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This is THE ONLY official channel of LiberiaShop. Our welcome message in Tinfoil has a link which leads here.


Owner: @liberashopdotrs
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Connection Information
We will never ask for monetary payment to access or get advice on using LiberiaShop. If you paid for access or advice, you have been scammed.

This includes, but is not limited to:
- Being charged a service fee
- Being charged for tech support
- Being charged to make a payment or subscribe to access or learn about LiberiaShop on YouTube, Patreon, Discord, etc.

Report the seller to the platform or marketplace and payment processor used and demand your money back immediately. If they refuse to issue a refund, contact your card issuer and request a chargeback. The use of LiberiaShop for commercial, for-profit, or revenue-generating purposes is strictly forbidden.

Add the following connection information to the File Browser tab in Tinfoil (press minus - to add a new entry):
Protocol: https

When adding the connection information, make sure that you've typed the Host value (case-sensitive) exactly as what's shown above and that your console is connected to the internet.

LiberiaShop does not require any additional information to be entered. No OAuth setup, key linked to a Discord account, or contribution of missing content is needed.

Install Options
It is required that Stream Install is turned ON in the Options tab. This is the default setting, but if you have any failing downloads, please make sure that you check in Tinfoil: scroll down the Options, scroll about halfway down to the Install section, and make sure that Stream Install is set to YES.

You can find troubleshooting steps in the Troubleshooting topic in our Telegram group.
LiberiaShop pinned «Connection Information We will never ask for monetary payment to access or get advice on using LiberiaShop. If you paid for access or advice, you have been scammed. This includes, but is not limited to: - Being charged a service fee - Being charged for tech…»
We've received reports that updates released up to a week ago are giving errors when installing. This is due to the new firmware and master key requirements, which Tinfoil isn't updated to support. We've removed all updates released up to a week ago from LiberaShop until this is resolved.
A new version of Tinfoil was released to add support for new master key requirements, so we've restored all updates released up to a week ago to LiberaShop. If you haven't done so already, update your console's firmware to 17.0.0 and ensure your sigpatches are up to date.

We've received reports from a small number of users who are unable to access LiberaShop. If you're experiencing this issue, make sure that the Host value (case-sensitive) in the File Browser tab is typed exactly as what's shown in the Connection Information message in this channel and that your console is connected to the internet.
When you add LiberaShop to the File Browser tab, LiberaShop Retro ROMs is automatically added as well. This is a selection of ROMs that can be emulated on your console using RetroArch.

If you don't want LiberaShop Retro ROMs to load when you start Tinfoil, simply disable it in the File Browser tab by pressing X to edit the entry and setting Enabled to NO.

To filter the retro ROMs by console, press plus + while the New Games tab is selected to show the search bar and type one of these terms:
a26 - Atari 2600
a78 - Atari 7800
jag - Atari Jaguar
c64 - Commodore 64
tg16 - NEC TurboGrafx-16
3ds - Nintendo 3DS
n64 - Nintendo 64
nds - Nintendo DS
nes - Nintendo Entertainment System
gb - Nintendo Game Boy
gba - Nintendo Game Boy Advance
gbc - Nintendo Game Boy Color
32x - Sega 32x
scd - Sega CD
sdc - Sega Dreamcast
gg - Sega Game Gear
sg - Sega Genesis
sms - Sega Master System
ngeo - SNK Neo Geo
psx - Sony PlayStation
pspm - Sony PlayStation Mini
psp - Sony PlayStation Portable
snes - Super Nintendo Entertainment System

Using sys-clk to overclock your console and keeping RetroArch up to date is recommended for the best experience. Specific cores may have other settings that can be fine-tuned for better performance.
LiberiaShop pinned «When you add LiberaShop to the File Browser tab, LiberaShop Retro ROMs is automatically added as well. This is a selection of ROMs that can be emulated on your console using RetroArch. If you don't want LiberaShop Retro ROMs to load when you start Tinfoil…»
Due to recent demand, we've added save files to LiberaShop! You can find save files for your installed titles in the Shared Saves tab. The list is updated as more save files are contributed and if you want to contribute your own, use this form: Tinfoil backs up your save file and replaces it with the injected one, so don't worry about losing your current save file.

We've also added firmware dumps to LiberaShop. You can find new firmware updates according to your current version in the System Updates tab. New firmware dumps will be added when Atmosphere, sigpatches, and Tinfoil are updated to support it. Note that Daybreak is required to install firmware updates.
We've received reports that save files on LiberaShop failed to inject and gave errors starting around 5 hours ago. The cause was found and the issue has been fixed.
We've implemented a fix to resolve download issues affecting a subset of users. Additionally, download speeds may be faster than before. If you encounter any errors, close Tinfoil and open it again.

I'd like to thank all of you for joining this channel and patiently waiting while we worked on rebuilding our community. We've created a Telegram group containing a changelog of base games, updates, and DLC. If you encounter issues while using LiberaShop or just want to chat, join our new server.


A short time after we created this Telegram channel, certain individuals decided to take advantage of the nonexistence of a real LiberaShop community and create "official LiberaShop chat" groups on Telegram to impersonate us. Because these groups were unmoderated, unsuspecting users followed bad advice from others. Much of this advice involved tricking users into bricking their consoles.

If you're unsure which Telegram channel and group is from us, our welcome messages that show up after loading LiberaShop in Tinfoil contain links which lead to our real group and channel.
We've received reports that downloads were failing and gave errors starting around 7 hours ago. The cause was found and the issue has been fixed.
We're currently working on optimizing LiberaShop's loading times in Tinfoil. As a result, there is a temporary delay in new content being added. LiberaShop and content downloads continue to be operational during this time. We'll resume adding new content once this maintenance is completed.

People frequently ask how they can support LiberaShop. You can help us by contributing missing content. Thanks to contributors securing all prior-year gamecard exclusives, there is no longer a two week delay on the XCI tab. We would appreciate it if anyone can contribute future gamecard releases to, especially if they're obtained early. Only one prior-year Korean eShop game is all that's needed in order to have all games available. There is also much missing DLC, some of which may be available via Yahoo Japan and other markets. More information about contributing missing content can be found in the Delay Info topic on our Telegram changelog group at

Please join the new missing content finder Discord server at if you can provide any assistance with this as once the aforementioned Korean eShop game is contributed, LiberaShop will no longer have a two-week delay for eShop games. We don't accept cash donations; we only ask that you help preserve these titles so that they're available for everyone to enjoy in the future.
Maintenance is completed and the backlog of new games, updates, and DLC has been added to LiberaShop. Close and reopen Tinfoil to see the new content.

We started receiving reports a few days ago that the UAE ISP Etisalat and US ISP Verizon began failing to resolve DNS requests to LiberaShop's content downloads. We implemented a fix during the maintenance to resolve the issue. If you are using Etisalat or Verizon, close and reopen Tinfoil to apply the fix.
Thanks to contributors securing all Korean eShop exclusives, there's no longer a two week delay on the New Games tab. Please disregard the "On LiberaShop" delayed dates in the Base channel in our Telegram changelog group as all previously delayed eShop games have already been added.

There's still much work to be done for DLC and we would appreciate any assistance you can provide. Just like with XCI and eShop games, the two week delay on DLC will be removed as soon as all missing DLC is contributed.

As a reminder, you can find more information regarding delays, including the status of delays on the types of content on LiberaShop, in our Telegram changelog group at
For a long time, we've seen many users wrongly refer to LiberaShop as LiberiaShop. Today, we've renamed LiberaShop after the West African nation to avoid further confusion and relocated our operations to Monrovia, Liberia.

Because all the content is now hosted in a village in northern Monrovia, LiberiaShop may become temporarily unavailable since we usually lose power around 5-7 times a day. As soon as the power comes back on it will be up and running again. With a Serengeti-scorching 1.83 Mbps of bandwidth, download speeds shouldn't be affected.
We've found that users who don't want to or can't create a Telegram account are unable to access our Telegram changelog group. We're proud to announce that LiberiaShop's changelog can now be viewed publicly on our new Guilded changelog server at
Statement from LiberaShop Owner

When I created LiberaShop almost 8 months ago, I made it with the promise that I would never ask for donations or charge for access. Since then, I have always stood by that commitment.

Countless people have asked if they could donate to LiberaShop because the service was great or pay money to access a "pro" version of LiberaShop and I refused every offer. LiberaShop's expenses were paid using only my own funds because I never intended to generate revenue or make a profit from hosting LiberaShop.

However, a recently filed lawsuit accusing an individual of allegedly partaking in LiberaShop's operations and the rising popularity of "pro" shops with benefits exclusive to paying users meant my efforts were futile.

I am disappointed to see that certain shop owners and YouTubers such as Ghost eShop/Ghost Land, World Digital, Better Gaming, Lotus Tech, and DrakenRyuji shamelessly accept and even encourage "donations" (payments) via Ko-fi, Patreon, and PayPal. This is done by hosting a very limited free shop with intentionally slow download speeds and substantially less content to entice potential customers to make one-time payments or pay monthly subscriptions for access to a "pro" shop with all limitations removed under the guise that the revenue made goes towards hosting their shops when in reality it is just for making a profit.

These greedy sales practices as well as simply accepting "donations" for nothing in return are detrimental to the Switch scene at large. The "pro" shop owners and YouTubers running "pro" shops prey on unsuspecting and desperate people who are looking to download and install content directly to their console; they are scamming people, generating revenue, and making a profit by making free content available for download for a one-time payment or paid monthly subscription.

As one of the few remaining public shops, LiberaShop was certainly unique in the community for offering a decent experience to everyone without requiring a payment of any kind. Many of the "pro" shop owners and YouTubers running "pro" shops despised LiberaShop and its mere existence due to that fact.

I found that the "pro" shop owners and YouTubers running "pro" shops were heavily reliant on LiberaShop by downloading newly released content from LiberaShop and reuploading it to their "pro" shops in hopes of attracting more customers, generating more revenue, and making more profit.

In this situation, why bother keeping LiberaShop operational? What is the point when LiberaShop indirectly continues to facilitate their for-profit business? Why should I allow "pro" shop owners and YouTubers running "pro" shops to continue abusing my generosity for their personal gain and using LiberaShop to shield their shops and themselves from legal action?

I have tried my absolute best to keep LiberaShop running. Trust me, I have. But I guess people find it more appealing to pay for access to "pro" shops with constant updates and better access to content that was always meant to be downloaded for free. Nobody needs a truly free shop like LiberaShop anymore.

In other words, I am shutting down LiberaShop. "Pro" shop owners and YouTubers running "pro" shops, you win. Let it be known that shops have become paid sources of Switch content which their owners use to generate revenue and make a profit.

I was ignorant of the fact that the Switch scene is more or less a marketplace where access to free content is monetized. Now that I am fully aware, you are free to continue running your "pro" shop business without interference from me.

LiberaShop's users, shutting down LiberaShop was a very difficult decision to make, and one I spent several days contemplating given the current conditions.

Please do not get scammed by paying for access to "pro" shops or making "donations", no matter how convenient they may seem. By doing so, you only make the greed and problem worse. If you paid for access to "pro" shops, you have been scammed and should demand your money back or file a chargeback immediately.