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Content Renaissance is real

-Baked Alaska on Alex Stein and Ed Dutton
-Ethan Ralph trolling Roe v Wade protesters
-Anthony Cumia joining Cozy
-Farewell episode of Canada First
-NJF featured on front page of Drudge
-Sold Out movie premiere in Las Vegas
-New Dalton Clodfelter show on Stew Network
-New shows from Beardson, Jimbo, and Baked Alaska

I’m thinking we’re back
All the most popular content on Twitch is softcore porn and gambling, and Right Wing, Christian content is banned. The most popular content on Cozy is Right Wing, Christian content, and softcore porn and gambling are banned
Nobody talks enough about how every major influencer is compromised in some way to the devil. I never realized this because I don't really follow a lot of the big normie content creators on youtube or twitch but apparently they're all involved in onlyfans, sports/online gambling, drugs/alcohol... it's really bad
Dave Portnoy seems to be the epitome of this— we were being told about "Barstool conservatives" a few years ago and now the guy is seething about abortion being banned and pushing gambling and hanging out with degenerates. Well, he's Jewish, he doesn't even believe in God probably lol
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🇷🇺🇺🇦❗Lugansk People's Republic is completely liberated - Russian Defense minister Shoigu.
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Don't say we didn't warn you! Tickets for the premiere of The Most Canceled Man in America have officially SOLD OUT. See you soon, Las Vegas!
Bob gave every passenger on the plane ONE peanut lmfaooooooo
If the media has started to admit that people "may need more time" between boosters because vaccines "eventually weaken the immune system," you know it's 1,000x worse than that.
So weird that this fake "pandemic" came and went and now it's almost like a distant memory. Totally bizarre.
People who post pictures of their food online are scum
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Hypocrisy on full display. And the groypers will make excuses to pretend they don't see it ...
serious movement btw
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The last day to register to vote in Arizona’s primary election is Tuesday, July 5.
The primary election will take place Aug. 2 when voters will decide the candidates for the Nov. 8 general election races.

Arizonans, make sure you are registered to vote. If you are not, register to vote as soon as you are able. We must turn out in large numbers for America First, Christian Nationalist candidates or the establishment swamp will strengthen their hold on the great State of Arizona, Our Home.

Here are some of our favorite recommended candidates in federal and state races who will put Arizona FIRST:

•Kari Lake
•Blake Masters
•Andrew Biggs
•Paul Gosar
•Joshua Barnett
•Wendy Rogers
•Mark Finchem
•Leo Biasiucci


🔴 @ArizonaAction 🔴
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Happy Fourth of July! 🇺🇸
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"Libertarian" film festival The Freedom Fest bans the documentary "The Most Canceled Man in America" and kicks Nick Fuentes off the “How to Fight the Information Police” panel (more ...)

🎥 Documentary Trailer
🍿 Vegas Premiere Tickets: Sorry, sold out!

📺 Nick Discussing Freedom Fest
#NickFuentes #AmericaFirst