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What is up with Democrats wanting committees and envoys to investigate hoaxes?
How much did Pfizer just give Fox News and the RNC “leadership”?

My god. They have all morphed into walking Pfizer vaccines billboards.
Forwarded from
Where has the guy been? “The next stage”? 🧐

It’s been happening for years. Where has he been?

Many people I know including myself have already been debanked.

Someone ought to let Mr. “America First” JD Vance know that they are already taking away people’s 2A rights.

The Second Amendment means little when you literally don’t even have a Second Amendment anymore because the FBI has illegally red flagged you and banned you from being able to own a gun.

It’s really annoying how these candidates just tweet nonsense to pretend like they care about issues while being totally ignorant to what is already happening in America and has been happening FOR YEARS. CHASE VISA HAS BEEN BANNING PEOPLE FOR YEARS. I WOULD KNOW. They did it to me in 2019.

So again. Where has he been besides Silicon Valley making millions off of big tech?

If he’s so anti big tech, why is he still using Twitter and making Dorsey richer?

Either go all in, or go home.
I’ll be on Dinesh D’Souza’s show today!

And at 4 pm EST I’ll be on the Joe Paggs show discussing solutions for cancel culture. Tune in.
In other news, the state department is now taking advice from HAMAS loving CAIR.

You’re going to love the merger between cancel culture and sharia law. Our new country is going to be great. 🙃
Imagine if republicans fought back against big tech as hard as they are fighting back against Ben and Jerrys.
Republican lawmakers seem to care more about ice cream in Israel than they care about big tech election interference in America.

I’ve never seen them so outraged over cancel culture.
Perhaps If I was running for office in Israel the republicans would actually issue a statement about big tech deplatforming my campaign 😂

I guess me running in the most Jewish district in America doesn’t cut it for the GOP. 🤷🏻‍♀️
You know what leaves a nastier after taste in your mouth than Ben and
Jerrys ice cream?

Big tech stealing elections in America.
Not all cultures are equal.

Honor killings are now mainstream in the UK thanks to mass Islamic immigration.

They are also happening here in America although the media never reports on it.