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🤖 L E G S B O T 🤖

Paper Trading feature is being tested…
Paper Trading is ready on legsbot.com

You can run the bots without needing entering your Binance/Kucoin API Key. It's good opportunity to learn which TA works well, Let's run your bots

We have added "Take Profit" feature for Smart Alert Bot

Now you can create a bot like this

- Buy with (Super Trend Buy Signal)
- Sell with (Ichimoku or MACD Sell Signals)
- Close 30% of Position with 5% profit
- Close 30% of Position with 10% profit
Hello everybody, I found a critical bug on bot codes and fixed it. Many bots will work as expected but I advice you to stop your bots and start again.
Hi, a problem occurred on LegsBot server yesterday, some bots effected and stopped from the problem. We fixed it. we're so sorry for problem 😔
Some users got an error like "No need to change margin type" while creating bots on Binance Futures yesterday.
We fixed this issue. Sorry for the problem. You can continue to earn while sleeping :)
⚠️ Important
We created new server for the bots. You need to add new IP address on Binance while creating API/KEY. You can see the new IP address at API settings page
🗣 Coinlegs & LegsBot v2 is coming soon

We have completely upgraded our software infrastructure and ready to publish new version

During the transition to the new version, the LEGSBOT project will be suspended for a while and when the transition is completed, it will be launched again with new advanced features

We recommend that you stop your bots in a controlled manner until Oct 14, 2023
After transition is completed, all subscriptions will be extended