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Forwarded from Raheem Kassam
“Hold my kombucha!” shrieks Susan Wolfson (an English teacher at somewhere called Princeton) who writes for the bottomless well of shit-takes known as The Atlantic.

“Byron, Shelley, and Now Zelensky.”

Yes, I felt you shudder. But we’re in this together:
Forwarded from Raheem Kassam
“Zelensky’s theatrics amounted to prolonging the suffering at a cost to his own people and to the U.S. taxpayer. By the by, you’re up to at least $55 billion at this point, which you could’ve spent building Trump’s border wall about six times over.”
Forwarded from Raheem Kassam
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You know the gas tax gimmick is risible when even CNN airs *Obama* blasting it as a tactic to get politicians through an election, not the public through the summer.

Forwarded from Raheem Kassam
"If you’re squeamish about language, probably click away now. Because here I am, at my desk, at 7pm in the evening, in nought but a towel, writing about this useless old twat who grifts from the coffers of the widow of Steve Jobs."
Forwarded from Raheem Kassam
This study and its associated reporting made me chuckle. So I thought I’d make YOU chuckle. Come have a GOOD OLD CHUCKLE:
Forwarded from Raheem Kassam
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