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OPINION // On the necessity of friendship and the loss of it in our times

The lack of deep friendships in the true sense of the word causes many issues. True friends help form our personalities, completing what we lack. True friends rebuke sins and other troublesome quirks we can develop.

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NEWS // New York Democrat wants insurance companies to deny COVID coverage to the unvaccinated

On Tuesday New York State Assemblyman Patrick Burke (D-Buffalo) posted to Twitter his plan to introduce a bill that will allow insurance companies to discriminate against their clients based on their vaccination status when it comes to coverage for COVID-related medical costs.

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WATCH // Canadian politician slams his OWN party’s COVID jab mandates

A Member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA) in Alberta slammed his province over its vaccine mandates for workers.

'A viewpoint shared by many Albertans is that we should have less government interference in our personal and business lives, not more.'

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#Canada #CanadaNews #VaccineMandates #DoNotComply
NEWS // Major Canadian housing provider demands all tenants get COVID shot

A prominent rental housing provider in the Canadian province of Alberta has told all tenants and prospective tenants that they must get COVID jabs if they want full access to his buildings.

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#Canada #CanadaNews #VaccineMandates #Rent #Ultimatums
NEWS // New York Democrat wants insurance companies to deny COVID coverage to the unvaccinated
Buffalo's Patrick Burke had previously stated that every American should have the right to quality healthcare.

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NEWS // Campaign Life Coalition condemns Canadian gov’t bill that could ban pro-life witnessing
'In effect, Bill C-3 could criminalize efforts to offer women alternatives to abortion through peaceful demonstrations, prayer, and sidewalk counseling right across the country,' CLC's Jeff Gunnarson warned.

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NEWS // Canadian pastor released from court order to recite disclaimer when speaking against COVID mandates
Pastor Artur Pawlowski was ordered in October to recite a text stating that ‘the majority of medical experts favour social distancing, mask wearing’ and ‘participation in a vaccination program’ whenever he spoke out against any government health orders.

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BLOGS // The twisted logic of the culture of death: COVID shots mandated for assisted suicide
In Germany, the so-called ‘right to die’ is now reserved for those who take the abortion-tainted COVID shots.

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NEWS // Ontario’s top doc claims COVID hospitalizations of kids increased. Gov’t stats report none in 2 weeks
Kieran Moore claimed that case counts and hospitalizations in the 5–11 age group have been increasing, in an attempt to encourage jabbing kids with the abortion-tainted COVID-19 shot.

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NEWS // Israeli study says COVID shot efficacy decreases dramatically after 3 months, calls for boosters
'In a large population of adults tested for SARS-CoV-2 by RT-PCR after two doses of mRNA vaccine, a gradual increase in the risk of infection was seen for individuals who received their second vaccine dose after at least 90 days.'

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NEWS // Missouri judge rules that COVID restrictions imposed since last year are illegal
Green called the measures that had been enacted by health bureaucrats in his state part of an “incredible power to coerce … subjects into submission,” and that as a result of his decision, “schools and places of public assemblies should no longer fear arbitrary closure based on the whims of public health bureaucrats.”

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