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Amplifier of truth. Hacking the matrix with curiosity and gratitude. My mission is to reconnect with nature through rewilding strategies and finding love within it all ~ #wildfulness #staywild
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They say that love is blind, but it's trauma that's blind. Love sees what is.
Back in '98, The Truman show was a comedy. As the Carrey career advanced with Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind I came to see it as a drama. 10 years later Truman show was certainly a horror movie for us seeing the potential in tech. As of now, I would consider it a historical documentary.
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"World's dirtiest man dies at age 94 after taking his first shower in 67 years".

The article says "Apart from an aversion to soap & water, the Iranian was otherwise healthy, despite only eating uncooked porcupine roadkill & drinking dirty water from puddles out of a rusty oil can."

The article continues "Scientists were surprised to find he hadn’t suffered from any bacteria or parasites apart from Trichinosis, a bacteria that comes from eating raw meat and causes a common infection. Tests including for HIV and hepatitis all came up negative as well."

How is it possible to be completely healthy at 94, without any personal hygiene & not become sick from a 'germ'. Some might argue it's because he had a 'strong immune system'. How can anyone have a 'strong immune system' living in squalor, eating roadkill & drinking puddle water?

Can anyone from the mainstream please explain how this is possible, according to germ theory?

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Forwarded from Ice Age Farmer
PETA Calls for Strike on Sex with Meat-Eating Men

Recall the UN & EAT/Lancet's "Planetary Health Diet" are all about demonizing meat-eating to make it "socially taboo like smoking."

I will just skip the part where we comment on the irony of self-selecting out of reproduction.

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A new story begins
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“The truth is, one who seeks to achieve freedom by petitioning those in power to give it to him has already failed, regardless of the response.
To beg for the blessing of “authority” is to accept that the choice is the master’s alone to make, which means that the person is already, by definition, a slave.”

― Larken Rose
"A decent man will behave decently even if he thinks that he has been treated unjustly or wrongly. But many people in such circumstances show a side of their nature which otherwise they would never show. And at times it is a necessary means for exposing a man's nature. So long as you are good to a man he is good to you. But what will he be like if you scratch him a little?
But this is not the chief thing; the chief thing is his own personal attitude, his own valuation of the ideas which he receives or has received, and his keeping or losing this valuation.

A man may think for a long time and quite sincerely that he wants to work [esoteric self-work] and even make great efforts, and then he may throw up everything and even definitely go against the work; justify himself, invent various fabrications, deliberately ascribe a wrong meaning to what he has heard, and so on."

"What happens to them for this?" asked one of the audience.
"Nothing - what could happen to them?" said Gurdjieff. "They are their own punishment. And what punishment could be worse?"

- P.D. Ouspensky, In Search of the Miraculous