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Amplifier of truth. My mission is to reconnect with nature through rewilding strategies 👣 Works as a kambo practitioner 🐸 at @renativkambo ~ #wildfulness #serendipity #comewhatmay
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Forwarded from Mana of Moria (Fauna)
Say it out loud. Empower yourself. Feel it in every bone of your body.
Face your fears. We will be free again. I know it in my heart.
Forwarded from Coin Bureau Insider
Hey Guys!

I have a question for you....

Have you ever wondered what the worst case for cryptocurrency is? 🧐

I know it's not a pleasant topic to think about, but I will admit that I have thought about it on a number of occasions. This is even more the case when markets are falling.

So, it got me thinking: What is the worst case for crypto? Could it ever go to zero?

I'm almost 100% sure the answer is no, and it's not because my career depends on it. Crypto gives you the ability to control your assets, and that's something that has inherent value. You could say that this is the true definition of financial freedom.

Control of your assets isn't enough if all your transactions are out in the open though. This could make it easy for institutions to control you in other ways, and that's why privacy is so important in cryptocurrency. This is also probably why privacy is the number one target for anti-crypto regulators.

The second category of crypto's most wanted is DeFi, and that's because it could very well replace the centralised financial system we have today. DeFi has been growing at an exponential pace, and the legacy players know that their days are numbered without intervention.

The only thing growing faster than DeFi is stablecoins, and these are also the bane of many banks around the world. Having a stable asset is crucial in a volatile industry like crypto, and though regulators will eventually wipe them all out, decentralised stablecoins could survive.

Even though crypto can probably outmaneuver every regulatory crackdown, this is fundamentally dependent on the broader infrastructure that makes cryptocurrency possible, namely crypto custody and even the internet itself. If these two things come under the control of the centralised power structure, it will be very difficult to escape.

Now this is just a quick TLDR of all the details I unpack in today's video, and it's definitely one you're going to want to watch until the end.

Stop looking for your soulmate.

Start looking for your soul, mate.
Forwarded from Silje Tuxen Thingvoll
Da er alt klart for å ta imot påmelding til neste Forent Kafe på Lørdag 30.10 i Drammen. Velkommen!
Takk til @solensdatter for en nydelig vifte! Siden den har funnet sitt hjem på Reveheim 🦊🏡, så ble det jo selvfølgelig å ha med en revetann
“You are comprised of: 84 minerals, 23 Elements, and 8 gallons of water spread across 38 trillion cells. You have been built up from nothing by the spare parts of the Earth you have consumed, according to a set of instructions hidden in a double helix and small enough to be carried by (an egg) and a sperm. You are recycled butterflies, plants, rocks, streams, firewood, wolf fur, and shark teeth, broken down to their smallest parts and rebuilt into our planet’s most complex living thing. You are not living on Earth. You are Earth.” - Aubrey Marcus
Forwarded from Mana of Moria (Fauna)
I didn't appreciate my life. It felt like I was waiting for it to start. Every day looked the same and I was constantly working towards a better life.

Then the news hit me. He was diagnosed with a terminal disease. Who knows if I'd have a year, months or just weeks left with him.

Suddenly I felt incredibly blessed. I've had so many years with my little man where he's always been there for me; loyal, thankful and loving. Now, every day I get to hold him feels like a miracle. I'm spoiling him in ways I don't know why I haven't before. I am so thankful for all these years with my best friend always by my side.

Memento mori. Think about death. That's how we remember how to live. How blessed we really are and how our loved ones are all that really matters. And love never dies.
Forwarded from Ice Age Farmer
While we are at it, a stunning technology is available that can turn inedible plants into high-quality meat: delicious protein loaded with healthy fats.

This tech is called a cow.

The designs of God will always outperform the degenerate simulacra of man!
Fikk bilen EU-godkjent og fikk gleden av å plukke opp en haiker! 😄 Er det nå man skal feire tro?
Vin og kjøtt? Høres ut som kjærlighet ❤️ #argentinaflashbacks #grassfed #vitality