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Amplifier of truth. My mission is to reconnect with nature through rewilding strategies 👣 Works as a kambo practitioner 🐸 at @renativkambo ~ #wildfulness #serendipity #comewhatmay #staywild
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Max Spiers: To Control The World You Need To Take Out The Alpha Males

“If you want to completely take over a planet the first thing that you have to do is take out the Alpha males”

The emasculation and feminization of the alpha male are one of the government's main targets to gain full control of the population, they used an evil harsher tactic in slavery called “Buck Breaking".

They are trying to Completely Destroy the family unit from the inside out.

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Forwarded from Naturlig livsstil og sjølberging🌱 (Solens Datter)

Brukes som spinat i matretter, og de lysegrønne stenglene med blomsterknopper har umamismak og passer ypperlig i wok og salater😋

Jeg bruker også groblad i focaccia, og frøene kan sankes inn på høsten og brukes i blant annet bakverk🍞

~Solens Datter

#Groblad #PlantagoMajor #brukavplanter #spiseligevekster #naturensspiskammers
Forwarded from Dr. Melissa Sell (Dr. Melissa Sell)
Old and rare maps of Tartaria or Grand Tartaria dating back as far as 15th century (1400s), exactly showing it where Russia is, and most of the Europe under the Tartarian Empire.

You should be asking why this never made it into school books, who and why did they divide us, same race, same people going at each other.

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The saga continues! Read by yours truly, here is your manly dose of Characters, morals and values (Chapter 4), Education and Purpose (Chapter 5) & Spiritual development (Chapter 6) from the book The boy without a father (J. El-Malik).
Forwarded from Dr. Melissa Sell (Dr. Melissa Sell)
Some people are not open to the idea that the germ/cancer theories may not be true because they would have to relinquish an illusion they’ve lived with their whole life.

It’s a sacrifice that feels too sacred to release.

People worship their model of reality, it is their security blanket.

They fear the death of the idea that they know how the world works.

They are married to their paradigm.

They aren’t free to explore other ideas.

To become free you must be willing to throw your idols in the fire.

All of them.

Every last dogma must go.

Unravel the lies.

Strip away every illusion.

Examine every deeply engrained idea.

Discover what is real.

Find out what is true.

Lies feel like slavery.

Truth feels like freedom.
Forwarded from Ice Age Farmer
Somehow the “animals are dirty and dangerous” narrative always returns to YOUR animals, and YOUR garden!

Hugely important to value our right to feed our families — fight for Food Freedom !