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15% ROI done from our entry..
1:1 done ❀️
I will Trail SL to break even and will try 1:2 risk rewards..
Something important Comming in 30min on Youtube

Stay tuned ❀️
Revealing my last 1 year total earnings from Market
Taking time in upload
Raw video recorded due to lack of time.....but still tried to cover some of your misconception ....15-20min must be on live
Watch it:-
No time to edit thumbnail..
Mean while made this profit .. taken trade while I was recording video.. u can see the chart here
Buy one premium Calculator to Multiply USD to INR .(trollers)
And dubai Jane k bad part 2 ayega..wait for More suspense.
Tomorrow will give india office tour video .
Screenshot 2023-11-30 at 10.03.13 AM.png
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67% dot to dot level which we have learnt already in youtube content
How is your trade going on this monthly expiry?
I am out of the office and not in front of the charts.

Going for legal action against a broker for distributing my private statements without my authorization and an individual for online defamation and trying to attempt to stir up my audience against me and spread hate and trolling...
Yesterday Profit withdrawal credited..
Finally addressed out of Mr Zu**** details with his zrdha p&l ...Ab expose karne wale khud expose honge .πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚...let me back to home ...

Also stay ready to receive Legal notice in Ha**am plaza(IDBI).

I am not among them to sit silently ..Stay ready to expose yourself and sen***ll ka v kuch karna hoga....

You have Crossed the limit, I think u are not aware enough what u are doing,soon u will come to know...stay ready for legal fight .
Just back to office ❀️
Had a meeting with ACP and legal team .. I have his all details but will not share publicly bcoz of privacy..
Tomorrow will send a surprise to his correspondence address .Just see how much it’s costing him for unauthorized disclosure and defamation.

After that only I will be free of mind to trade properly..
Sending Giveaway amount now to 13Γ—50k=6.5 lakhs now
Rest 17 will select after that tonight
This might be the last post here for Mr Zub*** ,I just wanted to convey some points....

Firstly I don't have any 1 by 1 conversation with him..He breached my privacy and published financial statements directly and publicly without permission.

2ndly They have claimed I m doing Portfolio management? Do you think really?? I had done one mistakes before 4 years back by taking forex trading account one of my friend and lost some amount around 500$ and gave him 50,000$ returned back while I got success..His screenshot sharing and claiming that I m fraud πŸ˜‚...he is with me whose screenshot they are sharing..

3rd point
I never promoted any courses or any premium call tip services through My Youtube or Telegram Channel...99 out off 100 video m bola hu kisi k paid courses lene k jarurat nhi...Agar nhi pata toh savi video check Kar Lena...

4th point
Giveaway stunt for show off ?
Really? I think from last 2 years I m giving Giveaway from old channel where I m not active there.
If don't know then go and watch it

Skip to 5min to last

Instead off taking a single rupees from anyone I have helped so many traders in crores of rupees..I have all of their proofs..

Kuch V karo yeh log kavi satisfied nhi honge...mein fake hu sahi hu before your conclusion u should approach once to me...

And itna kuch karne k bad mujhe ap logo ko explanation dena pad rha h...isse jyada m jhel nhi sakta ..he has defamed with so many Fake allegations and also breached my privacy...And iske bajah I Jo v mein khoya hu he needs to prepare for costing...

He has free to speech against anyone but before claiming I m fake ..he should approach me once but he didn't...

For such I m suffering mentally harassed and its neither effecting financial loss also personal life..

Never promoted course,never promoted referral program of Indian stock market and also never managed anyone account still people started to judge with fake allegations.....I will meet him legally soon...Rest I need peace in life ...
Jab kuch pata nhi nah usme dimag nhi lagana chahiye...once there was one issue with binance wallet..withdrawal request had canceled on my request then when I received again they had to changed it ..for that he added 100k back wallet to create fresh request to make that successful...back dated chat with them...Kuch v karo yeh log galat proof karke hi rehenge..I m just wasting my time .....For him only such things posting.

Sorry for all of your disturbance in trading.bcoz of him I m not able to concentrate on my trading and office work...I will finish it by today and will see u in Supreme Court not in Court...
Sorry Everyone for posting such unnecessary post here.i will not post anything here further and will manage everything in backend.

Keep Focusing on Learning and Self trading ...πŸ™β€οΈ
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