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We've just released Python SDK 12.4.0 which contains client-side reliability improvements for large-scale applications and applications which should maintain connection with the server for a long time. This SDK version have passed our reliability tests successfully.

We recommend you to consider upgrading your apps to the new SDK version.

Similar updates for Javascript and Java will be released later in coming weeks.
We've published detailed documentation about features available in our CopyFactory trade copying API. Please check for more information if you are developing a trade copying app.
Today we released historical market data API πŸŽ‰. Now in addition to streaming real-time quotes, candles, ticks and order books you can download historical candles and ticks. Note, that this feature is currently available for G1 infrastructure only. The feature is documented in and
Today we released historical market data API support and support for streaming real-time candles and ticks for MT4 G2 accounts πŸŽ‰. MT4 G2 accounts provide access to a deeper market data compared to MT4 G1. So, enjoy a better and cheaper market data access for MT4 accounts!
We released a major update for CopyFactory API, CopyFactory 2 API πŸŽ‰.
The updated version reduces trade copying latency so that trade copying happens almost instantly ⚑ in the cloud, increases trade copying reliability πŸ’ͺ and provides some bugfixes and improvements.
Some of the new features are scalping and HFT strategies support (due to decreased latency), automatic symbol mapping for forex, metals and crypto and ability to submit trading signals via REST API or SDK.
The new version is not fully backwards compatible, so that you will need to close your positions, stop CopyFactory 1 MT accounts, add MT accounts to CopyFactory 2 and configure trade copying in CopyFactory 2.
Please note that CopyFactory 2 is still in beta, so that it makes sense to test your trade copying setup before applying it to production.
We recommend you to start migration to the latest version of CopyFactory and SDKs as CopyFactory 1 will be disabled relatively soon in the future.
If you'll have any questions, issues or suggestions feel free to contact us via online chat.
MetaStats SDK examples are now downloadable via web UI. Feel free to try out this feature.
CopyFactory 2 now supports closing positions when you remove a strategy, subscriber or a subscription. You can choose one of the following options: leave positions unmanaged, close them immediately or close them gracefully (continue copying close signals only). Feel free to try this feature in your applications.
We released a dashboard for CopyFactory 2 πŸŽ‰ which let you to use CopyFactory API just like a regular cloud trade copier, even if you have little or no coding skills.
Feel free to try this feature. You can submit your feedback via online chat.
The dashboard is quite minimalistic yet. We will be adding more features to it in coming weeks.
We are considering to deploy MetaApi application in extra locations (regions) worldwide so that you can reduce network latency for brokers located far away from New York.
Please fill a short survey below so that we can plan our activities to appropriately fulfil your needs.
We released an update to MetaStats API to make margin, CAGR, MAR and pips metrics available πŸŽ‰. In the new release you can also download trade history and open trades with duration, gain and pips metrics calculated for each trade.
We've just released an update in which we simplified the process of adding an MT account to MetaApi. πŸŽ‰ Now you can specify MT server name, account credentials and MetaApi will detect broker settings automatically. πŸ’ͺ
If earlier you've failed to figure out how to configure provisioning profile properly and failed to add your MT account or faced weird behaviour (such as trades not being copied) as a result, we urge you to try out the new feature.

P.S. If you use API to create accounts in your app, please make sure you understand and implement the API contract fully, including error handling cases, since you still need to be able to follow the "older" process of creating an account using provisioning profile in case of broker settings detection error.
Please support our project by "starring" it on github so that we can deliver exciting new features and improvements to you faster.
We released server-side trailing stop loss support and improved a feature to specify SL, TP and pending order open price in relative units. πŸŽ‰ Hope you'll like the update.
Our monitoring suggests that capacity of our current vint-hill region will end soon. Thus we will be launching a new region in New York shortly. The new region will have less than 1ms ping time to brokers located in NY.
We will be upgrading regions support in python and javascript SDKs to make transition transparent for your apps. For these SDKs you will be able to connect to all regions at the same time via a single MetaApi class instance.
We will also release regions support for Java SDK shortly. In Java SDK you will need to create separate MetaApi class instance per region.
We will announce upcoming SDK releases in our telegram channel.
Please start updating your apps now to make sure the transition will not break your apps. It makes sense to migrate the apps to the current latest SDK version at this point and then upgrade SDK one more time once we will release the pending update for the SDKs.
If you'll have any questions, please contact us via online chat.
We just released an improved API for creating MT accounts πŸŽ‰. Now you can create both live and demo MT accounts via convenient REST API and select account currency via accountType field.
We just released support for MT manager API to beta πŸŽ‰.
MT manager API can be used to access and manage MT servers and intended for use by brokers and broker partners with manager access to an MT server.
The new API is a cloud REST API at this point. User (MT account) and balance management features are included into this release. Docs are published at
The expected cost of the new API is $250/month and a trial period of 1 week is available.
Please contact us via online chat if you want to test or use the new API.
As we informed you in one of the previous messages we are reaching capacity limit in our current vint-hill region.
Thus we've launched a new region in New York and will deploy new workloads in the new region by default soon.
Please make sure that your applications work correctly in situation when accounts are distributed across several regions.
- if you use javascript SDK, please upgrade to the latest SDK 18.0.0 and test your app with the new region as appropriate
- if you use python SDK it makes sense for you to wait until next major SDK release
- if you use REST API, please make sure your app can handle new region-specific API URLs and test your app with the new region as appropriate
- if you use Java SDK please upgrade to the latest SDK and test your app with the new region as appropriate
Feel free to contact us via online chat if you have any questions.
We've just released our London region to public. πŸŽ‰ The new location provides less than 1ms latency ⚑ to brokers located in London. We've used latest powerful hardware for setting up this region, so the service internal latency is reduced as well πŸ’ͺ, just like in the existing New York region.
We released a python SDK update. The update includes cross-region support, performance and stability improvements.
❗Please start upgrading your applications. SDKs prior to 19.x will be disabled in a couple of months.
We just released risk management API to beta. πŸŽ‰
The API can be used to enforce trade risk restrictions, execute competitions or challenges by proprietary trading firms like FTMO.
During beta the API is free to use.
Documentation is available at