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Gloria spoke to the people who crowded around her podium in the centre of the village one sunny Monday morning. "Be very very aware that if this goes ahead as planned, many children will exit this reality. Make sure it is not your child. Understand what I am talking about here and know what the threat is to your child. It's not what you are being told. I cannot spell it out anymore than this." More updates from my fictional novel coming soon......
So someone has messaged another spiritual teacher friend of mine, telling her that I am making the following claim;

"if starseeds and lightworkers get the covid vaccine, then they will revert back to the moment of soul birth to start all over again, as in becoming a mineral, then an animal and lose all our connections to our soul family."

This is a great example of the distortion and misunderstandings that can occur when you try to interpret multidimensional information into a 3D linear context. If the truth were simple enough to present in one sentence I would of done it myself!

Rather than three videos so far & ongoing..........
David Wilcock has said that in 1999 his channellings came in from a source introducing itself as 'Archangel Michael'. David has also said he had a dream where he was called 'The Father of Anti-Gravity.'
This makes perfect sense when you look at my own transmissions coming in from the Nine. They have said that the collective consciousness of aware & awake (starseeded) humanity is the Divine Princess Aurora. She is the 'Mother' or the 'Daughter' energy (she is both). Her divine counterpart and twin flame is Archangel Michael. He is therefore the 'Father' energy of the awake/aware starseeded humanity.
As David Wilcock stands as a major Wayshower through multiple incarnations most especially his incarnation as Edgar Cayce (confirmed by the Nine) and now as David Wilcock, it makes absolute sense that his higher guidance system would be coming in on the Archangel Michael archetypal frequency.
I would therefore, recommend his recent and upcoming intel as a major part of your own personal research into planetary /celestial/galactic ascension.
I have met David Wilcock personally, just on one occasion back in 2009 (exactly a decade after the connection with Archangel Michael he is currently speaking about.)
I can honestly say the level of Christed energy vibration he was holding & broadcasting when I met him was phenomenal. He is one of the good guys and a major player in this planet's ascension process.
Not sure what the "YOUR LIFE SUCKS!" edits were all about in his latest upload but Catzmagick & I were in tears with laughter, so whatever the intention, it sure raised our spirits & opened our hearts (genuine & pure laughter will do that).
I for one will be keeping a close eye on all his upcoming updates!
Love to all,
Magenta Pixie XXX
This sounds like it would be worth a watch! Nice to see this on mainstream media. Sky News Australia have done some great work over the plandemic period.
Happy Equinox to all 🙏
So this is the spiritual teacher/friend of mine who was e-mailed the other day with misinterpretations regarding my work. I was not going to share who she was but she's made a video herself so I am sharing. I actually agree with what she is wanting to do here (offer a balanced alternative response to the questions that were asked of the Nine) and I think that would be very helpful to many people. As she said, she doesn't need my permission to do this but I have no problem with it whatsoever. In fact, this has to be the most respectful video ever made from someone who is saying they disagree with my information. Jill and I have made two videos together in the past and the interesting thing here is that I have always understood and agreed with Jill's perspective but I don't feel she has fully agreed with mine. Taking what she is saying here as an example....she feels that my work is extremely convoluted and confusing and totally unnecessary. I understand why some would feel that way as this work is not for everyone. However, for me, it is analytical and a deep dive into the fractality of reality. She says it's all within the spacetime reality and the true reality is outside of the linear, I agree totally and have been saying this ever since I got online 13 years ago. She has only seen a couple of videos and the entire context of my information really needs to be seen through multiple videos and reading the books to really understand it (unless you are already there within full multidimensionality.) She also says that she does not agree that 3D is going anywhere........again, I completely agree and have been saying this over and over. Not sure why she would think that I am saying otherwise? I also saw in a comment that, like so many others, she thinks I am saying Trump is a saviour. Again as anyone who follows my material knows, I have never said that or even implied it. I have repeatedly stated the opposite but some people don't hear what I am saying. So Jill wants to do a video, maybe a few videos to provide a healthy counteracting perspective to my material, which I welcome & shes going to do this in one or maybe several videos. I do love Jill, think she's an amazing, open hearted lightworker but it does appear we have gone in completely different directions. Although for some, these may be complementary. I was going to suggest to her that maybe we do another interview? That might be easier than her doing responses to my videos....but then I saw a comment she left in reply to someone on her channel and that is that she is fully vaccinated. This really says everything and I don't need to comment any further on this. Because of this, doing an interview together won't really be that helpful. I saw an article she wrote where she refers to 'anti-vax' material then I realised we really are now on different pages. However, I love her and if you are someone that has found my recent transmissions confusing then check Jill's upcoming video responses to my work. I am sure they will be interesting and I have no problem with respectful, healthy debate. Jill could certainly teach people like Tony Sayers a thing or two and I have the greatest respect for how she handled this. Anyway, here is the video 👇👇
Magenta if we can achieve pathogen immunity via Diamond Ring at this Equinox point then would it be possible for the collective to achieve immunity to rogue signal at some cosmic portal event in the future?

My reply; .......Possible but at the moment the Black Flame work is in alignment to this and the Black Flame is a shield for things yet to come. Brainwave scanning technology to show your thoughts, interests, beliefs etc will be counteracted by the privacy seal given by the Black Flame, should the NWO timeline extend that far.
Letting go completely of the need to know how long this will take will do three things 1) take you into the now and line you up with New Earth 2) create the New Earth timeline 3) help collapse the NWO timeline. This letting go must be through spiritual surrender and zero point field connection not bypassing or avoidance. Letting go does far more than three things of course but these three are most important to know when you are frustrated with how long things are taking because you thought it ‘would all be over by now’. One thing the letting go will assist you with is working out how long this will take (when you let go of the need to know then you discover the knowing you no longer need). It’s not helpful to give any timeframe but for those who do see the trajectory template then we are just entering phase 2 of the NWO timeline. That marker is irrelevant for New Earth which holds multiple seed points of high vibrational, hermetically sealed construction that will flourish and evolve indefinitely.
Magenta Pixie OFFICIAL pinned «Letting go completely of the need to know how long this will take will do three things 1) take you into the now and line you up with New Earth 2) create the New Earth timeline 3) help collapse the NWO timeline. This letting go must be through spiritual surrender…»
Story being followed and decoded publicly all the time with frowned upon, frustrated and angry readers of the novel. Therefore in chapter 108 Gloria love discovers the poisoned apples are being made into apple pie as well as juice. Changing juice into pie moves the frequency along preserving the hermetic seal. So pie it is x

Update; several are not getting this so let me just say that hermetic seals need to move in order to remain hermetically sealed. Why do you think the Elite are trying to keep a lid on their secrets?? Apples can be made into either apple juice or apple pie. It's not about food or eating anything (although this may well be part of the agenda) it's about moving code into new form as others, who see your code as dangerous, blatantly make it public. I tried to do this a few months ago from Maxine to Jezebel but many did not follow.

So in the novel juice becomes pie. In my next video juice will still be there as it's already recorded. Future videos will be baking apple pies instead of drinking juice - keeping the seal intact. This is how it works. Teachings from the Nine 🙏
Magenta, You seemed very adamant that the jabbed were not capable of Ascension (or a very select few) and would have to undergo a whole new 35,000 year cycle (whatever the exact number). The point is that it was pretty ironclad, which is why some people rejected the idea or protested because they were afraid for their loved ones. Now there's more wriggle room?

My reply; Wouldn't use the word adamant as that suggests I am staunchly fixed to a viewpoint. Yet one has to be flowing and open in order to bring higher dimensional messages through so being adamant about anything is counter productive. Boundaries, sovereignty, surety, confidence, knowing are all more appropriate terms to explain the stance I hold. It's not that the pie eaters are incapable of ascension. Intrinsically they are...but the pie prevents the ability to create the inner kinetic charge a soul needs to be able to retain memory and activate the DNA into a fast enough spin to live on as aware, individualised consciousness through either the death experience or ascension. So they ARE capable but that capability has been hijacked and compromised. Pretty ironclad.....everything the Nine present and transmit is truth and I do my best to do justice to the frequency they present. As said in the recent video, this high level, expansive monadic transmission that is coming through me at the moment would normally go into a book where any questions that come up are responded to. Due to the nature of this material being needed now rather than waiting weeks/months for a book to be put together it means the monadic presentation is broken down into smaller pieces that cannot be explored as deeply as they would be in a book so one transmission may seem 'ironclad' in it's presentation of context and the next one may seem contradictory to that. This is the nature of paradoxical consciousness and multidimensionality. People rejected the idea out of fear for their loved ones? This is because they interpreted regenesis in a linear sense. The only thing they could equate it to is a punishment or moving backwards or being destroyed. It is none of those things. It's actually a beautiful, creative template and is a different path to ascension. Individuals hold the right to not know truth and if they take that right at end times then the consequence is, most of the time, creation anew (regenesis). Now there's more wriggle room you ask? Nothing has changed, there's always been wriggle room. (I think it's wiggle room actually but no matter) 🤣🙏
With all respect to you Magenta I am shocked by the information you are putting out about the V. I really hope you can find your way back to the light. I feel you are being used in a negative way and are putting so much fear out there. So many people are buying what you are saying and I have a friend who totally believes you about the shedding and won't go near anyone who has had the V. What you are saying goes against love and light. I don't understand why you have become so lost or why people are going along with what you say.

Thanks for your comment. I do feel that you are really sincere and believe wholeheartedly what you say. It's not my place and it never has been my place to try to convince you of anything or to defend what I am saying. It is always up to the listener to decide if I am credible and authentic or if I am not. If you feel that I have become lost and am being used in a negative way then you have every right to feel that way and I am not going to try to change your mind. If anything, I say trust your inner knowing above all else which really is the core message the Nine have been teaching the whole time. It does make me feel upset at times to think that the Nine's teachings causes fear, shock and upset feelings in people as that is the opposite of my intention with every message put out. However I am uplifted and forever grateful by the thousands of people that tell me constantly how the Nine's material eases their fear, shock and sadness. Those that feel positive, empowered, grateful, joyful and spiritually connected by listening to my messages far outweigh those that feel sad or shocked or that are caused fear. As long as one person is helped by my messages then I will never stop bringing them through. I understand that the new messages coming in are very complex and to be honest with you, they won't be understood unless you are able to expand your thinking into multidimensionality. Even other 'spiritual teachers' are misunderstanding, misinterpreting and misquoting my messages publicly. I knew this would happen though. The Nine told me this would happen and what other teachers say is ultimately irrelevant to my mission & path (most especially if they have been eating apple pie.) As for 'shedding' this information has not come from me. The Nine don't talk about shedding, they mention what they call 'rogue signal' which is an electrical type of broadcast. The shedding information comes from multiple reliable medical professionals and doctors. When it comes to other people 'going along with what I say' I don't think they are. What I feel here is that they already know this information. I am simply reflecting their own knowing. Truth is truth and now is the time that truth is showing itself, those who speak truth are showing themselves and truth is not easy to see. I honour and embody love and light in the highest degree but I do not shy away from truth and sadly, much of the truth coming up now will be seen as negative by many others. My heart goes out to you and all those who are finding the revelations and reveals of how deep the rabbit hole goes, so very challenging. All I can say is hold on to your hats and get ready for the ride of your life because there's lots more yet to come. Blessings to all xxx