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"Your bad days don’t define you. Take a few breaths, let today go, and focus your energy on the future." -- Billy Chapata
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UPSC Official Calendar 2025

CSE Prelims on 25/05/25
CS Mains from 22/08/25
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Total vacancies : 506


Central armed police force (CISF,CRPF etc)

Assistant commandant exam 2024
(Equivalent to central Dy.SP)

Important Note:-

Previously, the UPSC Civil Services Examination (CSE) included recruitment for the Central Armed Police Forces (CAPF).

However, in recent times, UPSC has started conducting separate exams for CAPF.

Nevertheless, recruitment for the Railway Protection Force (RPF) continues to be part of the UPSC CSE exam.
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Good morning to all future officers
Forwarded from KPR IAS
Dear Aspirants,

Mrs. Priya Dharshini S, our freelancer faculty, has a rich experience with the UPSC CSE and Forest Service exams. She has appeared in 4 Mains exams and 3 Interviews. Recently, she cracked the Indian Forest Service exam with an All India Rank of 82.

She wishes to share her secrets to clear Prelims at this stage of preparation, and you can clarify your doubts with her.

Please make use of this opportunity if you are giving the exam on June 16th or planning for the 2025 exam.

This session will definitely help boost your morale and enhance your preparation during these crucial last 25 days.

KPR IAS Academy
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If milk gets bad, it becomes yoghurt. Yoghurt is more valuable than milk. If it gets even worse, it turns to cheese. Cheese is more valuable than both yoghurt and milk. And if grape juice turns sour, it transforms into wine, which is even more expensive than grape juice. You are not bad because you made mistakes. Mistakes are the experiences that make you more valuable as a person. Christopher Columbus made a navigational error that made him discover America. Alexander Fleming’s mistake led him to invent Penicillin. Don’t let your mistakes get you down. It is not practice that makes perfect. It is mistakes we learn from that makes perfect!

Don't be scared of mistakes
more bigger steps ahead
just keep going

Good morning 🌄 to all future officers 🙏
We are happy to share the TNPSC Group II results after the posting allocation.
Wishing them continued success in their upcoming exams, career, and life.

KPR IAS Academy
We are happy to share Dinesh Kumaran's TNPSC Group 2 results. We wish him continued success in his upcoming exams, career, and life.
KPR IAS Academy
Forwarded from KPR IAS
UPSC prelims 2024 admit card released
Very Important information

Please note that entry into the Examination Venue shall be closed 30 minutes ( NOT 10 Mins) before the schedule commencement of the   Examination i.e. 09:00 AM for the Forenoon Session and 02:00 PM for the Afternoon Session. No candidate shall be allowed the entry 
into the Examination Venue after closure of the entry.
We are happy to share Rishi's TNPSC Group 2 results. We wish him continued success in his upcoming exams, career, and life.
KPR IAS Academy