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By The Malketeer

As companies navigate the complexities of expansion, the need for leaders who comprehend the intricacies of pivotal decisions and their inevitable trade-offs becomes imperative. Enter the realm of growth strategy, where the truly exceptional stand out by not only avoiding pitfalls but by proactively seeking to enhance their company’s potential…
She Speaks Power highlights self-made women this International Women’s Day

In honour of International Women’s Day, She Speaks Power, a networking platform by Naga DDB Tribal, launches an Instagram directory spotlighting self-made women.

The directory features female entrepreneurs from Kuala Lumpur to Kuala Terengganu, spanning wellness, fashion, F&B, and even a surf school based in Cherating, Pahang. This diverse lineup of women is aligned…
CIMB Strengthens its Group Brand & Marketing Team

CIMB Group, one of ASEAN’s leading banking groups is pleased to announce the appointment of Toni Darusman as Group Chief Brand & Marketing Officer following a strategic review of the brand & communications functions to strengthen the Brand & Marketing team.

Toni is no stranger to the CIMB Group, having helmed the Marketing, Brand…
Applications Now Open for The Marketing Academy APAC 2024 Fellowship Program

The Marketing Academy APAC CMO Fellowship Program is an 8-month board level mentoring, coaching and executive development program, geared to developing today’s Chief Marketing Officers into tomorrow’s CEOs.

Now in its 11th year in Europe, and 4th year in the US, the Fellowship Program has transformed the careers of world-leading Chief Marketing Officers and…
Putting Malaysia on the map


For almost four years and more, Professor John Doody Chacko spoke about nothing but hosting the IAA World Congress in Malaysia.

The man was fixated, and tenacious. He hijacked almost all of our social get togethers with the same topic for years.

I won’t hazard what his family had to endure.…
MARKETING Weekender – Issue 402

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Read what you have missed so far in previous Weekender issues
Mastering the Art of Prompt Engineering: A Game-Changer for Marketing Leaders

Prompt engineering is the art of crafting precise and effective prompts to extract the most valuable insights from AI language models. By mastering this skill, marketing leaders can leverage AI’s vast knowledge and analytical capabilities to guide them through even the toughest decision-making processes.

Emotional Burden of Tough Decisions

Marketing leaders know all…

(Left to Right: Dr Lenny Suriyani binti Safri (Representative from Tunku Mukhriz UKM Hospital), Amy Gan (Vice President of Marketing, Etika Sdn. Bhd.), Yang Berhormat Dato’ Seri Dr. Wan Azizah binti Dr. Wan Ismail (Member of Parliament for Bandar Tun Razak, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur), Puan Hajah Kamsiah binti Yasin (Principal from Sekolah
73% of Malaysians use social media for shopping!

Malaysian consumers are leading the charge in embracing alternative payment methods and cutting-edge technologies, according to the latest findings from Adyen, the global financial technology platform for businesses. 63% of Malaysians utilise mobile wallets for transactions, boasting the highest adoption rate globally.

The Adyen Index 2024, based on a survey of over 38,000 shoppers…
Media Prima maintains profitability

Media Prima Berhad has announced its financial results for the nine months (“9MFY24”) and quarter ended 31 March 2024 (“3QFY24”).

In the face of a challenging economic landscape and geopolitical uncertainties, Media Prima achieved a nine-month revenue of RM650.9 million amid cutbacks in spending from several major advertisers.

Through improved operational efficiencies, cost optimisations,…
Is The APPIES the Olympics of Advertising?

While I say this in jest, let’s have fun drawing some “parallels”…

Performance before Live audience: All Finalists need to present before a panel of judges made of CMOs and an industry audience.

Preparation & Training: Teams at the APPIES spend time researching, strategising and fine-tuning their presentations to ensure…
The Advertising Maverick Weaving Magic with Diversity and Purpose: Nizwani Shahar, CEO, Havas Malaysia

By The Malketeer

In the brutally competitive world of advertising, very few leaders inspire with the same degree of intense passion, relentless drive, unflinching conviction and clarity of purpose as Nizwani Shahar, the visionary CEO of Havas Malaysia.

Indeed, she is one of a kind.

An advertising luminary, she commands…
“We’re Not in the Business of Creating More Advertising… We’re The Experience Makers!” SPOTLIGHT Clarence Koh, CEO, Naga DDB Tribal

By The Malketeer

As you step into Naga DDB Tribal ‘s vibrant workspace, the first thing that strikes you is the palpable energy—a creative force field crackling with ideas and infinite possibilities.

This is no ordinary office; it’s a modern-day forge where the boundaries of conventional thinking are melted away, and imagination takes…
Why the ‘Why’ Matters in Marketing

By The Malketeer

Clarity is becoming an endangered commodity in today’s marketing.

As campaigns become more complex and the pace of change accelerates, too many marketers find themselves adrift—uncertain of their objectives, unsure of what success looks like, and disconnected from the crucial ‘why’ behind their tasks.

This pervasive ambiguity is undermining efforts…
“We help our clients measure Brand Heat.” SPOTLIGHT: Mayank Bhatnagar, MD of OMD Malaysia.

By The Malketeer

In an age where attention is the scarcest commodity, one marketing maestro has composed a symphony of disruption that resonates through the Malaysian advertising landscape.

Mayank Bhatnagar, the skilled conductor at the helm of OMD Malaysia, has orchestrated a harmonic fusion of innovation, people-centricity, and…
Goodday Charge Presents Team eMAS, The First Senior Esports Team in the Malaysian Book of Records

In a powerful move to legitimise Esports in Malaysia, Goodday Charge proudly announces the successful formation of Team eMAS, Malaysia’s first senior esports team, through the Boomers2Gamers competition. The team was officially inaugurated by YB Hannah Yeoh, Malaysia’s Minister for Youth and Sports, highlighting the significance of this pioneering initiative

The inauguration ceremony…
Bomohs banned from casting spells at APPIES 2024

We will confiscate all magic wands at the door.

Your marketing magic has to work without supernatural aid.

The APPIES Malaysia Awards 2024 is seeking marketing miracles that work in the real world, no mystical intervention permitted.

Crafting Campaigns That Actually Work

Leave the love potions and lucky charms at home.

Can your…
“Marketing is a business about people and insights.”

By Delani Philips

When Datuk Lai Shu Wei graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Tri-State University in Indiana, he wasn’t really sure what he wanted to do for a career.

As fate would have it, he landed a job at Lam Soon as a marketing executive.

“I was so young…
“We must strive to become the best versions of ourselves.”

One day when little Amy was at a tailor with her mum and she flipped through some fashion magazines and was captivated by the impressive-looking women in business suits…

She asked her mum who they were, and her mum replied, “office workers”.

Amy didn’t know what that meant, but she knew she wanted to…
“As a marketer, you can really make a difference in people’s lives.”

By Delani Philips

Emily Chong’s childhood was filled with “business conversations” courtesy of her parents. “They were always talking about business opportunities and people’s needs, and I guess I must have absorbed some of it”

She studied digital design but those early discussions around the family table helped her realise that she really wanted…