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Busy Boyfriend Makes Chatbot To Reply His GF; She Ends Up Sending It 300 Texts A Day 📲
Young Man Steals $150k Of Rolex Watches From Far East Plaza, Gets Called “Good-Looking” By Shopkeeper 😅
Singaporean Artist Turns Your MRT Ride To Marsiling Into A Voyage To Mars 👨🏼‍🚀
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Taobao’s GSS Sale Has Up To 70% Off On Home Appliances & Gadgets When You Buy With A Friend

SBS Driver Stops Bus To Give Construction Workers Bread; Teaches Us The Value Of Kindness 🙌🏼
Do you even durian bro? 😂
Good morning. Here's a round-up of this week's top stories:

1. Fake $50 And $100 Notes Are Going Around Singapore, Warns Police 💵

Watch out for fake $50 & $100 notes.

2. Starfresh Bottled Water Recalled In S’pore; Bacteria Found Causes Rashes & Pneumonia 😨

Avoid drinking Starfresh mineral water for your safety.

3. S’pore Diver Was Stranded At Sea For 4 Days; He Drank Pee & Talked To His Rolex To Stay Alive 🤕

This man survived 4 days at sea and 7 days in the ICU.

4. Smokers At Bedok Flat Corridor Caught 12 Times By Thermal Cam, NEA Tells Resident To Investigate 🚬

NEA's thermal cameras caught 12 smoking incidents outside a Bedok flat.

5. S’pore Company Riway’s ‘Cancer-Curing’ Health Supplement Is A Scam, Warns HSA 💊

Riway's claims of curing multiple diseases are fake.
Jewel Changi Sky Nets Mishap Leaves Woman With Bloody Gash; She Warns Parents To Be Careful 😨
Man Kills Fishes In A Tank Using Mysterious White Powder, Shop Owner Appeals For Help 🐟
Han Hui Hui Delivers Baby; Inadvertently Supports PAP’s Childbirth Campaign 👶🏻
New ERP System Will Charge Drivers By Distance Travelled From 2020 🚘
Beautiful Pastel Sunset In S’pore On 16 Jun Got Everyone Catching The Feels 🌅
JB’s Paradigm Mall Now Accepts Nets So S’poreans Need Not Worry When They Run Out Of Ringgit 💳
M’sian Man’s Phone Explodes On His Chest After He Leaves It To Charge In Bed 💥
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Burger King Has A New Kopi Pie And Chilli Cheese Nuggets
Singapore's First And Only Refugee Camp

In 1978, Singapore was home to over 30,000 Vietnamese seeking refuge from Communists.

Here's the untold story of a refugee camp that once existed in Singapore.
Indomie Air Jordan Shoes By S’pore Artist Are Every Instant Noodle Fan’s Dream Sneakers 👟
First-Aider Helps Injured Rider In BKE Accident, Teaches Us Proper First Aid For Victims 🤕
MacPherson Warehouse Sale Has Up To 90% Off PS4 & Switch Games 🎮