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Just read the 11 Golden Rules of Crypto Trading by Marko Vidrih.

Good stuff.

I don't take all of them into consideration when I trade. I mainly abide by the following:

1. Protect your capital
2. Trade with the trend
3. Confirm with volume
4. Take profits when the trend ends
5. No more than 10% loss
Forwarded from Kryptodre
Forwarded from Kryptodre
3.25% profit running
Forwarded from Kryptodre
3% profit, no leverage
Forwarded from Dre Trade Book
Kryptonaires' Lab
Entry price given in my trade book, 5% profit taken.
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Last week's results were 6 wins and 3 losses, with net gain of 10% profits, no leverage!

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Forwarded from Dre Trade Book

Daily downtrend line broken, 4h golden cross.

Funds returning to crypto-market cap excluding BTC + plus testing its downtrend line.

Possible breakout.

Long between 1000 and 1080 sats


Targets: 1089, 1105, 1140, 1220

Stop loss zone: 930/960
Forwarded from Kryptodre