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The Aadhimalai Pazhangudiyinar Producer Company Ltd is run by the tribal people of the Nilgiris, with 1609 indigenous shareholders. Almost 90 percent of employees are tribal women.
Cities across the world are expanding and with this comes the need for more energy consumption, informal settlements, and increased climate vulnerabilities.
At the recent climate conference COP26 in Glasgow, the last day of the two-week conference was dedicated to Cities and Built Environments, where discussions about urban resilience dominated the conversations.
While the world as we know it has changed, following the coronavirus pandemic, what hasn’t changed is starting the new year with hope and optimism. Even as we approach 2022 with apprehension and uncertainty, we wish each other a “happy new year” in all sincerity. It is this optimism that we celebrate in Mongabay-India’s Eco Hope series.
Veteran journalist Atul Deulgaonkar’s new book, Greta Calling: Can You Hear Me? comprises an excellent compilation of facts about climate activist Greta Thunberg and her journey from a lone kid camping outside the Swedish Parliament to a global icon. The book, published in Marathi and translated to English by Madhukar Deshpande, also provides clear and concise statistics (albeit without detailed footnotes) to give the reader a clear idea of just how bad things are at the moment, in terms of climate change and politics.
While mahua was once seen in Mumbai, over the years, deforestation for urban growth, space constraints and the fact that mahua takes more than a decade to flower, have limited the spread of this species in Mumbai. A citizen’s group is undertaking plantation of the mahua tree for its varied benefits.