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Amplifier of truth. My mission is to reconnect with nature through rewilding strategies 👣 Works as a kambo practitioner 🐸 at @renativkambo ~ #wildfulness #serendipity #comewhatmay
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Hilarious 😆
Forwarded from Æthelwulf Art
My newest painting.

Initially it was meant to be a simple rock study within a snowy environment, but due to the lack of pagan artwork, I decided to make something of it. I therefore chose Skaði as my preferred subject as she is more suited to such environments. Skaði is the Norse goddess (Jotunn) of bowhunting, skiing and winter, as well as the namesake of Scandinavia, making her and exceptionally important deity of Northern Europe who, like most of the lore, disappeared into obscurity as Northern Europe underwent significant religious and socio-political changes. Skaði is often depicted on skiis, blue in colour, tribal markings, spear, as well as her trusty bow. Additionally, she has a wolf companion, though I'm not too sure whether that is a modern-day or Smite invention of the lore. Nevertheless, she was also married to Njörðr, which failed! She then married Odin. Skaði is also responsible for placing the snake whose venom dripped onto Loki. The God Ullr and Skaði may have had some association.
Forwarded from Dr. Melissa Sell (Melissa Sell)
In the Shamanic traditions, it is taught that when the body and soul are not well it is caused by a Spiritual illness. This happens when our heart decides to create a waiting room for the emotions of an event, where it was simply too much to process at the time. It happens too when we forget to sing our soul song, when we loose our joy, when we stop being in presence with self. Many of us are exhausted right now, a weariness that doesn’t go away with sleep or with caffeine, this is a form of spiritual illness.

However, we were born here for a reason, at this time, and during these changes, and this will become clearer as life unfolds. If we pursue what excites our souls it gives us an inner feeling of fulfillment, and from here things will unravel within the cycles they are meant to.

The prophecies of many ancient cultures have spoken of these times. Underneath the public chaos, the uncertainty, the fear, and the dissolution of the old, there is something deep brewing. These are unprecedented times, exciting times to be alive on a very deep level. Though the waters on the surface may be choppy, below there is an undercurrent of deep calm. Something galactic, something cosmic, is underfoot.

Forwarded from Sir JO|\|AT|-|A|\|
Water and Truth: They always find a way through.
Forwarded from Solens Datter
Forwarded from The Babylon Bee
White Smoke Emanates From Wuhan Lab Chimney Signaling A New Variant Has Been Named


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“How do I avoid a pandemic?"

This question was asked to OSHO about 40 years ago, during the AIDS period:

′′You're asking the wrong question” Osho replied, “the right question should be: how to avoid the fear of dying caused by the epidemic (pandemic)?

Because it is very easy to avoid the virus, it is very difficult to avoid the fear in you and in the world.

People will die more from this fear than from the epidemic (pandemic).

There is NO virus in this world more dangerous than FEAR.

Understand this fear, otherwise you will become a dead body before your body dies.

It has nothing to do with the virus.

The scary atmosphere you feel in these moments is collective madness...

It has happened a thousand times and will continue to happen.

And it will continue if you don't understand the psychology of crowds and fear.

You usually keep your fear at bay, but in the moment of collective madness, your consciousness can be completely lost.

You won't even know when you lost control of your fear. Then, fear can make you do anything.

In such a situation you can also take your own life or the lives of others.

So much will happen in the coming times:

Many people will kill themselves and many people will kill more.

Attention, be mindful.

Don't watch news that trigger fear.

Stop talking about the epidemic, repeating the same thing over and over again is like self-hypnosis.

Fear is a kind of self-hypnosis.

This idea will cause chemical changes in the body.

If you repeat the same idea over and over again, a chemical change is triggered that can sometimes be so toxic that it can kill you.

During an epidemic, energy around the world becomes irrational.

This way you can fall into a black hole anytime.

Meditation then becomes a protective aura into which no negative energy can penetrate.”


Forwarded from Andrew Genovese