition)
Forwarded from David Graham
Sorry for your loss.
number one thanks
will probably take the weekend off
You will be missed
Nick Monroe
It's hard to make me sad. I'm a psychopath and hardened to many things. But when it comes to someone in my family dying i melt
it's actually difficult and i didnt think it'd be
Nick Monroe
need more beer
because thinking too hard about it is bad and I don't want to.
an actual good person died
Nick Monroe
an actual good person died
actual thinking is misery he probably had it better