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Forwarded from ALI
Rudy Giuliani was fed information, that is not accurate, alleging that the Groypers started the Capitol Siege.

This is beyond absurd.

Few people are spending more time reviewing the evidence. I’ve seen nothing to suggest that. Some went into the Capitol, I think.

The people who fed Rudy this information are so insane. They’re running one last grift on him.

Dangerous. Some should sue.
Pray for YOBA!
Nicholas J. Fuentes
If you have any pictures of me outside the Capitol after 3pm on January 6th, please send them to me with timestamp! Email to Very important to prove defamation...
Thank you everyone for sending me your pictures! Exploring options with my legal team about pursuing defamation charges. Unfortunately defamation is tricky with me because there is a very tough legal standard for public figures, but we are looking at everything.
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I don’t recognize MLK Day. Illegitimate holiday for an Anti-American sicko!
America First is back tonight on AmericaFirst.Live at 8pm cst

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