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We continue to work on the key functionality of KelVPN 💢 - the mode of collaboration between the service and Cellframe Dashboard.

It is important to note that this will give users the opportunity to choose a provider and the most suitable conditions for receiving traffic, while providers, in turn, will be able to receive a commission for their services.

Here are the most significant recent updates:

👍 Added blocking of the Continue button when receiving an error via Web3 API from the dashboard for collaborative mode
👍 Fixed a problem with overwriting a transaction when executing a new one in the order history for collaborative mode
⚠️ We have quite a lot of new users who lack general information about the project.

We decided to fix this and start with the most frequently asked question🙃

A decentralized VPN is a VPN network that does not depend on centralized servers or nodes in any way.

Instead of centralized management of regular VPNs, you connect to the Internet through nodes managed by other users spread around the world, who exchange traffic with each other.

📌 A decentralized VPN has a lot of advantages over regular ones:

🔸 There is no single point where your online activity can be monitored or interfered with.
🔸 Your traffic is encrypted and redirected through several nodes, making it much more difficult to track or hack.
🔸 Your traffic is distributed over a network of nodes, which allows for better speed and bandwidth.
🔸 A decentralized VPN is much more difficult to block or restrict.

We believe that this is already reason enough to choose our decentralized KelVPN💢service.

But if you want to know more, just contact us😉

🚀 We will change the way you use the internet!
⚠️ For newcomers

KelVPN uses a unique VPN protocol developed in-house. The authenticity of our connections is protected by the quantum-safe Crystal-Dilithium signature🔰

All this makes KelVPN 💢 number one in terms of security among all other existing technologies.

Also, compared to other VPN services, KelVPN consumes significantly fewer resources 🔋 and puts almost no strain on the system.

Thanks to this feature, it is perfectly suitable for use on mobile devices 📲
Try it out and see for yourself! 😃

👉 Download KelVPN now at this link:

The Internet has never been more secure and accessible!
👉 Important post for newcomers!

If you use VPN services to run your business, the issue of data security is a very pertinent one.

80% of modern VPN services are centralized and completely defenseless against malicious attacks 😈

Our KelVPN is a decentralized virtual private network.

It is safe to use the internet with it, as there is simply no centralized server. Any data will remain private 🔒

⚠️ Unlike many VPN services, we don't collect your data and sell it on to third parties. KelVPN is based on blockchain technology, which makes it impossible to collect any data.

💥 Switch to KelVPN right now:
5 reasons to delete your VPN and download KelVPN 💢

Unlike any other VPN service, KelVPN offers the same internet speed as without a VPN.

We don't trade your personal data - we don't know anything about you ourselves. No email or phone number required.

With KelVPN, you can earn unlimited money.
How? Write to us👉 and we will tell you everything in detail.

Even a child can understand KelVPN.

This is a service where everything works right away - any websites, services, banking applications, etc.
Several important improvements are coming in the next KelVPN💢 update that will make your experience with the service even more enjoyable and efficient.

We have fixed several bugs related to Cellframe Dashboard discovery and connection. This will simplify the interaction between applications and ensure more stable operation.

A blocking bug that prevented the use of the paid mode has been fixed. Now the possibility of releasing the collaboration mode is open to all users without restrictions.

KelVPN version 7.7 will be released very soon!

The KelVPN staking website is currently undergoing maintenance and may be unstable.

We will complete the maintenance as soon as possible and will notify you when access is restored.
Maintenance is complete - the correct operation of the KelVPN staking website has been restored.
What should you do if you face an error while using VPN💢

We have prepared an instruction for you that will help to solve the problem.

⚡️ Make sure you are using the latest version of KelVPN — older versions may have errors that have already been fixed in updates.

⚡️ Since most errors are individual, our developers need a report on the work of your application to fix them. If your VPN stopped working with a stable Internet connection, please send a report using "Send bug report" feature in the KelVPN app's Settings menu.
In the report, please indicate:
● a detailed description of the error: after what actions in the application it appears
● frequency of repetition
● technical characteristics of your device and the version of the operating system
● if the error concerns the application interface, please attach a screenshot

⚡️ If the error occurred during or after purchasing a key — write in the feedback form on the website or telegram bot, as confirmation of payment may be required:

⚡️ After receiving your error report, we will get access to:
● device information: OS version and processor architecture
● KelVPN version and application logs with debug information.
All information that you provide to us is completely anonymous.

⚡️ Leave an email address or nickname in Telegram if you need a response from the team.

KelVPN team 💫
Devices compatible with KelVPN💥

In response to user requests, we have prepared a list of devices compatible with KelVPN:
● Windows: all versions, starting with Windows Vista (7, 8, 10, 11)
● Android: version 8 and above
● macOS: version Big Sur and above
● Linux: Ubuntu 19, Debian 10+ and all operating systems using the systemd

📌Please note: this is not an exhaustive list of all supported devices. KelVPN may work on other devices as well, but their functionality is not guaranteed.

● Make sure you have the latest version of KelVPN installed on your device
● Some devices may require additional configuration
● If you are having problems using KelVPN on your device, please contact support:

Please visit the KelVPN website for more detailed compatibility information and setup instructions🔅
We are excited to share some news, updates and development plans for our service.

What's new:
🔸improved monitor parameter acquisition mechanism: service scaling now works more correctly, especially on Linux and macOS platforms
🔸optimized server list: it is ready to handle a large number of user orders

Already implemented and will be available soon:
🔸refunds: unused funds for VPN traffic will be automatically returned to the user's account
🔸new tariff: it will be possible to choose a "per traffic" billing type, in addition to the existing "per time" tariff

In addition, we are constantly working on fixing bugs found during service testing, and we are also continuing to develop support for the iOS platform.

Thank you for being with us! 🩵
KelVPN Team
Find the perfect KelVPN plan for you!

KelVPN offers three flexible plans to suit your needs:

📎 1 Month:
Ideal for beginners: try KelVPN and experience its benefits.
💲 Price: $4.98 per month ($59.76 per year)
🔺 Discount: 15% off when you pay with crypto

📎 6 Months:
Best value for active users: enjoy unlimited VPN access for half a year.
🔝 Exclusive discount: 10% off when you pay by credit/debit card or e-wallet
💲 Price: $4.48 per month ($26.88 for 6 months instead of $29.88)
🔺 Discount: 15% off when you pay with crypto

📎 1 Year:
Most affordable plan — maximum savings!
🔝 Exclusive discount: 40% off when you pay by credit/debit card or e-wallet
💲 Price: $2.99 per month ($35.88 per year instead of $59.76)
🔺 Discount: 15% off when you pay with crypto

Choose the plan that's right for you and enjoy secure, limitless internet with KelVPN!
KelVPN: 5 reasons to choose our next-generation decentralized VPN.

1️⃣ Anyone can become not only a user, but also a VPN service provider. Users receive Kel tokens for providing the service, creating a new model of mutually beneficial cooperation

2️⃣ Use of quantum-secure encryption protocols. For the blockchain through which automatic payment for the service takes place, with the user's consent to sign the check from the provider, this advantage may become decisive in the near future

3️⃣ KelVPN uses the advanced and secure CRYSTALS-Dilithium algorithm and the Kyber 512 protocol. This means that your data will be reliably protected not only from modern cyber threats, but also from attacks by quantum computers

4️⃣ KelVPN does not collect or store any personal user data and does not use cookies. Unlike traditional VPNs, KelVPN is blockchain-based, making data collection technically impossible. You won't even need a traditional password or email login

5️⃣ KelVPN guarantees the smooth operation of all important applications, online banking, government services and other services, even when the VPN is turned on

💫 Choose KelVPN — your key to a secure and borderless Internet!
Want to know everything about KelVPN? Ask us anything!
If you have any questions about our pricing plans, how to use the VPN, the algorithms and protocols we use or anything else — please ask.

We will process all questions and answer the most popular ones in upcoming posts or add answers to our knowledge base on the website.

Of course, we welcome questions not only from our experienced users, but also from those who are just thinking about trying KelVPN.

Where to send your question:
🌐 In the comments to this post
🌐 In the feedback form on the website

💫 Thank you for being with us!
Attention! Important update regarding mKEL delegation for KelVPN masternodes 💫

The amount of mKEL that can be delegated to a masternode on the KelVPN network is limited to 800 mKEL (or 800,000 KEL staked).

Minimum masternode stake: to run and operate a masternode on the KelVPN network, a minimum of 100 mKEL (or 100,000 KEL staked) is required.
A glimpse into KelVPN's stats ⭐️

Our VPN service is growing rapidly, and we're thrilled to share some exciting numbers with you.

Today, the KelVPN network boasts:
🔸 18 validators: a robust and decentralized network ensuring your security
🔸 3482,055 mKEL blocked
🔸 1 294 bugs fixed: committed to a seamless user experience
🔸 755 features & improvements implemented: our team is dedicated to continuous improvement
🔸 2 181 members in official Telegram channel: join our thriving community!

Join KelVPN today and experience the true benefits of a secure and private internet!
❗️ Important Information!

KelVPN network is temporarily unavailable. Our specialists are currently carrying out technical work.
Please refrain from making any transactions.

We will notify you as soon as the network is stable again.
🔅 Maintenance is complete — the KelVPN network has been restored.