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Get to know the NEW trading platform for Forex Brokers. Read Match-Trader Platform overview and for a special offer to start your own brokerage business.
Since our #MatchTrader trading platform for #Forex #Brokers is getting more and more interest, we have prepared a dedicated website to showcase our all-in-one solution. Visit to find comprehensive information about:

- vast #branding possibilities and the individual mobile app installed straight from broker’s website (no approval needed)

- advanced #frontend consisting of mobile/desktop/web interfaces designed in #PWA Progressive Web App technology

- unique features like #ClientOffice and #PaymentGateways already embedded in the platform (no additional cost)

- back-office applications allowing every broker to manage the entire system

- ecosystem of the platform including partners and integrated apps

- full offer including White Label solution starting from 1000$

and many more.

OPEN a demo account &TRY it yourself or for guidance and instructions on how to start your forex #brokerage

#ForexLiquidity #CryptoPayments #mobiletrading #tradingplatform
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It’s been exactly 7 years since Match-Trade Technologies was founded. 🥳 We would like to thank our customers and employees for seven years together and since it's a lucky number we are hoping for the best in the upcoming year.
Check out NEW releases on our #MatchTrader Platform

- We've unified Market Watch view for mobile and desktop users by adding the 'search' option.
- There's a new payment gateway to simplify transferring funds including #bitcoins, credit card gates and #PraxisCashier- Now
- You can also add chart indicators while using the mobile platform to analyse data on your smartphone

For details visit our blog ->
or open a demo account at and see for yourself.
Research show that 75% of forex trades are executed on #mobileplatforms while in India over 90% of time spent online takes place while using mobile devices.

Mobile trading won't stop growing!
Read full article on our blog ->

Check out #MatchTrader our NEW #WhiteLabel platform designed to boost mobile trading experience. or open a demo account.
As FinanceMagnates reports: Plus500 #broker expects revenue and profitability to exceed forecasts due to #coronavirus fueled volumes.

But deeper analysis shows that there are several traps that brokers may fall into even when the market is blooming.

Read the article to learn how important it is to choose the right #liquidity provider & protect your #brokerage business in volatile times.
Check what has changed on #MatchTrader Platform with April releases:

- modified deposit/withdrawal view
- zooming of charts
- multilevel IB module in CRM
- easy desktop installation

Try it yoursefl with demo account -> & ask for 0$ monthly fee offer.
Wishing you a season filled with peace, joy, and spot-on trades! Happy Easter #EasterAtHome