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❗️🇦🇺#австралия #RBA #дкп #минутки
ЦБ Австралии продолжит и дальше смягчать ДКП, если понадобится - минутки с заседания RBA

RBA Sept Minutes: Board Would Consider Further Policy Easing If Needed To Support Growth, Inflation Targets

Reasonable To Expect Extended Period Of Low Interest Rates To Achieve Employment, Inflation Goals

👉 Австралия - дальнейшее понижение ставки на горизонте
🇦🇺#австралия #дкп #sentiment
Австралия - ожидания по снижению ставки в октябре усилились

RBA October Rate Cut Odds Jump To 75% From 50% After Soft Employment Print

🇨🇳#китай по состоянию на 17 сентября, поставки импортной железной руды в основные китайские порты увеличились после трех недель снижения. 89 судов доставили примерно 13.93 млн. тонн железной руды в порты КНР за период 8-14 сентября 2019 г. Эти показатели на 3.08 млн. тонн выше предыдущей недели (1-7 сентября).

🇦🇺#австралия На прошлой неделе поставки железной руды из Австралии выросли на 660,000 тонн, что показывает рост до 14.33 млн. тонн.

🇧🇷#бразилия Поставки сырья из Бразилии выросли на 60,000 тонн за неделю или до 6.09 млн. тонн.

🇦🇺#австралия #pmi #экономика
Австралия (сентябрь)
Manufacturing PMI = 49.4 (prev 51.3)
Services PMI = 52.5 (prev 49.2)
Composite PMI = 51.9 (prev 49.5)
🔥🇦🇺#австралия #дкп #спикеры
Австралия - выступление главы ЦБ

RBA’s Lowe: Likely An Extended Period Of Low Interest Rates Will Be Required In Australia

RBA’s Lowe: If We Tried To Ignore Shifts Down In Global Rates "Our Exchange Rate Would Appreciate"

Global Uncertainties, Weak Household Consumption, Record Drought Contributing To Australia Growth Slowdown

RBA’s Lowe: "Gentle Turning Point" For Economy Has Now Been Reached, Strength And Durability Of Pick-Up Remains To Be Seen

Expecting A Modest Pick-Up In Economic Growth In The Quarters Ahead Led By Low Rates, Tax Cuts, Weaker A$, Gov't Spending

Strong Rates Of Employment Growth Can Be Sustained Without Inflation Becoming A Problem

RBA’s Lowe: Risks To Global Economy "Titled To The Downside" Led By Geopolitical Uncertainties

RBA’s Lowe:Sino-US Trade, Technology Dispute "Most Prominent" Global Risk

Drought Hurting Farm Incomes, Consumption And In Turn Overall Overall Economy

RBA’s Lowe: House Price Correction Has Affected Household Spending, Residential Construction

Despite These Factors, Part Of The Slowing In Australia's Economy Remains Unexplained

RBA’s Lowe: Seeking To Understand The Disparity Between Strong Unemployment Growth, Weak Output Growth

Possible The Disparity Is Just Measurement Noise, But Cannot Rule Out "Something More Structural"

RBA’s Lowe: Inflation Expected To Pick Up, But To Remain Below The Midpoint Of 2-3% Target Range For Some Time To Come

RBA’s Lowe: Low Wages Growth One Of The Factors Contributing To Weak Inflation Outcomes

House Price Correction, Slow Rent Growth, Gov't Efforts To Ease Cost-Of-Living Pressures Other Factors

RBA’s Lowe: Fundamental Long-Term Factors For Australia's Economy Remain Strong, Challenge Is To Capitalise On Them
❗️🇦🇺#австралия #qeqt #дкп #спикеры
ЦБ Австралии говорит, что вряд ли понадобится, но все же рассмотрит QE!
🇦🇺#австралия #дкп #sentiment #опрос
Большинство опрошеных экономистов ожидают от ЦБ Австралии понижения ставки 1 октября до 0.75%, видят ставку на уровне 0.5% уже в начале 2020г

Majority of 35 surveyed economists are expecting RBA to cut rates to 0.75% on Oct 01

Cash rate seen at 0.50% by early 2020
💥🇦🇺#австралия #экономика #pmi
Австралия - Manufacturing PMI (сентябрь) = 50.3 (prev 49.4)
🔥🇦🇺#австралия #дкп #RBA
ЦБ Австралии понизил ставку на 25бп до 0.75%

комментарии - риски замедления экономики - смягчим дкп, если понадобится..

Reasonable To Expect Extended Period Of Low Rates

Outlook For Global Economy Reasonable, Risks Tilted To Downside

Will Ease Further If Needed To Support Growth And Meet Inflation Target

Gentle Turning Point For The Economy Appears To Have Been Reached

Outlook Supported By Low Interest Rates, Recent Tax Cuts, Infra Spending, Signs Of Stabilisation In Housing

Outlook For Consumption Remains Main Domestic Uncertainty

Took The Decision To Lower Interest Rates Further Today To Support Employment And Income Growth

A$ At Its Lowest Levels Of Recent Times

In Both Headline And Underlying Terms, Inflation Is Expected To Be A Little Under 2 Percent Over 2020 And A Little Above 2 Percent Over 2021
🇦🇺#австралия #экономика #pmi
Австралия (сентябрь)
Services PMI = 52.4 (prev 52.5)
Composite PMI = 52.0 (prev 51.9)
⚠️🇦🇺#австралия #торговля
падение торговли в Австралии

Австралия (август) м/м
экспорт = -3% (prev 1%)
импорт = 0% (prev 3%)
🇦🇺#австралия #RBA #дкп #экономика
Австралия - обзор финстабильности от ЦБ

RBA Fin Stability Review: Housing Market Is A Key Source Of Potential Systemic Risk, Needs To Be "Monitored Closely"

Risks In Household Sector From Falling Home Prices Have Receded Somewhat But Still Exist

Resilience Of Australian Financial System Has Improved

Recent Tightening Of Lending Standards Has Improved Quality Of New Lending

Excessive Risk Aversion By Banks Can Curtail Credit Supply

Rising Unemployment, Ongoing Weak Income Growth A Risk For Australia Housing Market, Debt

👉 полная версия
⚠️🇦🇺#австралия #sentiment #потребитель
Австралия (октябрь)
Consumer confidence = -5.5% (prev -1.7%) - уровни 2015г
🇦🇺#австралия #дкп #RBA
Австралия - минутки с заседания ЦБ Австралии

RBA Minutes: Board Judged Case For Easing At Oct Meeting Outweighed Arguments Against A Move

Board Prepared To Ease Policy Further If Needed To Support Growth, Jobs

Reasonable To Expect Extended Period Of Low Rates Would Be Required

Board Members Noted Trend To Lower Rates Globally

Discussed Possibility Rate Cuts Might Have Less Impact Than In Past

RBA Minutes: Board Discussed Case For Keeping Rate Cuts In Reserve For Emergencies

Decided Lower Level Of Rates Best Way To Lessen Impact Of Any Negative Shocks
⚠️🇦🇺#pmi #австралия #экономика
Австралия (октябрь)
Manufacturing PMI = 50.1 (prev 50.3)
Services PMI = 50.8 (prev 52.4)
Conposite PMI = 50.7 (prev 52)
🇦🇺#австралия #рейтинг
Fitch подтвердил рейтинг Австралии на уровне "ААА". Прогноз стабильный.
🇦🇺#австралия #банки #дкп
дешевые кредиты для банков Австралии! Ура!

RBA could give banks cheap loans - AFR
⚠️🇦🇺#австралия #pmi #экономика
Австралия (октябрь)
Services PMI = 50.1 (prev 50.8)
Composite PMI = 50 (prev 50.7)
💥🇦🇺#австралия #торговля
Австралия - торговля (сентябрь)
экспорт = +3% (prev -3%)
импорт = +3% (prev 0%)
🇦🇺#дкп #австралия
ЦБ Австралии готов смягчать ДКП, если нужно

RBA Quarterly Statement - Board Prepared To Ease Policy Further If Needed

RBA Board Mindful Rates Very Low, Further Cuts Bring Closer "Other Policy Options"