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New Helpers

We are looking for members who are knowledgeable in using certain kinds of content from Myrient in emulators and on real systems to assist other members in our Discord server. If this applies to you, please join the server and ask a moderator to be assigned the corresponding helper role. You will also receive access to the helper channel.

The role(s) you receive will be pinged by members who need assistance. We also ask that you are generally active on Discord.
Occasional HTTP 500 Errors

We have investigated and resolved the cause of occasional HTTP 500 errors when accessing the Files page.
Increased HTTP 500 Errors and Site, FTP, rsync, and WebDAV Slowness

We are currently investigating an increase in HTTP 500 errors and site, FTP, rsync, and WebDAV slowness.

Resolved - This incident has been resolved.
Maintenance on Download Server 9

Download server 9 is undergoing maintenance. Download servers 19 and 24 may be slower than usual during this time. Your patience is appreciated.

Resolved - Maintenance on the affected server has concluded.
Site, FTP, rsync, and WebDAV Slowness

We have investigated and resolved the cause of website, FTP, rsync, and WebDAV slowness. Your downloads may have been interrupted.
Maintenance on Download Server 24

Download server 24 is undergoing maintenance. Download server 19 may be slower than usual during this time. Your patience is appreciated.

Resolved - Maintenance on the affected server has concluded.
Service Outage

We experienced a failure in the content backend causing a service outage for approximately three hours.

We will work to improve the reliability of Myrient in the coming days. We apologize for the inconvenience caused.
Some Sets Unavailable

Some sets will be unavailable to download while we identify and replace misbehaving hardware causing downtime previously. We are working to keep as much content up as possible during this time. Users may also have issues downloading via FTP, rsync, and WebDAV. Thank you for your patience.

Update - The following sets are affected:
- Sony - PlayStation 1
- Sony - PlayStation 1 - BIOS Images
- Sony - PlayStation 1 - SBI Subchannels
- Sony - PlayStation 2
- Sony - PlayStation 2 - BIOS Images
- Sony - PlayStation Portable

These sets will become available for download once the maintenance is completed.

Resolved - Maintenance on the affected hardware has concluded and the sets previously mentioned were restored.
Network Issue - FTP/rsync Server 3

A network issue impacting FTP/rsync server 3 has caused it to become unavailable. We have removed it from service until it becomes available again. If you were using this server to download content, please check your downloads as they were interrupted.

Resolved - Network connectivity has been restored and the affected server was put back into service.
Download Managers Being Blocked

We identified and resolved an issue where users using download managers/multiple connections to download content via the website were being blocked for a short time.
Maintenance on FTP & rsync Servers

We are currently performing maintenance on the FTP & rsync servers. Users may experience disconnections during downloads during this time.

Resolved - Maintenance on the FTP & rsync servers have concluded.
Maintenance on Website

Network maintenance is currently being performed on the website. The FTP and rsync endpoints are unaffected.

Resolved - Maintenance has concluded and the website is back online.
Maintenance on All Erista Services

We will be performing scheduled maintenance to all Erista services on 24 November 2022 between 04:00 and 07:00 UTC. Traffic may be routed to alternate infrastructure; however, there may be a possibility of long-running downloads started from now until the maintenance period being interrupted.

Resolved - The scheduled maintenance was successfully finished.
FTP/rsync Server 1 Availability Issue

We resolved an issue where users were unable to list or download content from FTP/rsync server 1.
Massive Speed Improvements

For a long time, hShop and Myrient were quite slow to access from outside of Europe, particularly in North America.

We at Erista not only have a desire to preserve as much video game content as possible but also give our users the fastest download speeds.

That is why after much maintenance and testing on our servers and network over the past few weeks, we have finally fixed the issues causing slow throughput. You should now be able to download content at faster speeds than before, no matter where you are in the world.

If you are still getting slow download speeds, please let us know.

Improvements to Myrient

- (Website) Content listings on the website now load faster than before.
- (Uploading Fixes) Added a file list showing fixes already uploaded by other users to prevent the uploading of duplicates.