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Kingdomverse is a upcoming 3D social Metaverse for Web 3 communities to interact, battle and play.

🐵Official Chat: @kingdomversexyz
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📢Attention! Winners of the King's Crown Tournament

🎁We'll be distributing the $5,000 USDC prize to the TOP 100 winners next week.

To collect your prizes:
1️⃣ Check if you make it to the top:
2️⃣ Go to
3️⃣ Click the SIGN IN button on the top right hand corner
4️⃣ Log in with your game account
5️⃣ Connect your wallet
6️⃣ We will drop the prizes directly to your wallet in March (An announcement will be made when we have distributed the prizes.)

For the winners, you are advised to bind your wallet to our website at your earliest convenience, as after March 12 it will no longer be possible to claim your prizes.

Once the $USDC prize has been distributed, we will release details for claiming the $KING token prize to the TOP 1,500 winners of the King’s Crown Tournament. 🐵👑🏯
📢 Inviting everyone and the JP community! Everyone is welcome to participate because the AMA will be in English.

KuCoin × KING 日本語AMA開催のお知らせ📢

日時:3/14(月) 21:00〜

・フォロー @kucoin_jp

🏰 DTK ✗ HOME Verse🎮
#Giveaway 🎉
合計10,000 $KING を5名様にプレゼント🎁

< 応募方法 >


締切 3/14 19:00 JST
#OASYS #DTK #HomeVerse
We just reached 1.3k players in Kingdomverse pre-season on Fractal! Keep playing to improve your rankings. 😊
📢 Good day to all our Japanese friends! 🐒

KING 取引コンテスト開催のお知らせ📢

期間:3/13 19:00〜 3/20 19:00 まで
KING Kingdomverse 🔥



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The day of the final battle arrived!

New heroes are forged! Wield them against the tyrannical Bull Empire

The time has come to join the fight against evil, enter DTK origins!

#DTK 🐒🛡🏯
🎁DTK Origins NFT Collection - Whitelist Giveaway!

To join:
1️⃣Like, RT & Follow @Kingdomverse_
2️⃣Tag 3 friends
4️⃣Fill out:

Finish all tasks before Apr 1 & visit the Discord channel to check if you are whitelisted on Apr 7
@GameFi_Official x @BNBCHAIN

It’s the awards season & we’re thrilled to be nominated for the #RaceForGlory Game Award. Follow, review & share our project and get a chance to win our DTK Origins NFT WL spots.

⏰Mar 14 - 31
🎁50 WL
⬇️Post a screenshot

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🚨Attention! Top 1,500 winners of the King's Crown Tournament🚨

1️⃣Go to
2️⃣Click the LOGIN button on the top right hand corner
3️⃣Log in with your game account
4️⃣Connect your wallet before Mar 17
5️⃣The $KING tokens will be dropped to your account on Mar 17

📌There will be a 6-month vesting period for the $KING token. Your game account on our website will display the tokens you own.
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🚨Attention! $KING Token winners of our Partner Projects/ KOLs/ Guilds🚨

To collect your prizes, please complete the following steps before Mar 24:
1️⃣Download our game:
App Store:
Google Play:
2️⃣Create a game account
We just announced the winner list for the NFT campaign.

Below are the top 10 #GameFi projects with the highest market cap 👀

Guess who made it? 🙈
📢 Good day everyone!

Don’t miss out on our first Web 3 Spotlight with @Kingdomverse_, co-hosted by @WhaleCoinTalk 👇🏼
【Matilda - The Oathbreaker】

💠Class: Warrior
🗡Type: Force
🌟Skill: Judgement

Matilda has an ancient technique from a legendary swordswoman that can split the earth. She gets fired up & delivers 5 powerful strikes to whichever target she is fighting.

#DTKOrigins #NFT
【Lawrence - The Faithbringer】

💠Class: Paladin
🗡Type: Assist
🌟Skill: Divine Blessings

Lawrence graces his allies with Divine Blessings, completely protecting his allies around him from any debuffs. Only he has the ability to safeguard the team from Omen.

#DTKOrigins #NFT