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High Site Traffic - Update

Many of you may have noticed that download speeds were slower than usual and large content listings failed to load this past week due to the largest demand for content since Myrient's inception. Over the last few days, we have been working to deploy more servers and bandwidth to alleviate the performance issues with 100% of the upgrade costs paid out of pocket and 0% paid using advertisements, subscriptions, or other means of monetization. Thank you for your patience.

We are happy to announce that the deployment has been completed and the issues should be resolved. Myrient is now capable of serving 7 petabytes of content per month.
Network Connectivity Issues

- This incident was resolved at 10:00 UTC.

Investigating - Our upstream is aware and investigating issues with routing.

Identified - We have identified network connectivity issues that may cause slow speeds and affect service reachability.
Fiber Cable Fault

- The fiber cable has been repaired and Myrient is back to running at full capacity.

Identified - Yesterday, a fault occurred in the fiber cable that links Myrient's servers to the primary IX causing slow download speeds, packet loss, and intermittent loss of connectivity to all users worldwide.

Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do except wait for the cable to be repaired. We apologize for the inconvenience.
Myrient Service Updates

Hello @ everyone! I would like to share with you recent updates to Myrient.

Faster Download Speeds

We have increased Myrient's bandwidth by another 10 Gbit/s, once again improving download speeds and directory loading times.

Myrient's total network capacity is now 30 Gbit/s, or 10 petabytes per month.

Traffic Statistics

Last 30 days: 4.93 PB
Since launch: 7.72 PB

That is 25 and 40 times the current size of all content on Myrient respectively!

A New Method to Upload Fixes

We have implemented the ability to upload fixes via FTP. This method replaces the web uploader, allowing users to upload massive amounts of fixes with less errors.

New Collections

TOSEC and its auxiliaries TOSEC-ISO and TOSEC-PIX have been added to Myrient and users can now contribute fixes for those collections.

Fundraising Campaign

Myrient has become a victim of its own success and we are no longer able to pay for the monthly operating costs in their entirety out of pocket. It is for this reason that we are now accepting donations to cover monthly expenses associated with serving content at such a large scale.

With bandwidth being the most expensive monthly operating cost, we would rather scale that down than monetize the website with advertisements. A decrease of bandwidth will noticeably impact download speeds and performance.

As a service that does not impose advertisements, download limits, or wait times on its users, Myrient uses a massive amount of bandwidth to serve over 5 petabytes of content per month. We continually increase bandwidth with demand whenever we financially can to keep download speeds high.

We do not make a profit from Myrient in any way and keeping it free of ads and limits is not possible without your support.

Current monthly operating costs and donation information can be found on the Donate page of the website or in the #donate channel in our Discord server.
Slow Download Speeds

- This incident has been resolved.

Monitoring - We have found a probable root cause, implemented a fix, and are monitoring the results.

Update - The affected server went offline again. We will continue to investigate the issue.

Identified - Earlier today, users experienced slower download speeds than usual due to downtime on one of our servers, leading to a loss of capacity. The server is back online and download speeds should be back to normal. We apologize for the inconvenience.
New Content Backend

In the interest of increasing our bandwidth while keeping monthly costs at a reasonable amount, we will experiment with using a new content backend later this week. This will theoretically mean faster download speeds without a download manager, more efficient content management, and much larger collections being made available in the future.

We will implement the new backend on the website before switching all other aspects of Myrient to it as well, that is, the FTP and rsync servers if the test is a success. Thank you for your patience and continued support while we resolve any issues that may arise as a result.
Network Connectivity Issues

- This incident has been resolved.

Monitoring - Our upstream has recovered and we are monitoring the results.

Identified - We have identified issues with network connectivity. Users may not be able to access Myrient during this time.
Modification Times Inconsistent Between Servers

- This issue has been resolved and download speeds are back to normal.

Identified - We have identified an issue where the modification times of certain content is different between servers. This causes issues when using rsync and other tools to interact with Myrient's content.

Users may encounter slower download speeds than usual due to the resource contention associated with implementing an initial fix. We apologize for the inconvenience.
Network Connectivity Issues

Resolved - An error occurred during network maintenance at our upstream which caused all Erista services to become unreachable for a short time yesterday.

This incident has since been resolved.
Network Connectivity Issue

- This incident has been resolved.

Monitoring - Due to a network issue at our upstream, users experienced slower download speeds than usual for a short time today. We are continuing to monitor for additional downtime.
Expired SSL Certificates

- An error in our automation caused the site and FTP servers' SSL certificates to not renew correctly and we were not aware of this until they expired several hours ago. The certificates have been renewed and this issue has been resolved. We apologize for the inconvenience.

If you are still having issues accessing Myrient, clear your browser's cache and try again.
Myrient Blocked by Antivirus

Identified - We have identified an issue where some users with an antivirus installed on their device or network are not able to access Myrient. If you are affected, please contact us and state what antivirus you are using so we can investigate further.
Slow Download Speeds

Resolved - Around the same time that the SSL certificates expired, download speeds became slower than usual due to routing issues in Europe. This incident has been resolved.
Slow Download Speeds

- This incident has been resolved.

Identified - We have just been informed that network maintenance is currently ongoing, which means Myrient is running on decreased bandwidth capacity and download speeds are therefore slower than usual. We apologize for the inconvenience.
Slow Download Speeds

- Content sync has completed and performance is back to normal.

Update - Download speeds will be slower for the next 20 hours while content is being synced to all servers. Your patience is appreciated.
FTP & rsync Endpoints Offline

Resolved - The FTP and rsync endpoints went offline for approximately four hours due to a DNS issue that occurred during a server migration.

This incident was resolved an hour ago.
JDownloader, Free Download Manager, and DownThemAll connection and multithreading issues

- This incident has been resolved. We recommend using Motrix (free and open source) or Internet Download Manager (paid) for the most consistent and fastest downloading experience.

Identified - The issue has been identified and a fix is being implemented.

Investigating - We are investigating an issue where some JDownloader, Free Download Manager, and DownThemAll users seem rate limited and are unable to utilize multiple download threads.
Technical Issues

We owe you an explanation regarding technical issues you may have encountered for months, in particular:
- Slow download speeds on certain servers
- Directories taking a long time to load
- Downloads taking a long time to start
- Content synchronization delays between servers, causing files to disappear and reappear upon reloading the page
- Content synchronization causing high load, and subsequently download speeds, to become very slow

All of that is due to limited funding, none of which involved any form of monetization, to upgrade our infrastructure in addition to pricing changes from our hosting provider. Because we could not afford to add hardware for quite some time, our current servers started to become overloaded frequently.

What we are doing to resolve them

We are pleased to announce that earlier this month, we were finally able to secure new hardware and migrate over 210TB of data from more than 30 servers. This also commenced the deployment of a new content backend with the goal to attain as much performance as possible out of all available funding each month. Our testing found that it resulted in much faster downloads, directory loading times, and content synchronization.

On September 11, users of the website were able to begin using the new content backend. Next week, we will deploy it to all FTP and rsync servers, with imports resuming by the end of this month. Thank you very much to everyone who donated; without your support, this would not have been possible. If all goes well, Myrient will be back to its usual high performance.

Upload Server Migration

A migration of the upload server is in progress. As a result, uploads may continue to fail and upload directories may continue to not load until it is complete. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

Traffic Statistics

Last 24 hours: 213.05 TB
Last 7 days: 1.49 PB
Last 30 days: 6.1 PB
Since launch (October 2022): 49.23 PB
JDownloader, Free Download Manager, DownThemAll limited connections issue

Resolved - We have applied another fix to address an issue where JDownloader, Free Download Manager, and DownThemAll were limited to one connection when downloading certain content. Users of these applications are now able to use more than one connection when downloading all content.
FTP and rsync servers offline

- FTP and rsync servers are back online and we are monitoring for issues.

Investigating - FTP and rsync servers are offline until further notice.