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Constitutional attorney serving the state of Michigan. "Tough as Hell" and "feared by the legislatures."
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Democrats Say Voting Machines Are Vulnerable And Easy To Hack

NBC News reported that ES&S installed 14,000 modems in their voting machines in January of 2020.

Dominion voting machines were remotely accessed during the 2020 election in Arizona, Georgia, and Michigan.

Democrats know that forensic audits are the only way to know if voting machines were hacked into and votes were flipped.

They have been saying so for years.

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Biden – 2,804,040 (50.6%)
Trump – 2,649,852 (47.8%)

MI tracks PA in terms of voter tendencies; since 2008, declining Dem participation and increasing Republican, especially under Trump. Obama lost 303k in 2012, Clinton another 296k. Trump gained 370k amidst this coalition shift in a shrinking, only to be lapped by Biden with 535k after no new net positive Dem votes in 12 years.

As a general rule, states in population decline with a massive coalition shift (party switching) going on are not going to show massive gains for both sides. The counties in MI all track with PA counties. Not one clean county here – an easy Trump win as we saw on 11/3 in progress.

Red – High Fraud
Yellow – Moderate/Suspect Fraud

If Biden is 527k heavy, Trump margin of victory in MI was about 52.9% to 45.4%, or 7.5% overall (373k votes).

Best for audits – Macomb, Allegan, Bay, Berrien, Calhoun, Clinton, Eaton, Jackson, Kent, Livingston, Monroe, Muskegon, Ottawa, Saginaw, St. Clair
Who is the actually farmer who has sowed weed in the party? Interesting parable today.