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If you don’t become the ocean

you’ll be seasick

every day
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Good times ahead 😍
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Wake up to your real potential.

It’s not in your thoughts; it’s in your actions.
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Who thinks that women as a collective wanted a day for themselves?

Wouldn’t it be a bit of an insult if men began identifying and dressing as women and enjoying the day too?

Do you think that just like BLM, covid, low fat diets and reality tv, the idea was spawned by a few fanciful fellas, given as an offer that only the most disempowered, lost and vulnerable population would run with and make their own?

What possible sense does this day make? Does it give something positive to society or does it weaken it?

While I’m quite sure this day did not come from the heart of the feminine, I’m certainly not surprised that the wounded part of the feminine took the bait.

Having said that, I’m also unsurprised that the fractured masculine didn’t provide enough safety that the feminine laughed hysterically at the offer of an international women’s day, and baked many a cake and made many a baby in the face of such an absurdity.

In the meantime this meme will be relevant for every year we do not remember who we are.
Yesterday, I auricularly fell in love with Helena Wild, just by listening to her on Wolfgang Wee, and today I came across my best listen of 2024 so far. I’m on a podcast run – again.

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Kosmisk visdom og jordnære tips til din kreative prosess

La deg absorbere av bokas fremtoning og presentasjon. Det indre og ytre er i harmoni – de motiverende ordene resonnerer med din inneboende muse, og boka setter ord på det ubevisste i vår kreativitet..

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Things are not getting worse, they are just getting uncovered. Hold on tight and continue to pull back the veil....

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Straight outta bloggen med musikalsk kundeutbytte...

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There is something is fundamentally wrong with a dense cityscape ; at its core, it’s jarring to the soul.…

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If you ever want me to cry, make me do some breathwork. From my own experience, working with the…

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