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Media is too big
Keeping with our tradition of Friday morning research, we are announcing a project whose end product will—hopefully—be much more consequential than even the Moynihan Report. If Donald Trump Jr.'s laptop were abandoned, the Washington ComPost and others in the lying press would dedicate millions and dozens of staff to it. Since no one else—especially and including outlets on the Right—will actually write a report on Hunter's laptop and release the contents thereof, we are going do it. All support is welcome and very much appreciated.
Foreign collusion—it's the Biden family business. #HBLaptopReport
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As we made clear in the announcement video of the report, we're releasing by file type. Here are your .mp3s ...
As a public service, and due in part to your generous support, Marco Polo had the entire Ashley Biden diary officially transcribed and OCR-enabled. See here:

As always, the original in Ashley's handwriting (to compare) can be found here.
Marco Polo
Media is too big
Hunter and Beau's widow on 06.23.2018

With thanks to @KanekoaTheGreat for the masterpiece.
"Dr." Jill Biden getting invited to receive a "Doctor of Humane Letters" degree from B. Hussein Obama's college. 🙃
The Bank of China is on the board of BHR with Hunter Buyden and is literally funding Hunter Buyden.
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Marco Polo has been given a never-before-seen copy of a subpoena from 2019 for Hunter Biden’s business records. The subpoena is incredible for its breadth and depth, and it names other members of the Biden family. We are grateful to our whistleblower, whose identity will be forever protected. As we are not in the news business, you can expect this subpoena to appear in a plethora of outlets in the coming days and then, of course, laid out in detail in our Report on the Biden Laptop.