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Amplifier of truth. My mission is to reconnect with nature through rewilding strategies 👣 Works as a kambo practitioner 🐸 at @renativkambo ~ #wildfulness #serendipity #comewhatmay
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Forwarded from chantiverse
"The word 'honest' and 'honor' have the same root in latin. So when we're honest with ourselves, we're honoring ourselves. To honor ourselves at the deepest level is to be radically honest about what is." ~ Aurianna Joy
Forwarded from Avalon Rising
Take this opportunity to cleanse your mind of the filth of modern society —

The trick is to talk to the bees. It’s a British Isles tradition to keep the bees informed on the goings on of day to day life. You literally go out there once a week, set up a chair and tell them all the important news.
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The ways of old are returning to those who honour and respect nature. Those who blend with nature. Those who practice living their true human nature as our ancient and not so ancient ancestors would have done.

Before you cut down a tree, branch or a flower, let the spirit of know what you're going to do. This allows the spirit to remove its energy and not feel the cut so strong. Offering prayers of gratitude and thanks are a beautiful way of doing this.

When you go to nature and want to take a stone or a rock from its place of guardianship, ask permission first. Simply hold the rock and ask. You will always get an answer. Learn to trust.

If you climb a mountain or take a forest hike ask the spirits and guardians for protection. Make a small offering. It's very important that you communicate, even if you don't feel, hear or see.

Enter each place with respect, because all nature hears you, sees you and feels you. Every move you make in microcosm generates a big impact on macrocosm.

When approaching vegetation, be grateful for the medicine it has for you. Learn about the wild roots and plants that grow naturally close to home. The most resilient of “weeds” are actually powerful medicines. You may need them one day.

Honor life in its various forms and be aware that each being is fulfilling its purpose. Nothing was created to fill the spaces, we are all here remembering our mission, remembering who we are and waking up from the holy dream of returning home!🌲🌲🌲
Hilarious 😆
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My newest painting.

Initially it was meant to be a simple rock study within a snowy environment, but due to the lack of pagan artwork, I decided to make something of it. I therefore chose Skaði as my preferred subject as she is more suited to such environments. Skaði is the Norse goddess (Jotunn) of bowhunting, skiing and winter, as well as the namesake of Scandinavia, making her and exceptionally important deity of Northern Europe who, like most of the lore, disappeared into obscurity as Northern Europe underwent significant religious and socio-political changes. Skaði is often depicted on skiis, blue in colour, tribal markings, spear, as well as her trusty bow. Additionally, she has a wolf companion, though I'm not too sure whether that is a modern-day or Smite invention of the lore. Nevertheless, she was also married to Njörðr, which failed! She then married Odin. Skaði is also responsible for placing the snake whose venom dripped onto Loki. The God Ullr and Skaði may have had some association.
Forwarded from Dr. Melissa Sell (Melissa Sell)