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well, since the site is being actively attacked, it would be a good idea to create some backup links and alternative URL's. If the site goes down or is is blocked in your country or city, try using https://soyak.party/
я люблю юг
in regards to the recent ban on gifs or videos of cobson, i'm aware that most cobposters arent responsible for that, but until i have a better solution (than prying through the thousands of cobson images uploaded each day) i have no choice but this obscene blanket ban. Ideas welcome https://kuz.netmode.ru/message/

people take the 'party way too seriously. Some people have forgotten that it is literally a bald men with glasses forum. Amazing how worked up people get over variant wars and whatnot
looked through some of the notes soot and his mods left on users IP addresses. To the schizos saying they were being fucked with by the powers at be, you are vindicated
On a more serious note, today, I made 2 big decisions in my life.

1. Starting in November, I am applying for Turkish (Cypriot) citizenship. I will begin the process of moving everything, including my personal home out of Memphis and into Lefkosia, TRNC. My wife and I have both, after scoping it out and greatly enjoying our visit, agreed that it will be a wonderful place to live. I also feel quite connected to Turkiye, and I've thoroughly enjoyed learning the language and learning about the fascinating culture and history. Its already publicly known that a large portion of KolymaNET employees are Turkish, so their help to me in this process I have cherished.

2. I've decided to change my full legal name, given at birth (Yuri Mikhailovich Kuznetsov) to the mononymous "Temuçin" (Alternatively spelled "Temuchin" or "Temujin", which I chose for several reasons, most prominently, it is the namesake of Genghis Khan. This is a huge undertaking for obvious reasons, especially considering that I have used the nickname "kuz" on the internet for coming on 2 decades, I don't necessarily intend on completely deprecating that name.

Aside from these personal decisions, I've mostly taken a break from my usual activity on the internet until December so I can focus on working with the Engineers in Kolyma to finalize our plans for a grand re-release of the networks main portions next year, and it has been going very well. The processes of building a fully self-dependant network from scratch are exhausting but well worth it in the end.