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Here comes the first challenge of the year! Login at sharp 8 PM tonight to have the very first Starters platter of the year served to you by the Chef himself. https://bit.ly/32GFZZX
It's just been less than a week since the new year started, and we are still looking back at how 2021 went by as fast as a gush of wind. The Chef took a quick look at how our went year by and found many interesting facts to share with you. Check out what we found out about how 2021 was for CodeChef! https://bit.ly/3eVvK6p
Here comes the first revamped edition of the Long Challenge. Starting today at 3 PM, you have the time and leisure to code and explore for 3 whole days. So make every second count! https://bit.ly/3q3oE69
It is today! It is today! It is T-O-D-A-Y!! The day has finally come! Just a few more hours until the grand Finale is flagged off. See you all there at 10.30 PM. https://bit.ly/3JRRsX0
#CodeChef #ItsSDfinals #SnackDown
We are live 🔴Guys
​Welcome to the SnackDown 2021 Grand Finale
Just a few more hours until the first revamped edition of Jan Long Challenge ends. So if you want to try your hand at a few more questions, solve them right now! https://bit.ly/3q3oE69
Coders it's time to giddy up! Exun, the external rated contest, is tonight and it's rated for both Division Two and Three. So get yourself in the right headspace and arrive ready to demolish the competition! https://bit.ly/3HQaF9G
Learn Competitive Programming with CodeChef pinned «Getting Started Learning Camps Playlist Link: https://bit.ly/3raYiOQ»
The 2021 Cook-Off season was an absolute whirlwind. We had uncrackable problems and players doing what they do best! Read our blog to catch details you might have missed!
Learn Competitive Programming with CodeChef pinned «Playlist link of ''Learning Camp for 1--2 Star'': https://bit.ly/330TMe0»
Hey, hey, it's the final hours of the Jan Long Challenge II! If you haven't checked the problems or want to solve more, you have time till 3 PM. So hurry up, share with your friends, remind them that they still have time to solve new problems, and make those final changes and touches. https://bit.ly/3KjdNNk
What's stopping you from participating in your first rated #contest? Embark on your #programming journey with us with Starters 22, today at 8 PM.https://bit.ly/33oUcem