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Welcome to Nicegram – fast, secure and nice messaging app. Imagine the mix of powerful Telegram API, careful code optimization and unique features that deliver a whole new level of experience you can’t refuse!

Source code:
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• Send with «Enter» keyboard button
• 5.15.1 Sources
• Bugfixes and new Bugs (sorry)

What you must know about Ghost mode:
🔷 Nicegram update 5.15.3

• Activated QR Login, and Picture in picture for videos
• Last seen settings will be restored to previous value after disabling GMode
• Toggle to hide GMode icon
• Bugfixes
Hey. Recently Telegram team contacted me about Ghost Mode.
As clarified, the only possible way to open chats in ghost mode is to do it same as in official apps - popup them like you long-tap it.

For now, Ghost mode in Nicegram is remotely disabled.
Feature will return in a bit different way with a bit different name too.

Stay tuned and keep an eye on this channel and @nicegramdev updates.

P.S. It was expected, so that's why I have a remote toggle for that.
​​🍀Goodbye winter, hello Nicegram 5.15.4!

• Replaced Ghost mode with Preview mode. That was requested by Telegram team
• Optimized chat enter and account switch speed
• Fixed background crash
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Telegram Beta 5.16 includes Tabs & Filters!

Nicegram will be updated as soon as source code will arrive, stay tuned!

Join Telegram official beta: @tgslots
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🌐 Nicegram Proxy

Europe - activate ⬅️
Asia - activate ⬅️

Report to @nicegramchat about issues

[!] PROXY WILL SHUT DOWN ON 1st November 2020
🌐 Nicegram Proxy Regions: Europe - activate ⬅️ Asia - activate ⬅️ Report to @nicegramchat about issues [!] PROXY WILL SHUT DOWN ON 1st November 2020
Proxies will be updated soon with further improvements in security and encryption. Make sure you have backup proxy while Nicegram's will be disabled.
🌐 Nicegram Proxy - activate ⬅️

App may show high ping, because proxy uses FakeTLS technology.

[!] PROXY WILL SHUT DOWN ON 1st November 2020
Asia region proxy is temporary unavailable.
❗️Nicegram is facing issues with joining chats and channels. We're already in contact with TG support to resolve this serverside issue.

For now you might use official apps or web version to join chats, after join those chats will be available in Nicegram.
Promocodes giveaway - 12:00 UTC
Small apologies for long update

⭐️ Beta testing in progress for Nicegram 7.0.1

TL;DR - Translator, forward without author, alternative tabs and more available.

Changelogs @nicegramdev

To join the public TestFlight beta, follow this link:
(Note: you will not have access to Nicegram’s premium features)

To join the private TestFlight beta (this version has Premium features enabled), follow this guide:
❗️Telegram banned all unblock methods for iOS.

UPDATE: Fix available

Now TG filters every message serverside.

Currently for iOS:
Solution for most NSFW chats - Toggle via other clients (Web, TDesktop, TGX)
Solution for other chats - does not exist yet

I will look into further solution and possible updates. New info will be reported in @nicegramapp
🔷 Nicegram Update in AppStore

Based on 7.0.1 sources, including videocalls and more.

Now up to 10 accounts, synced folders and updated chat unblock method. New Apple Watch app included 😎

Nicegram Premium is available with 50% DISCOUNT ⭐️

Full release notes -