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MobiFi is the financial orchestrator for Mobility as a Service (MaaS). It provides a transparent platform with a tokenized payment system to connect mobility service providers and travellers.
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@mobi_fi, being the future-proof mobility solution aiming at creating a frictionless and #sustainable travel experience, supports Crypto Climate Accord aiming to #decarbonize the global #crypto industry.

Check out all the supporters to CCA:
@mobi_fi Early Bird Program invites you to test out our πŸ”₯ALPHA πŸ”₯version of product πŸ™‹β€β™€οΈπŸ™‹β€β™‚οΈ

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Our team is growing and we want smart and creative people who want to redefine the mobility service industry!

πŸš€MobiFi is diverse, international and we accept remote working!

πŸ‘€See open jobs HERE

We will soon announce a new ADVISOR πŸ‘©

She is an experienced senior finance executive with a proven leadership record, she held leadership positions including C-Suite at Equatex Global (globally regulated financial institution) and UBS.

Stay Tuned πŸ‘€
MobiFi is thrilled to announce our new advisor, Lisa Sennhauser, a former Managing Director from UBS.

With more than 30 years of experience, Lisa has built a solid track record in advising and coaching entrepreneurs and founders in many fields, including financial services, FinTech and startups. Lisa will act as a coach and advisor to help the #MobiFi project fulfil its vision in the #FinTech space.

Check out the report on the partnership with FINTECHNEWS.CH

To know more about Lisa and her vision with MobiFi: INTERVIEW


MobiFi is honoured to be mentioned by Automotive World with the article titled: Could tokenisation open up opportunities in MaaS?

In the article, the magazine analysed how could the blockchain technology create incentives for users to adopt greener habits by walking through MobiFi as a solid use case.

The increasing mention of the MobiFi project is a strong proof of its credibility and value proposition.

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Yudi Xu, the project lead of MobiFi is joining #CordaCon2021 held by R3!

Be sure to register for the three-day event here:

#blockchain #Finance #cryptocurrency #MobiFi $MoFi

@mobi_fi has been working hard on our product development, which we believe is the true value of our project.

#MobiFi invites you to subscribe to our YouTube channel to join us at our Alpha Product Launch LIVE on the Sep 30th, 20h!

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Some excitement on the way with our new friend IoTeX πŸ‘€

Join the TG group for more first-hand project info:

Check them out: Website I Twitter

πŸš€Fasten your seat belt as the MobiFi Q3 Product Live is COUNTINGDOWN πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

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MobiFi Q3 Product Update is NOW LIVE:

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Are you an artist who cares about the #ecology, #sustainability and the #environmentart
just as the @mobi_fi project does :) ?

Joining us with our upcoming #NFT campaign to increase the awareness of eco-commuting!

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Here is the latest information about our LP staking program.

πŸ‘‰ Make sure you unstake it before 00:00 AM CEST, Oct 6, 2021, and prepare for the coming new reward program which will be announced later, stay tuned.

MobiFi was invited to the amazing event focusing on the "Technologies that shape the future of finance" held by F10 Incubator & Accelerator and Hewlett Packard Enterprise in Geneve, representing one of the startups as Fintech Future Shaper for #Mobility. πŸ”₯

LinkedIn Post

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MobiFi is featured as one of πŸ”₯the 11 Leading The Netherlands #Fintech #StartupsπŸ”₯ by Daily Finance with its excellence in innovation, management, growth and societal impact.

The team will continue to aim for excellence and #innovate the #Mobility industry.

Read the article:

#blockchain #defi #cryptocurrency #Mobility

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The project lead of MobiFi Mr. Yudi Xu will speak at Synopsis 2021 sharing his thoughts on πŸŽ™The #NFT That Matters Beyond Art.

Don't miss the live on the OCT 13th at 12:01 UTC

πŸ‘‰Watch the live here:


πŸŽ™ Synopsis is a 5-day international summit about the key trends of crypto, DeFi, regulations, NFT, digital art, and more

πŸ” Over 60 leading industry experts from all over the world will offer viewers full immersion in the digital economy and decentralized finance

πŸ“² Watch Synopsis live on YouTube,, Verasity, and other popular streaming platforms

Organizers:, Colibri Group

πŸ‘‰ Join Synopsis now!


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πŸš€MobiFi is excited to announce its #partnership with IoTeXπŸš€

πŸ“The partnership explores how to leverage user data for #monetization in #mobility, while allowing #MobiFi 's end-users greater access to #DeFi applications on #IoTeX ecosystem.

⏰ Livestreaming between Yudi Xu (MobiFi), Larry Pang (IoTeX), Raullen Chai(IoTex) to be released soon, stay tuned to join our discussion!

Read more about the partnership:
Medium Announcement I RETWEET I LinkedIn I Instagram


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To know more about IoTeX
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MobiFi is qualified to present in the Web Summit 2021 (β€œThe best technology conference on the planet”- Forbes) in the BETA stands to demonstrate its #Fintech solution for the #Mobility and #Automotive Industry.

MobiFi is the future-proof mobility solution - aiming at connecting both public and private service providers with the decentralized world of finance to create a frictionless and #sustainable travel experience that incorporates next-generation Mobility as a Service (#MaaS) and tokenized incentives

Make sure to drop by and say hi to CEO Yudi Xu, CMO Catheine Lee, Business Development Manager Jores Merlo.



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πŸ’šSunday #MobiCafe Time β˜•οΈ

All you need to know about @mobi_fi project is explained in 5min videos.

Check it out here:



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