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Principal of Maatouks Law Group in Sydney, fighting for all Australians to have a right to free choice!!

High Court action is needed now!!

No forced jabs on Australian workers!
No forced jabs on our kids !
No discrimination !!

Time is running out!!
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Today I sent an email to the crown solicitors office requesting an exemption be granted for the HSC students, we need to share this and let everyone know!!

Please all submit your details via our join class action form on my website.. select children vaccination box and provide the details there.

Please also apply for your own exemption on the service NSW website and flood them!!

Stay strong...stay united ♥️♥️♥️🙏🙏🙏
A reminder to all parents to download my free letter to your child's school.. please send it off urgently.. it is available on
HSC students update about your formals.. Government insisting on each individual person to seek their own exemption!! Go to their website and flood them with all your applications now!!
Teach this liberal government a lesson..DO NOT VOTE LIBERAL EVER, NO MATTER WHAT LEVEL, LOCAL, STATE OR FEDERAL!!!
Join our class action also so we can take this issue to court immediately!!
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Keep those exemption applications coming students and parents..after all its what they asked for !!

Link to exemption page
OMG please tell me what kind of world we live in when a father is not allowed to be with his 2 year old daughter that was hit by a car today..WTF !!!

JOHN HUNTER HOSPITAL pull your head in and allow this poor father to be with his daughter!!

I have really had it with the Government, every day, more and more BS 😡😡😡
Anyone here in tiktok please follow my new account the last one was banned because of the video I did about the 2 year old child.. please share and like all my videos on tiktok so i can do my live videos again
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Thank God that common sense prevailed!!
Another Win for humanity ♥️
Why did I have to get involved though??
Honoured eitherway to make sure this family was not separated and together during this terrible time of suffering 🙏♥️🙏♥️🙏
Good morning people, please anyone that knows of children aged 0 to 19 with vaccine injuries or adverse reactions please ask them to fill in their details on my join class action form from our website..
Please share the word 🙏
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Call out, our High Court Matter for children needs lead plaintiff's now!! Please spread this all over Australia!! We need to stop the jab on all children now!! Join our class action on
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I promjsed I would deliver an exemption to all students being able to attend their school formals and here it is ♥️💪♥️💪♥️💪

Our children deserve it and Hazard has backed down and accepted our demands!!!

We will never stop fighting for the rights of those who can not be heard and we will never be silenced!!!!

Plenty more coming out of Team Maatouks stay tuned, and keep on supporting us ♥️♥️♥️

Congratulations to all the Children out there and remember DO NOT VOTE LIBERAL, this is where it hurts them the most.. teach them a lesson!!!