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Lovely waxing crescent moon seen from our balcony this early evening.
The soundtrack from the street while we had drinks on our balcony (4th floor; 5th storey) on a lovely evening in Los Remedios. Our place is on the corner, directly above the Vodafone store.
Lunch at Bar la Marceta with Susan's primo Ernie and his wife Gail and their friend Lynn (pictured in comments). An excellent time was had by all!
The napolitanas are very good at Greta (our regular weekend place for café).
Scenes only 300 metres from the finish line at today's Maratón de Sevilla. At this point (3.5 hours from the 8:30am start) about 25% of the 12,000 participants have finished. Drummers are from Batucada Aljarafe.

NB: 🇵🇸 flying in second video.
The west side of the Feria gate is now getting some love and the flag started flying three days ago.
Down the street to Bar Santa Maria this evening for a pre-dinner Manzanilla. Beautiful night so almost all of the patrons are outside (we are at the bar). Guy comes in to get a couple more Coke+ (brandy and rum) drinks ... Miguel - serving the drinks - says something to the guy about us. A "conversation" ensues. By the time he gets his drinks he has paid for ours. ¡Gracias, amigo!
We have once again come over to the Sevilla side of the river after lunch and are now waiting for the #41 bus to take us home. Pretty nice view (Plaza de Toros on the right)!
A small part of the beautiful Parque de María Luisa.
And yet another bit
West tower now completely clad.
Fifteen years ago today in the Jardim da Estrela in Lisboa. Reading the Guardian (!); one year before our Nexus Ones and subsequent freedom from print media 🙂
At 75 (Sevilla) and 60 (Lisboa).
Yet another picture of the Guadalquivir
Both towers of the Portada are now finished.