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Do you what is a hook in WordPress?
There are two types of hooks available in WP, Action Hooks and Filter Hooks.

Actions hooks can perform an action before, after or middle of another function execution.

Filter hooks can modify data in WordPress, for example when you want to modify a post's title or content you can use related filter hooks.

Learn how to use Action and Filter Hooks in WordPress.

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SQL Joins Visualization
Did you know developers can extend WordPress Posts Query and include custom data to each post item?

For example, it's possible to create a custom table for post views in database, then include a view counter field in post items.

Read my new tutorial for advanced WP developers:

How to Extend WordPress Posts Query and Join Custom Tables?

You can use examples in this tutorial to create a DIY post view counter plugin.

Here is the Roadmap that you can use to navigate to every chapter of this tutorial:

🥇Chapter 1: WP Way of Handling Post Storage in Database

🥈Chapter 2: Extend and Modify Posts Query in WordPress

🥉Chapter 3: Build a Post View Counter by Extending Posts Query

🏅Chapter 4: Tips for Extending WordPress Posts Query

🏆Final Chapter: Resources to Learn about the Posts Query

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#WordPress Statistics in Winter of 2022
#Laravel Statistics in Winter of 2022
When i started writing my recently published tutorial about WordPress absint() function, I did not expect it to be this much surprising, even for myself!

absint() supposed to get a number, and convert it to positive in return.

But this simple function may return unexpected results based on your passed value.

For example, absint() also accepts string data type.
But what happens if you pass a non-numeric string?
Or a mixed string of numbers and characters?
Can absint() function calculate math operation inside a string?
What about array elements or object?

To find answers of these questions (and many more!) checkout the examples at the bottom of my tutorial about this function.
Blogging tips: how to write an eye-catching headline for blog posts

Are you a blogger? Check out these pages for the best words for your next post's headline.

Power Words:
The use of powerful words can evoke strong emotions and motivate people to take action as a result.
In most cases, they are short, descriptive words that emphasize a particular point or action.
The following are some examples of power words in English: "amazing," "incredible," "astonishing," and "unbelievable,"
List of 171 Power Words

Emotional Words:
Words such as happy, sad, angry, and surprised are used to describe our inner emotional states.
These words are used to communicate our feelings to others and help us to express how we’re feeling.
List of 267 Emotional Words

Common Words:
These words are used frequently in everyday communication and are essential for forming sentences and expressing ideas.
For instance, words like 'the', 'a', 'an', 'and', 'but', 'or', 'because' are common words in English.
List of 59 Common Words

Uncommon Words:
Uncommon words in English are those words that are used rarely in everyday conversations.
These words are not usually found in headlines.
List of 53 Uncommon Words

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