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Wow Matt Gaetz soft blocked me on twitter and then said he stands with Charlie Kirk and TPUSA
Very disappointed in him
What a HUGE victory today. Cannot be understated what an incredible win we saw at UCLA. Every time I suspect that our momentum is beginning to subside, we just continue to grow stronger. Politicon to OSU, OSU to Shapiro’s Speech, Shapiro to today— it’s been one big crescendo. And everything is going perfectly
Meme magic is rising...
I saw CJ’s tweet today calling us “tasteless, classless” etc and my only response is that I and all the other Groypers are watching everyone very closely this week and we will not forget who said what about this uprising and when they said it.
Just something to keep in mind!
I hope everyone enjoys the choices they’ve made.
Mainstream, respectable journalists are going to be researching the definition of the words “Groyper,” “Femoid,” “E-Girl” this week
So far we have had three Congressman indirectly approve of our movement, Tucker signaled support for us tonight, and Michelle Malkin openly supports our cause. We are not the fringe, we are leading the charge against the gatekeepers!
Forwarded from Columbia Bugle
Question for Charlie Kirk: “Hello Charlie, thank you for being here. I’m a college Conservative, part of the Turning Point you talk about. I went into college knowing that I would be saddled with student loans, but did so to get a good paying job. What I didn’t foresee was being forced to compete with foreign labor in my own country, labor imported in many cases to drive down wages for graduates like me. You say you’re in favor of the America First Agenda, Charlie, but why do you support the America Last position of ‘stapling of green cards to diplomas’ which has replaced in just four years (from 2009-2013) nearly half a million American jobs? How is making it harder for young people like me to get jobs America First?”

Article included for info in case of follow up.
Forwarded from Vincent James
Reportedly there will be two lines for Charlie Kirk Q&A - One line for left wing people and one line for "alt-right." This was according to a TP USA employee at the event right now. Get in the left-wing line
Remember to boo things we don’t like: if they talk about free speech, mass immigration, charlie, gay stuff, etc
Joker laugh is good too
When he tells bad jokes
Forwarded from Franssen
Nick Fuentes is correct to point out that beyond policy issues, these people are just LIARS - duplicitous liars.

My analysis videos point this out with laser precision.

These are people with little self-awareness!
Forwarded from Patrick Casey
Tonight's event at UF was high energy. Props to the questioners and to Simon and Nick, who joined forces to provide us with an entertaining livestream.

We've learned a few lessons. First off, we'll need our immigration questions to be more targeted. Most of them were great, but accusing Charlie of supporting mass immigration isn't a winning strategy, given that his handlers have allowed him to suppor the RAISE Act. He has responses with varying degrees of validity prepared for most general question. The path forward is thus to pick apart his answers to previous questions.

One example is Cubans in relation to voting patterns. Charlie cites Cubans as proof that minority outreach works. The obvious issue here is that support for the GOP/right-wing politics in general is decreasing in younger generations. To young Cubans, communism is an ancedote, whereas with older Cubans it was a lived experience.

Consider the following data:

>In 2002, 68 percent of Cubans 50 and older identified as Republican
>In 2014, Cubans 50 years and older leaned toward the Republican party by 44 percent, with 23 percent support for Republicans among those 18 to 49

Moreover, given that Charlie Kirk claimed that there are lots of Cubans in America, it would be worthwhile to point out that as of 2010 Cubans constituted .5% of America and 3.5% of Hispanics. As such, they aren't representative of Hispanics overall.

So a good question on this issue would be something like:

Hey Charlie, at UF you stated that Cubans vote overwhelmingly for the GOP. I found this odd, given that in 2014 only 23% of Cubans from 18-49 supported the GOP. It seems that younger Cubans are increasingly leaning left. Moreover, you claimed that there are lots of Cubans in America, despite the fact that Cubans only constitute 0.5% of America and 3.5% of Hispanics. In light of this, are you willing to admit that your previous claims on Cubans were incorrect? Are you willing to perhaps reconsider your position that non-whites are going to someday vote overwhelmingly for the GOP?
Forwarded from Vincent James
Make sure to go out to UCLA Thursday to show Michelle Malkin support!