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Forwarded from JON MILLER
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America First is LIVE! Tonight we are discussing the MASSIVE LAY OFF AT GOOGLE to PUNISH all those who dare oppose Israel... ALSO the MASS ARREST OF ANTI ISRAEL PROTESTERS at Columbia... we are colonized by the Jews
Forwarded from Keith Woods
🇨🇦 Car theft is so bad in Toronto that a car is now stolen every 40 minutes, on average

Police responded by telling people to leave their keys at the front door to avoid confrontation with the thiefs

The crime wave seems to be driven almost entirely by non-white immigrants
This is a BAP orbiter called “Fischer King,” who encourages his followers to ignore Candace Owens after she tweeted about war crimes committed against the Germans after WWII.

This crowd, associated with the Jewish immigrant Costin Alamariu (BAP), seems to be very particular about how and when and whom is considered appropriate to criticize Jews or discuss related topics.
This orbiter and other associated personalities in the orbit of BAP or belonging to the broader Thiel Network are obviously deradicalization agents. They are either crypto-Jews themselves or at the minimum they are pro-Zionist.

They support Milei and Kushner, they worship the Jewish pseud Curtis Yarvin, they are connected via a constellation of Thiel cutouts like im1776, NatCon, Palladium, Claremont, Praxis, Sov House...

And despite all of the fanfare, their "unironic" platform is colorblind meritocracy which will be ushered in by AEI alum, CIA McMullen voter, Obama lover, and fat race-mixer JD Vance.
Another dimension of the conversation about Jews, Muslims, and Catholics is that Zionist Jews tend to be socially liberal. The aforementioned Thiel-affiliated Zionist network promotes paganism and libertinism. Thiel himself is openly gay and many in that scene are promiscuous, LGBT, or even into BDSM lifestyle like Curtis Yarvin.

Jews like Costin Alamariu, among others, can barely conceal their contempt for traditional Catholicism and Christianity in general, which they consider stifling. Sov House in NYC hosts transexuals but not groypers.

Muslims and Catholics not only share antipathy for Judaism and Israel but also for liberal attitudes towards sex, women, and homosexuals. This is where you get a derivative version of “they hate us for our freedom!” coming from these new neocons.

Just like the old neocons hated Buchanan, wanted to bomb Iraq, and promoted civic nationalism. These new neocons hate Nick Fuentes, want to bomb Iran, and promote “colorblind meritocracy.”
The problem with the idea of “wokeism” is that almost all of its critics are extremely liberal and don’t seem to disagree with its fundamental principles like feminism, antiracism, gay rights, etc.

Critics of Wokeism will scoff at the idea of a “pregnant male,” but respect and support the rights of transexuals and homosexuals. They oppose BLM, but they are not opposed to America becoming a minority White nation. They ridicule “third wave feminism,” but similarly ridicule anyone who might suggest women shouldn’t vote.

Like every iteration of conservatism, the anti-woke phenomenon does not present a true alternative to liberalism, rather it seeks to circumscribe liberalism.
It just so happens that American “Movement Conservatism” is apparently now pro-feminist, pro-gay, tolerant of transexuals, racially diverse, and virtually secular or agnostic, which would make it more liberal than it has ever been.

American “conservatives” ARE liberals. They are of the same species as the Left and gradually this is becoming more apparent when you see how they react to Groypers challenging fundamental liberal assumptions about democracy, the role of women, or the temporal authority of the Church.
Forwarded from Keith Woods
Destiny fans depressed that their normie friends sound like Nick Fuentes on the Israel lobby đź”—
Forwarded from JON MILLER
Today, April 21st, 2024, marks "Good Shepherd Sunday," the 4th Sunday in Easter, within the Catholic Church.

The liturgical readings on this day reinforce the notion of supersessionism—the doctrine that Jesus fulfilled the Mosaic Law and established a New Covenant with His followers—as a fundamental tenet of Christianity.

“He is the stone rejected by you, the builders, which has become the cornerstone. There is no salvation through anyone else, nor is there any other name under heaven given to the human race by which we are to be saved." (Acts 4:8-12)
Has rpg been mewing?
Anti-war shitlib Michael Tracey rightly criticizing Trump for conspiring with Lindsey Graham and Mike Johnson to give the go-ahead to Republicans on $100 billion of foreign aid.

BAP + orbiters coping about this for some strange reason. One thing you notice about them is that they, like Max Nordau (Bryan Griffin), will use Trump and his cult-like status as a shield for Zionism.

Don't like Milei? You must hate Trump. Don't like Israel? You must hate Trump. Don't like foreign aid? You must hate Trump.
Support Yang/Ye? You must hate Trump.
This is all about protecting the one thing they care about which is Israel, just like generations of Jewish conservatives before them. And anyone who wants a Right Wing or a Trumpism without Zionism is called unserious or a nutjob just like they did to Patrick Buchanan.

Now that Buchanan is politically inert, he can be safely praised by Zionists as an acceptable example of "America First," at least to a small degree. But when he was running for president in the 1990s, of course he was castigated incessantly as a Nazi, even by Trump himself, and eventually ostracized by the mid-2000s.
Going live soon
America First is LIVE! Tonight we are discussing the ongoing MASS PROTESTS against Israel at major universities... ALSO the $100 billion giveaway to Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan— THANK YOU REPUBLICANS :D