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Constitutional attorney serving the state of Michigan. "Tough as Hell" and "feared by the legislatures."
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I’m not letting up the pressure and have my focus set on WINNING but I wanted to let you know where I’ll be on Election Night. Make your plan now to join fellow Patriots in Novi.

Media is too big
Dana Nessel thinks parents who stand up to her drag queen agenda are domestic terrorists.

I pledge that I will ensure parents have the ultimate say in their children’s education.

BREAKING: Endorsement Alert!

Mike Lindell endorses Matt DePerno and @Grassroots_Army for MIGOP Chair and Co-Chair!
Breaking: Shane Trejo endorses Matt DePerno
Bill Bailey endorses our ticket for MIGOP Chair and Co-Chair! Thank you, Bill! #GrassrootsForDePernoSoldano

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@DePerno4MI is a national leader in the fight for election integrity. He ran a strong Attorney General race and raised a great deal of money, despite establishment uni-party sabotage. He is the leader that the Michigan Republicans need."
President Donald Trump endorsed Matt DePerno for MIGOP chair!
General Michael Flynn endorses Matt DePerno for chairman of the Michigan Republican Party

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I am honored to have President Trump’s endorsement in this race. As Chairman of the Michigan GOP, I will unite our party, fix our elections, and drain the Lansing Swamp. Vote for Michigan-First Conservative Matt DePerno at State Convention!
I have great news. On Monday, February 13th at 6:00PM ET, President Donald J. Trump wants to deliver a personal message to all of the Delegates and Alternates for the upcoming State Convention.
@deperno4mi @Grassroots_Army

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🚨BREAKING🚨Special Guest @KariLake is coming to Michigan to join @deperno4mi at our Convention Eve Bash at the Nuthouse on Friday, Feb 17 at 8:00PM ET. Tickets are limited. Reserve now!

Support the America First ticket. @Grassroots_Army @GarrettForMich
As the father of three Spartans my heart breaks for the MSU families and community affected by this terrible tragedy. I am grateful to first responders and law enforcement from across the state for their bravery in helping and protecting everyone's children in face of this evil.