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The official information channel for MIND|CONSTRUCT news, events and other public information. Visit us at http://www.mindconstruct.com
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This is a test message; the official MIND|CONSTRUCT information channel is live. #mindconstruct
Today we had a great photoshoot for the new website at a fabulous location at #spoorzone Tilburg.
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The new website is nearing its completion. Here's a teaser of what the website will be about.
YES! The new website is online. Over the next few days we will test the website and see if everything is OK. After that: Public launch 😀
On the website, we added new links to articles, and now also videos, to the Pressroom page. #mindconstruct #AGI #artificialintelligence
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We just published a new Research Paper: Self-learning Symbolic AI: A critical appraisal. Please forward if you know someone who might be interested.
Tomorrow we'll host the first quarterly conference call for investors. If you are an investor and haven't been added to the conference call channel (and want to join tomorrow), drop a message to Hans Peter so we can add you in time.
Our new Research Paper "ASTRID: Bootstrapping Commonsense Knowledge" is now available. http://mindconstruct.com/files/ASTRID-Bootstrapping_Commonsense_Knowledge.pdf
WE'RE MOVING TO PRODUCTION! Over the last few months we have done extensive evaluation and selection of available technologies for the production-level implementation of the ASTRID-system. In addition we have already implemented the selected technologies and tools into our own Codedness Development Platform, and we are now in the process of porting the ASTRID technology to this new environment. Exiting times 😀
What do you do when existing database technology can't keep up with the speed of your (AGI) system?..... You design/develop and implement a whole new database paradigm that supports full-speed NON-BLOCKING updates while using a radical strategy for conflict-resolution. We did this, in just about one week of spent man-hours, thanks to our incredible development platform (Codedness) and a Functional LISP programming language (Clojure) 😎
We have update the Legal page on our website. For clarity we added information about Non Disclosure Agreements and Privacy. http://mindconstruct.com/website/legal#MODULE1.3
We are gearing up for a series-A funding round later this year. Before that round we are currently making a limited amount of company shares available for private investors. This is mainly aimed at our current investors and friends/family of those, to get in at the current price before the next valuation jump. This last seed-stage round is open for everyone interested, there are 200 shares available. You can sign up for this round until upcoming 20 May, so contact us for more info if you are interested.
Over the last month we have worked hard to implement our new CMMI Quality Control system. We are now slowly but surely working our way to CMMI Maturity Level 2 (and Level 3 in the hopefully not too distant future). This is also the organizational infrastructure needed to run our upcoming international marketing campaigns.