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We're super happy to count two new members in our team, @AlexBK1407 in customer support and @Sigri44 in operations!

They are also in the mod team of our German and French speaking Telegram groups, say hello on:

We're excited to introduce you today to Sébastien Moret, our new COO and Head of Legal, who was also elected as a new member of our board of directors last week during our annual general meeting.

Welcome to the team @Seb267 !

Read more about his background on:
June 2021 recap

Not a big surprise, with the sudden halt of the bull run activity for Bitcoin, Ether and other cryptocurrencies was down (with the exception of BNB), while stablecoins were considerably up.

The foreign currency of the month was HKD, go Hong Kong! 🇭🇰

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Introducing new EUR, GBP and CHF stablecoins

We're excited to announce today our partnership with DeFi project and launch their new EUR, GBP and CHF stablecoins on Bridge Wallet!

🔥 The jEUR, jGBP and jCHF are now live in the "Currencies" tab of your wallet on Ethereum.

💰 You can buy and withdraw them 1-for-1 by bank transfer starting today with Bridge Wallet.

💰 The purchases and cash outs of the first $2 million of jFiats with Bridge Wallet will be completely free of charge, whatever the amount transferred!

🔬 The jFiats are synthetic stablecoins: they are not backed by an off-chain fiat reserve but instead maintain their price via a peg mechanism with the USDC.

💧 By being linked to the USDC and redeemable with it, they directly benefit from its vast liquidity and deep integration within the ecosystem.

💱 They can be exchanged between them or with USDC without price slippage on

Read more about the jFiats >
Tomorrow at 5pm (CET) we will receive @Pascal_Tallarida from @jarvisnetwork on our YouTube channel for an open discussion where we will answer all your questions about the new jCHF, jEUR and jGBP stablecoins that we have launched in Bridge Wallet!

🗓 Save the date:

✍️ You can already start posting your questions there in the right side chat window!
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Launching DeFi Bitcoin on Bridge Wallet

You can now use Bridge Wallet to get Bitcoin on more networks and enjoy the no.1 cryptocurrency with the entire DeFi ecosystem!

🔸 Buy WBTC by bank transfer on Ethereum, Polygon and xDai

🔸 Buy BTCB on Binance Smart Chain

🔸 Sell WBTC/BTCB and withdraw funds in 25 currencies on your bank account

See all available currencies with WBTC >

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ℹ️ If you had manually added WBTC or BTCB to your wallet previously, you will need to remove them to access the new on/off-ramp features.
The EUR, CHF and GBP stablecoins by Jarvis are now available on the Polygon network in Bridge Wallet!

💶 Buy jFiats 1 for 1 without any fees, receive them directly on your Polygon wallet

💶 Convert jFiats back in fiat 1 for 1 on your bank account directly from Polygon

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ℹ️ Delayed transactions

Due to gas price volatility this morning, the delivery of crypto purchases below CHF 500 (or equivalent) on Ethereum is taking longer than usual and we will be processed as soon as possible. Please note that this doesn't negatively impact the exchange rates applied to your purchases.

Thank you for your patience and understanding!
Chapter 4 - Public key, private key and seed phrases

🎓 Our educational series on blockchain and cryptocurrencies is back!

🔑 For this 4th chapter, we dive into the "crypto" part of cryptocurrency: how public keys, private keys and seed phrases work.

📖 Read on:

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Chapter 5 - Storing crypto assets

🎓 In this latest chapter of our educational series on blockchain and cryptocurrencies, we guide you through everything you need to know about crypto storage and the best safety practices for self-custody.

📖 Read on:

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🔥 The Jarvis jFiat yield program has launched on Polygon

👨‍🌾 You can therefore use Bridge Wallet to get EUR, CHF or GBP directly on Polygon without any fees and participate in that program, which will last for 2 months.

ℹ️ You will find all useful info about how it works on the Jarvis blog:

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Chapter 6 - The different types of crypto wallets

🎓 Web, mobile, desktop, hardware, paper, brain... Crypto wallets come in many shapes and forms, we explain what they all are and how to use them in the latest chapter of our crypto 101 series!

📖 Read on:

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