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💐 Today Russia celebrates Defender of the Fatherland Day. It is a public holiday, and it is celebrated in Belarus, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan as well. Initially, the holiday was established in 1922.

Our image shows three medals:
⚪️ the Ushakov Medal, which is awarded to soldiers and sailors of the Russian Navy,
🔵 the Suvorov Medal, which is awarded mainly to ground forces,
🔴 the Nesterov medal, which is awarded to soldiers of the Air Force.
🪗 Today is the last day of Maslenitsa week (pancake week). Maslenitsa is one of the most fun and ancient holidays which signifies the end of winter and the beginning of spring.
🥞 These days, pancake fairs take place in cities and country parks around Russia. There, everyone can taste pancakes with various fillings, as well as traditional Russian drinks sbiten and mead.
🎠 People participate in such games and competitions as tug of war, snowball fight, running in bags, shovel sledding, and lifting weights.

🪗 Сегодня последний день Масленицы, одного из самых весёлых и древних праздников. В этом году Масленица проходит с 20-го по 26-ое февраля.
🥞 В эти дни в городах и загородных парках по всей стране устраивают ярмарки, на которых можно отведать блины с различными начинками и традиционные русские напитки.
🎠 Также все желающие могут поучаствовать в играх и соревнованиях по перетягиванию каната, бегу в мешках, катанию на лопатах и поднятию гирь.
Keeping you informed about the rules of Russian pronunciation 🙂

🖊 When the letter д is at the end of the word, it should be pronounced as [т]. For example, in the words город and мёд the last sound is [т].

However, if another letter appears after д at the end of the same word, then д should be pronounced as [д]: в городе, с мёдом.

🖇 Read the examples in the second image and remember the correct pronunciation.

Do you know other Russian words where д at the end becomes [т]? 🐻
The best way to get acquainted with Russian adjectives is to learn the names of colours. Today's colour is серый (gray).

◽️The word серый may be used figuratively. For instance, серый день means cloudy day, and серая жизнь means dull life.

◽️The first image shows the correct pronunciation of the word, and the next image shows the examples with masculine, feminine, neuter, and plural nouns. Read them and try to make up your own examples! 🐘
Today, women around the world celebrate International Women’s Day. In Russia, the holiday is celebrated since 1919 and became an official holiday in 1965.
💐 We wish every woman joyous days, inspiration in everything you do, and a good mood!

Сегодня во многих странах мира отмечается Международный женский день. В России праздник появился в 1919 году, а с 1965 года стал государственным.
💐 Поздравляем всех женщин с Восьмым марта! Желаем вам радостных событий, вдохновения и хорошего настроения!
The weekend has come. 🪁 Will you do some housework or are you going for a walk? How do you usually spend your free time? And how would you ask it in Russian? 🙂 Choose the correct answer in the quiz below!
What verb would you use for the question in the image?
Anonymous Quiz
🌐 Russian cosmonaut Oleg Artemyev showed what the largest rivers on Earth look like from space. He took the photos during his flights to the International Space Station.

📸 Photos 1-2 show the Volga River.
Photos 3-4 show the Amazon River.
Photo 5 shows the place where the Paraguay River flows into the Parana River.
Photos 6-7 show the Amur River in the Russian Far East.
Photo 8 shows the Senegal River.
Photo 9 shows the Betsiboka River in Madagascar.

🌐 Российский космонавт Олег Артемьев опубликовал в своём Телеграм-канале фотографии крупнейших рек, снятые им во время полётов на МКС.

📸 Фотографии 1-2 - река Волга.
Фотографии 3-4 - река Амазонка.
Изображение 5 - место впадения реки Парагвай в реку Парана.
Фотографии 6-7 - река Амур.
Фотография 8 - река Сенегал.
Изображение 9 - река Бецибука на острове Мадагаскаре.