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$AMC currently has more social activity than $MSFT $MA $HOOD and $WMT COMBINED.

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Which cryptocurrencies have the greatest share of social activity vs. all of crypto?

A look at the top coins ranked by social dominance...

Bitcoin $BTC
Ethereum $ETH
Solana $SOL
Tether $USDT
Chainlink $LINK
Dogecoin $DOGE
Avalanche $AVAX
Arbitrum $ARB
Pepe $PEPE
πŸ€With game 7 about to begin and the Knicks and Pacers tied at 3-3 in the Eastern Semifinals, which team is seeing more traction across social media today?

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🚨On news of Grayscale CEO Michael Sonnenshein stepping down, $GBTC social activity is moving north early on today.

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⚠️ Ethereum social activity is ahead of Bitcoin.

In the last 20 minutes, Ethereum has had 1M more social interactions than Bitcoin with Ethereum having 4.4M interactions and Bitcoin having 3.3M.

With excitement about a potential Ethereum ETF approval, social activity has soared.
After a nearly off-the-charts gain in $GME social activity following the return of @TheRoaringKitty, social activity fell hard over the last several days.

But now we're seeing activity stabilize and start to accelerate. An interesting week is in the cards.

⚠️Always pay attention to social metrics on socially-driven stocks and cryptocurrencies.

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Social interest in ETFs πŸš€
$SUI just hit the #1 LunarCrush AltRankβ„’ as social metrics, price movement, and trading activity all accelerated together.
$ETH has more social interactions over the last 24 hours than $SOL $BNB $USDT $LINK $PEPE $DOGE $XRP combined.

Over the last hour, $ETH has social interactions equal to $BTC.

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πŸ—“Announcing a new EVENTS category on LunarCrush! Starting with leading crypto and tech events, track social metrics, top creators, trending posts, and more.

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It’s been quite the last 365 days for Toncoin $TON.

Interactions +17,197%
Creators +3,337%
Price +467%

Can you say you saw it coming? We can.

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πŸ“’New Creator Campaign live for OEV Network by API3!

$1500 budget available if you create quality content for the campaign.

Join the campaign by visiting LunarCrush.
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LunarCrush Expands Data Accessibility through Google Cloud Marketplace Paving Way for Wall Street