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Forwarded from Beardson Beardly
Almost 1k followers on and we haven’t even done a stream yet. Thank you guys.
It’s really amazing to see Tyler, Vince, and Beardson all streaming at the same time during the pre-show lobby for America First. I’m sure many thought it would never be possible to see everyone up and running on the same platform but here we are! And even more streamers are on the way this weekend and the week after that and the week after that.

We are so fucking back.
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Forwarded from Franssen
Premiering my new show in ~45 hours.
Channel photo updated
Forwarded from LAURA LOOMER
And a lot of people call Nick an anti-Semite. Well let me just say, as a Jewish woman, Nick invited me to AFPAC and I sat with him and his father at the VIP table In Orlando a few months ago.

When Charlie Kirk and TPUSA had their Young Jewish Leadership summit, I was banned from attending, despite the fact that I’m hands down one of the most famous and most effective young American Jewish activists in the world.

TPUSA has made so many enemies on the Right because they played morality police and excluded actual fighters while propping up a bunch of grifters, porn stars, strippers and many brain dead talentless social media influencers.
Thank you Laura! You are a champion
CONGRATS to Bryson Gray for the number one song in America!
Forwarded from Vax Watch
The supposedly conservative Fox News network is seen yet again shilling for the vaccine. Don’t ever listen to anything mainstream media networks like Fox News say to you about the vaccine.