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Today, on July 3, 11:30 am CDT, our partner Stephen Wolfram is going to give a presentation about “Physics meets distributed consensus.” It will be informative and fun, so don't miss it!

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Unlike machines, people hate repetitive tasks. Creating new profiles and managing them for every online service is tiresome. Could it be just one instead?

We're working on the reusable digital identity where you don't have to multiply the same profiles again and again. Instead, you share a part of your profile needed for sign up—and that's it. It's like a social login with a very important difference—you are the one who fully owns and controls it.
Everything has a price. Here's how much Americans would like to be paid for their data.
Good work by Wolfram 👏 They have released a new version of Wolfram Language which makes encrypting information a straightforward process. You can learn how to achieve that in their blog
53% of users 65+ years old won't share data with companies for financial compensation. For younger people aged 18-24, it's not that big deal: only 27% of them wouldn't sell their data.

What's that: experience or distorted perception of how the internet actually works?
The definition of personal data is quite broad. Data is usually a record of some interactions. Your birth certificate says almost as much about you as it says about your parents. The value of your Facebook profile is strongly connected with who your friends are. Your Telegram chat with a friend has two equal data subjects: the friend and you.

Who shall be an owner of this data? When does your personal data become personal data of someone else?
More than 70% of internet users don't trust social media companies and are uncomfortable with their data being collected.

Still, not uncomfortable enough to stop using them.
Monetha Identity app offers advanced data privacy and data security to its users. But what’s the difference between them?
Some of the core features to look forward to in Monetha's app:

Security - Protect your personal data and identity from attackers.

Privacy - Exchange data without intermediary.

Self-Sovereignty - Control your data and Identity. Choose what data, how and where you want to use it.

Reusability - Reuse your profile for quick and simple onboarding to different services.
Hello Monethians!

We are happy to tell you that we have finished the initial version of our brand new Data Encryption & Exchange Protocol for the upcoming Monetha Identity app. The protocol allows users to share any data with others in a completely safe way.

We'll be sharing more details soon!
The Monetha Identity app is now available for iOS and Android!

This is an early version with basic functionality. However, you can already start using it to build your own digital profile. Your data is encrypted and stored on your device and IPFS. No one else, including Monetha, doesn't have access to your data unless you explicitly share it with particular users.

We will get back with more information about upcoming development and more detailed overview of our plans for the project by the end of the month.


Time to sum up the results of 2020. No one would argue that it's been a challenging year. Despite that, we have significantly reinforced the team and continued our work on the technology and market validation throughout the year.

We focused on the Monetha Identity application. It was much more than only a technical challenge as we stepped out from being a payment gateway and had to find a new market niche — digital identity. To some extent, it has always been in the core of our Monetha platform, although the payments were the main value proposition.

In 2021 we aim to go further with the Monetha Identity and the concept of data exchange. Our goal is to let users utilize personal data as a valuable everlasting asset and improve online interactions. Currently, users can get discounts in online shops for sharing their data.

We are working on extending the benefits users may get — paybacks, personalized customer experience, free delivery, etc.

As a result of such business-customer interaction, companies unlock huge benefits of data-driven decisions and users keep control of their digital fingerprints.

Be in charge of your personal data!

Andrey Ruckij, CTO
The Alpha version of the Monetha Identity application includes basic functionality — manage and exchange your data. It can track and store geographical data, network data, social profiles, and basic profile data.

When it comes to personal data, privacy and security is a must. In the Monetha Identity app, all user data is encrypted and stored directly on a device and IPFS, meaning that only a user can access the data. Neither Monetha nor anyone else can see it unless you explicitly share it with someone.

The core of the app is our secure data exchange protocol. It ensures that data will not be exposed or compromised during the transfer. Users can share all their data or only a small part of it with others, either for unlimited time or only a specific period. You can track the data exchanges within the app.
The MTH token is one of the essential parts of Monetha. Naturally, we wanted to make sure that it's not left out of our newly developed Identity application's ecosystem.

The Monetha Identity's idea is to give users full control over their digital profiles and let them leverage their data in multiple ways. The primary one is "earning while shopping." We've been showing how it works in our recent updates: users link their profiles to shops and get instant discounts.

Meanwhile, there is another economy layer planned to be implemented. We want users to be rewarded for building and maintaining their Monetha Identity profiles with an internal currency. In our case, it's the MTH token. A detailed design of this economy layer is what we are currently working on.

We will be keeping you updated on the process. Follow us and be the first to know the news of the Monetha Identity!
The Monetha Identity enables online shops to provide the most accurate personalization and the most rewarding customer experience to Monetha Identity users everywhere.

Read more:
A short progress update:

Our data exchange protocol has been reviewed by a team of cryptography scientists. The interim report is quite positive meaning that the protocol fulfills its function of safe and secure data exchange.

Meanwhile, we are working on a 1-year roadmap. We will make it public as soon as it's finished. ETA — March-April 2021.

We will keep you updated with the progress and other product development news, so stay tuned!
Justas Pikelis, who has been with us from the very beginning, has decided to depart from Monetha and change his focus.

The new Monetha CEO is Andrej Ruckij, who previously captained the Monetha Team as CTO. The departure of Justas will not affect our future product development plans.

Read more in the Monetha blog:
Monetha Channel pinned «Justas Pikelis, who has been with us from the very beginning, has decided to depart from Monetha and change his focus. The new Monetha CEO is Andrej Ruckij, who previously captained the Monetha Team as CTO. The departure of Justas will not affect our future…»
Monetha is hiring. Globally.

Are you a top performing developer or data engineer? Would you like to join Monetha and build the future of digital identity together with us? We may have a job for you, no matter where you are from.

We currently have open positions for:
1) Backend developers well-versed in Golang and Python.
2) Data engineers with expertise in Python and good knowledge of Golang.
3) Versatile frontend developers who are not limited to a single framework.
4) Mobile developers with a record of non-primitive projects in Flutter.

Sounds like you? Send us your CV and an introduction about yourself to