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Поздравляем с наступающим праздником Рождества! ❄️
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💡Here's another batch of the answers to frequently asked questions about #forex #brokerage business.

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Starting a #FXbusiness isn't very hard these days... attracting your first clients and converting them into traders is a real challenge.

When launching a #ForexBroker from scratch, a properly composed and verified marketing strategy is just as important as a reliable technology. That's why we always make sure our clients get proper knowledge on this important matter.
Together with our forex market experts, we have prepared an article in which we described all the available #digitalmarketing options for #startupbrokers.

Read the full article here:
📍In our latest January Match-Trade Releases, we’ve focused on expanding the management functions available to Brokers. Now Brokers will have access to newly added features in the functionality of the back-office apps and Сlient Office with CRM, as well as a verification feature in our #MatchTrader platform.

We've also added:
- The possibility to connect Match-Trader MAM system to Metatrader 5
- Changes in cryptocurrency deposits flow
- Instant messages set up in the Broker's profile
- Detailed Financial Operations in Match-Trader
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💡 We often are asked if we provide any marketing services....

For more Q&A, visit our website->
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📍We analyzed our company and clients' results for the last year to see how the #covid-19 #pandemic affected the #forex industry. Here is our 2020 recap.

You can read the full article on finance magnates or on our blog
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💡 Before starting your #BrokerageBusiness, you must complete some legal formalities, even if you start offshore. Check why it's important and what may be the consequences of skipping this step.

You can find more practical advice here: or you can contact us directly at , and we will provide you with full support on the way to becoming a #Forex #Broker.
📍Check out Match-Trade's February releases!

We've upgraded our #MatchTrader PRO system to an advanced version. It's compliant for institutional clients guaranteeing operational transparency and the highest standard for generated reports. We've also added a branded IB Room integrated with our #ClientOffice that comes with new modes of calculating commission for IBs to make the process more transparent and fair.

To make managing accounts more convenient for Brokers, we've also:

🔺simplified hedging mode (A-Book),

🔺enabled bulk operations on groups and accounts

🔺extended group configuration options

Learn more about upgrades here:
#IBroom #liquidity #forexbrokers
Happy #ChineseNewYear! May the 2021 be fulfilling and jolly for everyone around the world!
This week we were celebrating International #PizzaDay... that is, a day like every day at Match-Trade Technologies😉🍕🍕🍕☺️
Check the new ultra-fast #Cryptocurrency Data Feed ❗️

We have extended the offer by adding the new pool of liquidity for 25 Crypto #CFD pairs, including hot coins as #Polkadot, #Chainlink, or #Cardano. Our proprietary algorithms made the feed more stable, guaranteeing speed and accuracy in various conditions.
New crypto instruments are available in the Match-Trader Pro platform, and they can be connected to all #ForexWhiteLabels.

You can read more about the update here:

Or contact us personally in case you have any questions.
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💡Many entrepreneurs wonder how long will it take to set up a #Forex #Broker from scratch. By choosing an experienced and reliable technology provider, you can speed up the entire process and optimize your investment.

Email us at if you have more questions
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After a year of the #pandemic, we know that the #Fintech industry has barely felt its harmful effects. As a global technology provider for the forex and crypto market, we understand that in addition to achieving business goals, we also have social responsibility.

Therefore, to support young people's equal opportunities, we decided to patronize two child care homes that struggled with the lack of equipment necessary for homeschooling. We bought computers and prepared rooms to give children the space they need for learning and playing games. Soon, as the restrictions are eased, we will start a mentoring project and run workshops to teach children the basics of programming and support those who wish to develop interests in IT.

So everyone, please shout out to our Match-Trade Team members who renovated the rooms, assembled the furniture and prepared computers for the kids…. but mainly as they are great people who care!💙

#CSR #kidsinIT #covid19 #ITkids #homeschooling
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💡The last step to starting a #Forex Broker is defining the business model and deciding how to provide #Liquidity for the transactions on the #tradingplatform.

The differences between the A-Book and B-Book models are easy to describe tho the decision itself is more complicated.

If you want more information, visit our website:

or for a consult.