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πŸ”₯Hot news! Yesterday there was a live broadcast with co-founder Near Illia Polosukhin, and he said that he collects our punks (excerpt from the AMA on Russian)! We looked at his wallet and found them there. Great punks, Illia!

🧐 So, the Near co-founder has NPunks, how about you?

πŸ‘‰ Mint is available here -, and damn, punks are running out ..
πŸ”₯Today, at 19:00 UTC , a small online broadcast will take place in the telegram group of the project, where 10 people will be identified live using the website. Each of them will receive 1 random punk.

πŸŽ₯ A recording will be made, which we will then post in our social media. networks. This will be a short session just to determine the lucky ones for this drop.

πŸ‘‰ 1236 wallets are participating in the drawing.
Media is too big
πŸ‘‰ Here are the winners of our first big airdrop! And live video. πŸ‘‹

πŸš€ Tomorrow. New Year's series of unique #NPunks. Auction for Paras!

Starting price - 10 $Near.

Part of the proceeds from the sale will go to charity. The number of punks is strictly limited. Details and a link to participate - tomorrow.
❗️We just passed the mark of 7000 sold NPunks! Only 2976 pieces remain. And soon they will not be left at all. Thanks everyone, we continue!
πŸŽ„Time for a limited edition NPunks for Christmas and New Years. Auction 24 NFT on Paras has started!

πŸ‘‰ The auction is taking place here, make your suggestions!

- Every punk has a lot of uniqueness
- Every punk uses rare New Year's attributes
- Punk models are generated from scratch and are completely different from the original CryptoPunks.
- The auction will last 2 days, then the maximum bid for each lot will be selected.
- Minimum bet - 10 $NEAR
- Punks are part of the NPunks collection (10,000 NFT).
- Part of the proceeds from the sale will go to charity.

Offers are accepted until 12/27/21 12 UTC

To make an offer: go to the auction by the link, click on the link with the name "See details" of the punk you like, then on the "Place an offer" button.
Hey! The last guys from the collection were put up for auction. The first auction went without them, as some might have noticed.

But now they are available and you can place a bet. Those who did not have time or confused the time and could not participate in the first auction is your way.

Bets are accepted until 20:00 UTC
πŸŽ„ Dear and cool punks! Our project wishes you high in life, successful investment, Lamborghini's fleet and success in everything! Happy New Year 2022!
😎 Hi Punks! Soon we are returning from a New Year's holiday and continue to actively develop our project. Our community is growing, developing, offering ideas, and it's amazing!

Pleasant and useful updates are waiting for you during the month. And, of course, with sold out will come the drop that everyone is waiting for so much.

πŸ‘‰ The punks of our unique sub-collection will go to everyone who has crushed 10 or more punks.

❗️ Mint as always goes here -

Brief statistics of sales and metrics of social networks at the moment:

- 1202 punks out of 10,000 left
- 10 Zombies, 1 Alien, 3 Apes Left
- Discord 1090 people, Twitter 1626 people, TG 1560 people

We're just getting started. The main words of our project are: honesty, development, community.

There is a lot of work ahead, updates. Stay in touch and remember, our NFTs are not just pictures.πŸ›«
😎Good morning punks! Do you know when it's doubly kind? When the update of the project site is released.

- Added My punks page where you can see which punks you currently have in your wallet.
- A profile panel has been added to the top menu, which displays your wallet balance and a link to the My punks page
- Updated Roadmap
- Minor fixes have been carried out

Don't forget to clear the site cache.
πŸ₯³ And now some more news, triple good morning!

The number of minted NPunks has exceeded the mark of 9000, and the last thousand, or rather, the last 950 punks have gone!

Who else thinks or doubts, you can always ask your questions in our group and mint a punk on while they are still there.

After the sale of all punks, owners of 10 or more punks are waiting for a cool drop of a special sub-collection of punks, which can only be obtained by drop.

We are confidently moving along the roadmap, and we are already considering further development of the project after its successful completion. Projects where the owners of punks will get their bonuses.
❗️ There are only 723 punks out of 10,000 left!

Among them: 8 zombies, 5 apes, 1 alien

Have time to crunch, there is little time left

πŸ›« From the nearest road map plans: staking, market. From the long-term - the launch of a large project using punks.

A party of punks is waiting for you!
❗️Friends! We are happy to announce that all available punks have been minted and now a new stage of development of our project is coming. Thanks to everyone who purchased our NFT! You are amazing! We are the first largest NFT collection on Near!

πŸ“† Soon we will:
- arrange the distribution of our unique subcollection "BOTS" to all owners of 10 or more punks.
- pay referral bonuses
- let's summarize the results of the first part of the meme contest
- create a separate chat for the owners of punks
- let's arrange some more activities

πŸ›« Thank you, and, in touch!
⚠️ Punks! NFT is good, but safety must always be remembered! For mint, it was required to disable 2FA, as you remember. We remind you to reconnect. And who did not put it - a reason to think about putting it.

We are now preparing everything for the drop and expect to announce the list of wallets that will receive it tomorrow. So that no one is missed. πŸ‘‹
πŸ›« Punks! Are you ready to drop the "Bots" punk sub-collection for 10+ punks owners? These guys are getting ready to join the collection and stand in a row with zombies, aliens, apes.

πŸ‘‰Check yourself in this list. All wallets that will receive a drop are marked there. The first letter of each wallet is replaced with *.

❗️Owners of wallets of this type "15a237920a0262605fcc1fd9..." - write @nearpunk. Otherwise you won't be able to get a drop.

If you haven't found yourself - write to @nearpunk
1800 NPunks owners on the planet! This is slightly less than in the Polygon network (2.2K) and more than in the Solana network (1.6K).
πŸ›« Payments to punks-referrers! 781 Near in total were sent to 117 wallets 10 minutes ago. If you have attracted people, check your wallet.

Thank you for your contribution to the development of the project!
Hello punk owners and not only! In the near future, we plan to enter trading platforms. Which one do you think should go to the pepper queue? Before answering, we advise you to look at both markets.
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