10 Top Secrets only MarkScan Asshole Fan understand 😳

1. MarkScan is Indian De Facto Virtual Company and not US nor European Law Jurisdiction Attorney Firm

2. MarkScan is paid by Sony Entertainment India, it is not Sony Inc USA

3. Bad Google Map Reviews is his Medal Prize

4. Physical Office Address is hidden, can't be found by visitor

5. Make false copyright infringement claim score is super higher than helping his own Indian teenage how to be good entrepreneur

6. Founder Abhishek Dhoroliye (Dhoreliya) was suspected for some criminals in the past

7. Has been years in Social Media but less followers with undefined social account owner

8. Tired to negotiate with Big Entertainment Company to hire (supply money) him, MarkScan now flirting Telegram

9. Telegram is not observing well this crappy company and Telegram didn't give enough time for channel owner to fix any mistake, ex: 3 days

10. People keep posting movie that was reported as copyright infringement by MarkScan


Mom.. I'm still your son