Motor City Furry Convention 2024 Announcements
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The #MCFC24 Sponsor's Lounge is open and popcorn will be starting early, at 2pm.

The Con store will be open until 7pm tonight.

A Day pass for #MCFC2024 Sunday has been reduced to 10$ instead of $25.

Thank you for your patience as we adjust, cooperate, and make this work!
#MCFC2024 panels and events in Main Events will be 1 hour off EXCEPT for the Sunday dance!

Sadly, any events beginning before noon in the panel rooms have been canceled.

We apologize to our #MCF24 panelists who are affected by this - please contact Programming with questions.
#MCFC2024 guests:
Please note: events in Conference B & F are flipped - Events listed as being in Conference B are actually in F and vice versa!

- the #MCFC24 Programming Team
#MCFC2024 schedule changes:

Artist Alley closes at 7pm
Con Store closes at 7pm
Dealer's Den closes at 7pm
Registration closes at 4pm
Video Gaming closes at 8pm

Please see for info

Thank you so much for your patience as we get #MCFC24 back on track!
#MCFC2024 Hello Military Furs! The MilFurs meal has been rescheduled to a (very) late lunch around 6 PM!

It'll be down in the usual spot, in the hotel restaurant's private dining area. Dinner will be covered for the MilFurs.
Help the Board of Directors & staffurs close out the convention with the announcing of #MCFC24's attendance figures, the number of kegs we killed, news regarding #MCFC25 next year, & more!

6pm in Main Events!

Join us as we say goodbye to #MCFC2024 - Furassic Park: The Lost World!
The #MCFC24 Con Store is CLOSING at 7pm in Seminar Room 1 (upstairs) - this is your LAST CHANCE to get your #MCFC2024 swag before the gates close on the convention!!
#MCFC2024 may be over, but the party hasn't ended QUITE yet!
Join us at the Sunday Dance 7pm-9pm in Main Events and shake your tails one last time!

Thank you so much for joining us at #MCFC24 Furassic Park: The Lost World and we'll see you next year!!
#MCFC2024 may be over, but we'll be back!

Stay safe as you party, wind down, or travel & share your thoughts on #MCFC24 at

Join us April 3-6, for #MCFC2025 - Hitchhiker's Guide to the FurryCon!
Currently on tap in the Sponsor's Lounge (visit for more information):

Pear Cider - 5%
Trash Panda - coffee blonde ale - 5.3%
Hoppopotamus- American IPA- 7%
Black Widow - cider - 6%

As a reminder, these are not posted on Twitter, just Telegram, so tell your friends to watch this channel!
#MCFC2024 may be over, but we'll be back - we miss you all already!!

Stay safe as you head back home, and share your thoughts on #MCFC24 at
Good, bad - we want your feedback!

And join us April 3-6 2025 for #MCFC2025 - Hitchhiker's Guide to the FurryCon!
We hope you all enjoyed #MCFC2024 & look forward to returning for #MCFC2025. We wanted to give a shout out to our sponsor hotel, the Marriott Eagle Crest. You should all receive emails from Marriott soon asking how your weekend went. Be sure to let them know how awesome they are!
#MCFC2024 friends and furs:
We are excited to announce that the final tally of money raised for The Pipsqueakery is $24,000! Let's keep the momentum of #MCFC24 going - send in those donations via and label them "Pine Shrine 2024"

For Fred!
#MCFC24 Fursuit Parade photos are here!

Please remember to submit your feedback about #MCFC2024 at - good, neutral, or bad, we want to know!

Donations are still welcome via and label them "Pine Shrine 2024"
If you haven't already, please remember to submit your feedback about #MCFC2024 at - good, neutral, or bad - we want to hear it!

Donations for the #MCFC24 charity are always welcome at - label them "Pine Shrine 2024"