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Official channel of AIBC Summit - Bringing together thousands of investors and innovators in Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Quantum Technology, Big Data and the Internet of Things.
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AIBC Asia Digital will be held on 10th June with three hours of cutting-edge streaming content about emerging technologies. Inviting the thought leaders from AI, Blockchain, Big Data, and other emerging tech to discuss, exchange, challenge the reality of today's industry and the opportunities that lie ahead from Europe to Asia.

As the situation stands right now, the big question is - will you buy or sell? Tone Vays will be giving viewers trading tips during our live Digital Conference.

Be sure to be part of the digital revolution. Register for free: https://bit.ly/3e0Evu9

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Missed our video? Don't worry! We've got you covered with this article. From stretched health care systems to data privacy, Jess Walker speaks to Dr. Ben Goertzel from SingularityNET about AI interventions that could prepare us for future global crises.

Explore some of his key points below or watch the interview.

Join us for AIBC Digital on 10 June 2020 for 4 hours, from 10 AM to 2 PM CET

You can expect to see big names such as Tim Draper, Ben Goertzel, Tone Vays, and The Moon Carl among others lining the agenda.

Some of the main topics include:
👉 Showcase: VR and Augmented Reality
👉 Robotics & Emerging Technology: US vs Asia
👉 A regulatory update: new rules for Europe & Asia
👉 Decentralised governance models
👉 COVID-19 pandemic on the Block, a look at global supply chains
👉 How COVID-19 is impacting the market and what does it mean for the future of cryptocurrencies?
👉 Cryptocurrency trading: the right investment portfolio

🔴 LIVE NOW: We will be hosting some of the leading minds in Blockchain, AI, Emerging Tech, and Cryptocurrency space! Catch well known names, such as Malta's Junior Minister, Clayton Bartolo, Brock Pierce, Justin Sun, Tone Vays, Tim Draper, Ben Goertzel, Andrew Batey, co-founder of Beatdapp, and Marcelo Garcia from UN Smart Cities. https://youtu.be/qpivViLW-wg
Cryptocurrency platform Binance welcomed a surge of new users in recent months.

Josh Goodbody, Director of European and Latin American Growth and Institutional Business at Binance, shares his insights on the potential of the entire region in Latin America. https://youtu.be/40g9fsW51p4
How have digital currencies transformed local economies?

Join Demelza at #AIBClatam digital summit as she identifies the potential of digital currencies and cryptocurrency assets. Demelza Hays is the Director of Research at Cointelegraph. She is also the Author and editor of the Crypto Research Report. Demelza was previously awarded Forbes 30 Under 30!

Register for free here: https://bit.ly/2Xx6JWT
A.I., Blockchain, Digital Assests, and Emerging Technologies.

The second edition of AIBC Digital Summit features all of these hot topics, bringing together 40+ leading visionaries to a screen near you whilst giving you the opportunity to connect and network with 5,000+ peers! https://youtu.be/x7vb0EcTqIw

Headline speakers include:
Josh Goodbody (Director for Growth & Institutional Business, Binance),
Danny Weinberger (Co-founder & CEO, Morpheus.Network),
Alex Nascimento, MBA (CEO, Celcius Network),
Renato de Castro (CEO, SmartUp),
Tim Draper (Venture Capitalist)

Some of the main topics include:
👉 Fascinating Metrics: A Better Understanding of Crypto-Assets Across LatAm
👉 Accelerating Growth: Blockchain Integration, DAO's & FinTech Processes
👉 2020 Vision: Neo Banking and FinTech Developments
👉 The Smart City Challenge: Region-by-Region
🔴 #AIBCamericas is now LIVE! From supply chain to federal digital currencies, and smart city challenges to DeFi - AIBC Americas Digital takes on 2020's biggest emerging tech trends bringing together the leading minds in the Blockchain, AI, Emerging Tech, and Cryptocurrency space. https://lnkd.in/darefVU

Get the most out of the event by joining our event networking app! Check agenda, connect with the attendees, speakers and engage in discussions. https://login.swapcard.com Event Code: SiGMA_LatAm
#AIBCdigital #AIBCsummit
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