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Good Morning, furs!! The glassware for sponsors and super sponsors can now be picked up in the con store? The Con Store closes at 4pm!
Come on down to talk with #HayMonsters Rabbit Sanctuary and their adorable bunny!
Come support Hay Monsters Rabbit Sanctuary and get some interesting things! The charity auction is kicking off in Main Events now!
I remember Mucks, IRC, and the Plaintext Furry Life. If you do too, or want to learn about it, come to Conference F in 10 minutes!
Did you enjoy Drunken Doodles? I've just been told that you're welcome to snag any of the posters off a wall. Just in case you want an extra MCFC 2022 souvenir!
It's so hard to say goodbye, but never fear!! We'll be back for more shenanigans next year!!! Join us for the Closing Ceremonies at 5pm in the Main Events room!
Bingo coupon winners! We made a small mistake. If you won a coupon at bingo, use the coupon and the code to contact the artist yourself and claim your prize!
Contact information is on the prize certificate!
Thank you THANK YOU to the 1,361 people that helped make #MCFC2022 sooo amazing.

We .. YOU helped raise $24,036.20 for Hay Monsters Rabbit Sanctuary. Incredible!! You're so amazing.

We're looking forward to seeing you next year back here at the same location: March 24-26, 2023!
Come one, come all!! The Sponsor's Lounge is open to EVERYONE until midnight!! The last brews on tap are Jörmungander (a Belgium Dark), and Pilsner (a light beer). Be sure to have your ID ready if you want to partake! Enjoy responsibly - we want to see you at MCFC23!
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Okay! Thanks to some last minute donations, and some generous ops staffers that just had to push us to that next level....

Our updated MCFC 2022 charity total:

Safe travels one and all! Thank you for another amazing weekend! We'll see you next year at Fur Imagination 23!!
So many fursuits! We count right around 300 in that parade...

The 2022 fursuit parade group shot can now be downloaded here:
Dear attendees: You're amazing and we love you, but there's a few things we need to talk about.

Please read this letter regarding some things that have been brought to our attention following #MCFC2022:
ATTENTION BINGO WINNERS: If you won a prize certificate at Bingo, please be sure to contact the artist on said certificate to redeem your prize!!
A kind soul lent the hosts of Furry Bingo markers - could said kind soul please ping @nickdude549 on Telegram for the return of those markers? Thanks so much!!