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Just a friendly reminder on this beautiful Monday morning that failure is a part of the process.
We have to lean into failures and learn from it but never be so afraid of it that awe are paralyzed to take risks and move forward.
Understanding what a deductible expense is is just half of the battle. The second and more important part is understanding what you can and cannot right off.
F - For the Business
R - Regular/Ordinary
E - Essential
E - Extravagant-less (his words not ours)

Who else can relate?
Not to mention trying to have that so called “work-life” balance…
A bullish sign for Bitcoin this morning
How sick would you be? 😩😩🤢🤢🤮🤮
Some comedy to start your weekend
For those in the housing market - know and understand the loan options you qualify for
Hey Lifers,
We've been absent but that's because we have been building for you all!
This is a friendly reminder to KEEP GOING
Someone is counting on you to see it through!
What up Lifers! We have been working on some great things for you all.
Today we released the first episode of our show/podcast called Money Music Culture. Episodes will be released weekly but we would love y'all to listen, subscribe, share with friends and family AND give us some feedback.
We listen to music and break down the money lessons within the lyrics so if you have songs that you think should be on as well, let us know 🦾🙏🏾🙏🏾

Appreciate yall

Episode 1: I'm Recession Proof
Building your financial foundation to be strong in any circumstance!



Apple :
Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving
If you're trying to understand what the Metaverse could look like/it's potential, check this out
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Check out Money Music Culture on YouTube, Spotify and Apple to get the full lesson 🚀🦾
2022 we will be hitting the ground full speed with money plays
For right now if anyone has time for a laugh then check out my son's Bry Bry Tries channel on YouTube
🛑‼️Buyers Beware and in general a lesson on protecting yourself. Who knows how this plays out but vet anything you endorse and especially when it comes to money or health products, you need disclaimers and potentially insurance to safeguard yourself.