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Welcome to our new subscribers! We will be posting news and updates about Langroops on this channel soon! Use this link to invite friends:
Happy learning!
Welcome to our new subscribers! We will be posting news and updates about Langroops on this channel soon! Use this link to invite friends:
Happy learning!
Welcome to our new subscribers! We will be posting news and updates about Langroops on this channel soon! Use this link to invite friends:
Happy learning!
Interested in becoming a community leader?
Come to our "Open House" event and learn all about what it takes to join our international team and lead a dual-lingual language exchange community at Langroops.
Langroops is undergoing some exciting changes this week and starting March 22nd all language exchange events will be hosted on the Langroops website (and not Zoom)
This move will let us host more events and provide a better experience for the participants.
During this transition period, things may not be where they used to.
If you can't find the event you are looking for it may be HERE:

Telegram channel: @langroops
Deux nouvelles communautés! Français / chinois et français / japonais!
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Hi everyone! We hope your having a great weekend!

We are excited to introduce our new "Langroops Weekly" corner with inspirational quotes, learning tips and tendy topics for you to talk about!
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👋 Hi everyone! We are happy to announce 📣>>>
We will be holding our *2nd community leader and host course* starting Dec. 7th!
Come join us to learn how to host online events, grow a community, and boost your language skills!
We will also be revealing a lot of cool updates to the website 😉.

*To learn more and sign up*>>>