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This cookbook I bought for my child has an inexplicable picture of weed in it.
Recycling includes recovering titanium medical implants after cremation.
My wife and I just completed a game of jenga
The rest of the rooms on my floor have their unplugged phones and chairs in the hallway. There are two guys in suits watching over things.
This public bathroom has black lights above the toilet stalls.
My new deck of cards came with two misprinted cards
The way this wound heals forming several layers of skin rings.
This cafeteria serves both Pepsi and Coca-Cola soft drinks
Flag is raised upside down over the House Of Representatives chamber this morning.
The aglet on my coat is secured with a tiny screw
The floor of this bookstore is made with pages from books.
This 5 Leaf Clover I found
The toilet throne
The extras in my flower Lego set make a mini flower vase and flowers
As a Brit, I didn't realise phones in US toilets were still a thing... Sure no one uses them!
Someone broke into my car and took nothing, but left behind two Kraft singles in my passenger door.
Bangkok subway station shows how many calories you will burn by taking the stairs
This chair at my doctor's office looks like someone disguised as a chair.
Found an 80+ year old Tesla box at an antique store
The way this tag frayed looks like my jacket has been inhabited by a large insect.