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Channel name was changed to «Luna Classic Labs - News Channel»
We have started the first steps to create our own Terra Classic Validator. We are currently actively looking for an infrastructure provider.
Quick Notice: It's official 👍

🌕 My new #LUNC validator - Luna Classic Labs will be ready in about 24 hours.

I will be very happy if you decide to delegate your #LunaClassic coins right here.
Unfortunately, due to some circumstances, the creation of the Luna Classic Labs #LUNC validator is being postponed until Monday🥲

I apologize for this and thank you for your understanding and patience...🙏
🎁 0% FEE !!! Validator

Dear #LunaClassic community,

🧠LunaClassicLabs Validator reduces the fee to 0%.

Yes, this means that 100% of #LUNC staking rewards will go to delegators who stake with us👍

A month ago we increased the fee to 10% and I promised you that this measure is only temporary and that this fee will be reduced in the future when possible 😇

Thanks to the migration of our validator to our own server solution, we saved 80% of monthly costs 💪

That's why our delegators deserve such a Christmas gift...🎄🎁

I think it is right and fair... 🤝

Thank you to everyone who is with us in good and bad times 🙏

Thank you for delegating your #LUNC coins with Luna Classic Labs Validator ❤️

Starting today you can automatically re-stake your #LUNC staking rewards with our validator Luna Classic Labs.


1. Stake with us
2. Go to
3. Connect your wallet using Wallet Connect (Terra Station App)
4. Click the "Grant Staking Auth" button
5. Click the "Enable Auto-Compound" button

More info:

"This is secure and can be revoked at any time. We are not able to send coins, undelegate or do other things than withdrawing rewards and re-delegating them. All rewards will only be re-delegated to the same node that they came from. Rewards are compounded daily at around 1am UTC, but only if they reached 1,000 LUNC or above. Only LUNC is compounded."