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You can't afford to mess up your polity preparation because that is something everyone works hard upon. On second number comes economy. These two are low hanging fruits.
It seems like current affairs is everyone's nightmare
And right so
With so many sources and topics, one is bound to get overwhelmed with enormity
Moreover even after reading 8000+ pages of current affairs, chances are that very less will be asked from that. Moreover, how to recall all that your read in those 8000+ pages
There is an irony here, and that is that those who target to cover everything miss everything
Best strategy is to identify high probability topics and read them in depth and leave others. You need to learn to understand how upsc frames questions, what topics they choose, how much depth they desire and so on. And without understanding all this, you will merely be trying to swim across a vast ocean.
Now how to do that?
Either get yourself mentors, or do it yourself by carefully going through previous 10 year questions that have been asked in UPSC CSE.
One saves you time and the other saves you money
But the point is: learn to prepare the right way and do it all the right way.
Have a good day
Interesting fodder for GS
May current affairs for prelims 2021 is out
Do check it out
June 2021 current affairs is out now. Check it out before prelims
We wish you all the very best for your prelims. Don't miss to apply your knowledge and common sense to solve problems. Stay calm and be positive. Manage your time well. Good luck to you.
Very tough paper this year
I believe if you can score 80+, you should be good for mains. An ideal attempt could be 51+ questions. With success rate of 80 percent, the score should be around 85+. As i said, those who would rely on core basics would score better.
Those who went for current affairs will be suffering