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Forwarded from James Reynolds
Government agrees to a higher 25% cut in Agri carbon emissions that will decimate the Irish agricultural sector undermining food production capacity at a time when global food scarcity is a real prospect because of the ongoing War in Ukraine, international sanctions on Russian fertiliser and grain and an outbreak of Foot and Mouth Disease in Australia that effectively shuts down Australian beef and sheepmeat exports.

This will result in a cull in the National suckler and dairy herds resulting in job losses throughout Rural Ireland coupled with increased consumer food prices at a time when the official CPI inflation rate is in excess of 9%.
Forwarded from Justin Barrett
Our system chiefs would like us to think of identification with our own nation and support for its interests as an ideology, a political program up for debate and a matter of opinion. Nationality as a legalism with an evolving definition, a matter to be legislated for. That cannot be true, it is self evidently not, but the whole globalist paradigm rests on it. In the first instance it provides that the individual may shirk his political and social responsibilities, while maintaining a claim of rights and the government of the day decides what constitutes the Nation. In the second the relationship of persons is regulated by a “social contract” not a moral imperative or a binding duty. It suggests something renounceable or attainable by effort and involving a quid pro quo of some kind.

The Nation is not a formula, it is fact. The fact of belonging is a moral imperative. It is by birth and blood, it is ethnic, tribal even, and needs to make no argument for its existence or nature except strong declaration by a people of the bloodline. It is ethnic insofar as it is more exclusive than race, not because it shies away. It is hereditary, it cannot be earned, won, bought or lost. It is absolute, the national right to call upon its people individually and collectively for the final sacrifice if necessary is not deniable on the base of a choice. The political ideology that serves the Nation is good, the political ideology which would undermine it is bad, that is how we may see it more clearly but at no time is the Nation subservient. It is all, it is more than all.

We are republican when the republic serves Ireland just as we were Gaelic monarchist too in it’s day. We are as far to the Right as we need to be which nowadays is quite far, but knowing that nationality is not to be found on a spectrum.

We are, they are not, a truth for all time everywhere.

If this all sounds shocking it is only to the extent that materialist calculations have warped, even subverted, our understanding of the reality and purpose of life itself. First, we will be Gaelic as we have always been, we will not argue with idiots who say there is no such thing; then we will be a free people and we will not argue either with the idiots that say this cannot be in the “modern” world. We adopt a definite pollical program in order to direct us to these goals, in order to give the will to these things corporeal form. The ideology is not the essence The essence is Ireland. Our land. Always.
There are two direct provision centres nearby if you didn't already know... #Remigration
*Gombeen employers want cheap foreign labour

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#BuaNóBás #AllForIreland
Does Ireland need more immigration? The National Party says NO! #Remigration
National Party members in Cork were campaigning and leafleting this weekend. Get active with the NP in your local area. Contact us or join online at

#JoinTheNP #ResetToNationalism
National Party members in Tyrone met up this weekend to discuss local Party activity. To get involved with the NP in your county contact us or join online at

#JoinTheNP #ResetToNationalism
Forwarded from Dáithí de Búrca
But I thought supply and demand had no effect on housing? That's what they tell us when it comes to immigration...
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True Irish nationalism needs to be supported. No apologies. No excuses. Bua nó Bás! Victory or Death!
It's not enough to just halt immigration. We need to reverse it! #Remigration
A meeting of the National Party this weekend addressed by Ceannaire Justin Barrett and Cork cumainn leader Daithí Ó Scannláin.