3. Use the MetaMask browser extension as your wallet to connect.
4. If the connection is successful, you will see the available balance.
5. Enter the desired amount to wrap and your 42-coin wallet address into the corresponding fields, then click on the "Approve" button.
6. In the appeared MetaMask window set a spending cap for your 42 (not less than your amount to wrap) and click on the "Next" button, then the "Approve" button.
7. In the bridge tab click on the "Confirm" button, in the appeared MeataMask window set a spending cap again, click on the "Next" button, then the "Approve" button.
8. Wait for a minute. If the wrap is successful, you will see the "Success!..." message and the transaction hash.
Our team is pleased to announce a new partnership with a company that specializes in printer repair and the sale of related products! You can find more information about this partnership on their website: https://rashodka78.ru/.

We have placed information about accepting payment using 42-coin in the form of a banner on the main page, as well as in the delivery information (https://rashodka78.ru/delivery). Additionally, for the first time, the price of goods is displayed directly, on a par with the Dollar, Euro, and Ruble!

We are committed to providing you with up-to-date information about our partnerships through our Telegram, Twitter, and website.
We are glad to announce that 42-coin is now available for trading on the CryptoRadar exchange:


We would like to express our gratitude to everyone who supported us in the voting process!
Now you can use the NoHODL service and sell goods using 42 coins!


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Exciting news! You can now shop for all your favorite electronics on http://kulshop.si and pay with the 42-coin starting today!

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42-coin Bridge Security improvement: 98% of the 42 BEP20 tokens have been moved to the MultiSig Safe, https://app.safe.global/balances?safe=bnb:0xb0262414677f71E5C86ADb6931D7c707cDFd4aE1.
Good news! Löwegreift https://lowegreift.com/about-lowgreift, a renowned provider of top-quality facade systems, now accepts 42-coin as a payment method. Another step towards mainstream adoption of 42-coin. Stay tuned for more updates on businesses accepting 42-coin! #42coin #Löwegreift🚀🌐💫
The online store for children's toys and computer games, e-igrace in Slovenia now accepts payment in 42-coin: https://e-igrace.com/nacin-placila/. Shop now using 42-coin! 🎮🚀🎁 #CryptocurrencyAccepted #OnlineShopping